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Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend? 10 Reasons You Can’t Find a Babe

Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend? 10 Reasons You Can’t Find a Babe

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Ever wondered why you can’t land yourself a girlfriend despite being a pretty cool guy?

You might have been with some girls in the past but it’s looking impossible for you to get a girlfriend now.

”Why can’t I get a girlfriend now?” you keep asking.

Getting the girlfriend you want can be easily achieved by doing some major things.

But a lot of guys are still single because they don’t do these things, and they don’t even realize what they’re not doing right. 

Ranging from hygiene to nervousness and insecurities, there are a lot of reasons why some guys can’t get a girlfriend for themselves.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through some of the main reasons why you’re in this category and what you can do to get past it. Read to the end to not miss out on any vital point.

Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend? Reasons You Can’t Find a Bae

1. How do you take care of yourself?

why can't i get a girlfriend

Do you take care of yourself? What’s your appearance like? Do you practice common good hygiene? This is a basic step towards building a relationship.

Nobody wants to be even friends with a dirty and untidy individual.

How then do you expect a girl to take you seriously if you fall into this category? 

Some guys do not like their appearances, but they put no effort into becoming better than they are.

They’re still the ones who’ll cry foul when they are rejected by a girl.

If you don’t like yourself, how do you expect someone else to like you?

Take care of your body. Take care of yourself. 

Get yourself some good clothes and footwear, essential hygiene items, and probably get registered in a gym if necessary.

Make sure that your hair and beards are always well-groomed.

You don’t have to be the hottest or richest guy on the block to land a girlfriend. Just look good, smell good, and dress well.

You’re on your way to getting a girlfriend.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to break a bank to look good.

You just have to know what fits and works for you and stay clean.

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2. Do you know how to flirt?

why can't i get a girlfriend

So far, this is one of the main reasons why a lot of guys are still unable to get a girlfriend.

They do not know how to flirt with a woman.

No matter how you look, flirting successfully is an art that’s meant to be mastered.

If you can master this art, you’ll be able to seduce the majority of the women you meet.

So, you must learn how to flirt with a woman. 

This is a lifelong lesson because even after getting a girlfriend, you need a little bit of flirting here and there to sustain the spice in the relationship.

Women love to be flirted with, and a guy who does it just right is attractive to them. All you need is the right body language to get the attention of any woman. 

Then touch her arm lightly, lean in when you’re with her, and make eye contact.

Throw in flirting words here and there while making jokes too. It all depends on your style.

Do what works for you but while at it, make sure that you’re getting it right.

3. You come off as desperate 

.You come off as desperate.

If there’s anything almost every woman can detect, it is desperation.

And it is a huge turn-off when it comes from men who are interested in them.

Although desperation can play out in a lot of ways, it is most evident when guys just want to get laid.

They are willing and ready to do anything just to hit the coochie.

Are you this kind of person?

It screams ‘no standards’ and no girl will take you seriously.

I mean, who wants to have anything serious to do with a guy who has no standards?

When a guy tries too hard to please a girl, it is also desperation.

This is a turn-off for every reasonable woman. You can avoid this by going for the total package and not just the looks.

Avoid being too nice just because a girl is talking to you.

Set your standards high. Talk with her, get to know her, and then decide if you’re interested in her.

Don’t throw yourself at just any woman who gives you attention.

Give yourself some respect and watch women flock around you.

There’s a classy feeling women attach to guys who have self-respect.

4. You’re a bundle of nerves around women 

Anxiety is another big reason some guys cannot get a girlfriend.

Because you’re anxious, you can’t even be your real self and have fun with people.

In the dating context, this is caused by being rejected severally.

When you’re anxious, you doubt yourself and your every move, and everything you do is seriously affected. 

When you question yourself in every aspect when you’re around the girl you’re interested in, then you’re anxious.

It may be caused by some past negative experiences.

You can work on being less anxious and restoring your self-confidence by getting exposed and speaking to different women regularly. 

They don’t have to be romantic interests to you.

Just speak with them and improve on your social skills.

Also, try to change your mindset. Rather than focusing on what can go wrong, set your mind on what can go right. Take it as it comes.

The worst that could happen is her saying no to you.

And it’s not the end of the world.

5. You exude negativity

why can't i get a girlfriend i am goodlooking

In every setting, nobody wants to share the same space with an individual who oozes negative vibes.

Do you like to hang out with that friend who is always full of complaints and never has something good to say about anyone or anything?

You don’t. 

It is the same in relationships.

No woman wants to be with a guy who is always complaining and giving off negative vibes.

Try to reduce the negativity by always thinking about the good side of things.

Just bear in mind that you won’t make headway with any girl if the negativity in you is glaring.

6. You’re too insecure

Insecure guys are the ones who most want to know why they can’t get a girlfriend.

It’s not like the girls don’t come around them, they just drive them away with their insecurities.

When the girls can’t keep up with their insecurities any longer, it is the beginning of the end of the relationship. 

There are a lot of ways insecurities manifest.

When you become too controlling, passive-aggressive, too jealous, too needy, and too dependent, you have become insecure.

It is quite difficult to get rid of these traits.

But you can begin your process of change by being compassionate to yourself.

Learn to accept the fact that there are things you cannot do. Stop being too hard on yourself. 

Pay no attention to the voice in your head that says you’re not good enough.

Then, focus on the good and nice things about you.

What do your friends, family and loved ones love about you?

7. You don’t know what you want

t i get a girlfriend in school

It’s easier to recognise something you’ve been looking for.

But if you don’t know what you want, it’s hard to recognise it even if it’s right in front of you.

What exactly do you want in a woman?

I mean what you really want, and not what society, friends or family think you should want.

It’s easier to make a choice and go for what you want if you know it.

If you don’t, you’ll be confused and end up with nothing.

8. You are looking at the wrong places

While you can meet the woman of your dreams anywhere, positioning yourself strategically can help you find a girlfriend that is fit for you.

Because it’s not just about getting a girlfriend but getting one that complements you.

This starts from knowing what you want.

What kind of girlfriend do you want? Can you find her where you are looking?

9. You are not searching or ready to mingle

It’s a thing to be single, it’s another thing to be searching and ready to mingle.

You are looking for a girlfriend but are you putting yourself out there—both online and offline.

You can’t complain about not getting a girlfriend if you make yourself invisible.

You can’t be single as a pringle and not ready to mingle.

You feel me?

10.You set unrealistic standards

While it’s okay to have standards, it can become a problem if your standards are unrealistic.

There is no perfect person on the planet, so don’t expect to find a perfect girlfriend.

People hardly find someone who has 100% of what they want in a partner, so you won’t be the first.

What people do is draft a scale of preference and decide which qualities are most important to them, and compromise on the less important ones.

So, if you are looking for someone who will tick off ALL the qualities you seek in a partner, your single days are far from being over.

You’re not a bad person just because you don’t have a girlfriend. Never forget that.

If none of the points above applies to you, perhaps you just need to be patient and let love find you.

why can't i get a girlfriend

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