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When A Guy Kisses You Unexpectedly: 6 Things It Means

When A Guy Kisses You Unexpectedly: 6 Things It Means

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One of the most intimate actions ever has to be kissing.

It usually communicates love, affection, and intimacy.

However, it could also leave you flustered, especially when done unexpectedly.

Picture this scenario: You are out with a male friend, just having fun.

Perhaps you have known each other for years or just met him a few days ago.

You are just hanging out and having a good time when he kisses you out of the blue.

In just that moment, you may feel many emotions coursing through you.

You may be surprised, perhaps angry at him for doing that, or just numb with shock.

But most of all, you may likely be confused, and the big question on your mind will be…

“Why did he kiss me?”

You’d like to know what it means.

Does he have feelings for you?

The reason behind his action is a mystery that you may find tricky to solve on your own.

Lucky for you, I am here to help you with that task as I have curated a list of the various things it means when a guy kisses you unexpectedly.

Let’s find out what that unexpected kiss truly means…

When A Guy Kisses You Unexpectedly: 6 Things It Means

1. He is trying to express his feelings

when a guy kisses you unexpectedly

We have different ways of expressing our feelings.

When a guy kisses you unexpectedly, it could be his way of telling you that he likes you a lot.

I know this is not so subtle, and I know a couple of guys who have been slapped for such behavior.

He may have been feeling this way for quite a while, biding his time and waiting for the right moment to express himself, or it might just have been a sudden realization.

Many people don’t believe in such sudden realizations, but they have happened to me before.

One minute, I was looking at her as a friend, and the next, I was already thinking of how good we would look walking down the aisle together.

Either way, kissing you wasn’t a casual gesture.

It was a daring move to see if you felt the same way about him.

It could either be the first of many kisses or the first and the last, depending on how you receive it.

The nature of your relationship and whether he has been showing other signs that he is attracted to you will determine if he kissed you to express his feelings for you or not.

What are signs a guy is attracted to you?

He loves spending time with you, listens to you attentively, supports you, and those lingering looks that show that he doesn’t think you are just a friend to him.

When a guy kisses you unexpectedly, he could be attempting to express his feelings for you in an “if I perish, I perish” manner.

How you respond to this depends on how you feel about him.

Don’t be emotionally blackmailed into a relationship with someone you don’t like.

2. It was just a spontaneous act

You may also need to consider that he didn’t mean anything by the kiss; it was a spontaneous act.

Some people are actually very spontaneous.

They act on the spur of the moment without thinking about their actions.

The fact that the action is spontaneous doesn’t mean that he may have been harboring feelings for you.

My point is that the unexpected kiss wasn’t meant to be a way of expressing his feelings.

It may just have been caused by the thrill of the moment.

I have seen people who kiss others out of the excitement of the moment.

This is not an attempt to make the act look less significant.

The act is significant.

However, the intention behind it may be less so.

How do you know that this is the case?

If the person is a friend that you have had for years, then you probably already know that he is a very spontaneous person.

Apart from this, if he makes no effort to discuss the kiss with you later, it is a sign that there was nothing to it and it was just an impulsive act by an impulsive person.

3. He is trying to make someone else jealous

when a guy kisses you unexpectedly

One time in my life, I allowed myself to be used this way.

A girl had broken up with her boyfriend, and we were getting close.

She would spend plenty of time talking to me, and the attention was welcome because she was a sight for sore eyes.

I would just sit down, gaping at her in awe and wondering how on earth I got so lucky.

We were hanging out one day, and she just suddenly wrapped herself around me in a tight embrace.

I didn’t understand why she did it then, but it was still a dream come true.

It wasn’t until I asked her why she did that that she said her boyfriend was around, and she just wanted to make him jealous.

My dream turned into a nightmare.

My point is that when a guy kisses you unexpectedly, you may need to scan the area to see if there’s an ex.

He is trying to make you jealous.

It doesn’t need to be an ex, it could also be a crush or someone he wants to notice him.

Either way, it is a terrible thing to do.

I feel that people who do this should be…

I would rather not say what’s on my mind.

I am still trying to get over feeling used, but every time I talk about that situation, I still feel the pain of being treated that way.

What happens after the kiss also matters?

Does he express genuine interest in you?

If he does, then the kiss may have been more than a ploy to spark up jealousy.

If he doesn’t, he is manipulative, and you should tell him how you feel about being used that way.

4. It’s just a friendly gesture to him

I had to struggle a lot before including this.

This is because in Nigeria, where I come from, kissing and touching are considered to be strictly romantic.

It can only be done by someone in a relationship with you or to whom you are attracted.

In Australia and South Africa, quick kisses on the lips with a closed mouth are considered appropriate behavior for friends.

If the guy is from any of these places, the unexpected kiss could be nothing more than a friendly gesture.

This is especially true if he doesn’t attempt to discuss the kiss with you or begin to pay special attention to you.

5. He wants to be intimate with you

when a guy kisses you unexpectedly

As I have already pointed out, kissing is one of the most intimate acts you can engage in.

When a guy unexpectedly kisses you, it may be a sign that he wants to be intimate with you.

In this case, it doesn’t need to involve the expression of love; it could just be an expression of desire.

He probably finds you attractive and may be trying to see if he could get something more out of the friendship.

He is physically attracted to you, and that kiss is a way of testing the waters to see if you are also attracted to him.

He is not after a deeper emotional connection…

All he wants is physical intimacy.

To be blunt, he may be trying to get some “no strings attached” sex from you.

You need to be able to distinguish between this and other things that an unexpected kiss could mean.

If he is so focused on the physical aspect and getting you into his bed, it is a sign that the kiss was just an attempt to test the waters.

While a few guys are pretty direct in requesting casual sex, some others prefer to pretend to want more than sex.

You need to be highly sensitive to discern the guy’s true intentions.

This will save you a whole world of heartbreaks.

6. It was a mistake

when a guy kisses you unexpectedly

This is one other possibility for you to consider.

When a guy kisses you unexpectedly, it could be a mistake.

Perhaps he misread the situation and acted impulsively, which he immediately regretted.

He may have even been intoxicated when he kissed you unexpectedly.

In this situation, the kiss becomes a source of discomfort for both of you.

It makes things so awkward between you, and he probably apologizes profusely.

After this, he may go out of his way to avoid discussing what just happened.

Ultimately, regardless of his reason for kissing you unexpectedly, the fact remains that it is a very invasive act.

It may leave you feeling awkward and not knowing how to react.

How you react to an unexpected kiss depends on how you feel about the person kissing you.

You may either reciprocate, pull away, snap at them, or freeze with shock.

If you don’t know what to think about the kiss, you should have a candid conversation with him about what he meant by the kiss.

This is important for clearing up any confusion about the action.

And if you are uncomfortable with the action, don’t hesitate to tell him that you prefer such things happen with your consent.

It’s okay to set clear boundaries in your friendships, and you shouldn’t feel bad for being firm.

You are not under any obligation to reciprocate his kiss or dismiss what happened if you are not comfortable with it.

In fact, he is under every obligation to respect you.

You should never feel too shy to demand that respect.

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