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12 Disadvantages of Dating a Broke Guy

12 Disadvantages of Dating a Broke Guy

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The availability of money, or lack of it, affects our lives in many ways.

Our love life is not left out.

I know that love conquers all.

However, the Bible also says that ”money answereth all things.

Love is sweet, but it is sweeter with money.

I can’t even lie that romance can go far without sustainable finance.

Everyone would love to date a partner who is financially stable so that one person doesn’t be a liability to the other.

If, as a lady, you are considering or already dating a guy who is not doing as well as you are financially, let’s let you in on some of the downsides of this decision.

12 Disadvantages of Dating a Broke Guy

  1. You will be obliged to constantly give more and receive little or nothing

If you are dating a broke guy, be sure that you will not have an issue with being the one to do more giving because you are the financially capable one.

You will rarely get to enjoy a similar or reciprocal gesture for obvious reasons.

You can’t bank on him to come through for him the way you come through for him for money matters.


  1. A broke guy’s ego is easily bruised.

disadvantages of dating a broke guy

One other downside of dating a broke guy is that he feels easily disrespected.

He is quick to believe that you do not respect him because he is broke.

Broke guys tend to demand an extra dose of respect so they can feel good about themselves and assure themselves that their lack of means does not disqualify them from being given their due respect as the man.

They attach almost every offense to the state of their finance.


  1. You don’t get to receive nice gifts on your special occasions.

disadvantages of dating a broke guy

If you are dating a broke guy, you may need to get used to not receiving nice and worthwhile gifts from your boyfriend.

He may have the best intentions and desires for you, but he is unable to actualize his intentions due to his lack of funds.

Therefore, you may have to learn to make do with other romantic gestures that do not necessarily involve money or lots of it.


  1. The relationship might be boring.

Dating a broke guy can be boring.

Your chances of getting to do many exciting things together, go on vacations together, etc, are slim.

If you want these, that would mean that you are ready to finance them because your boyfriend obviously can’t.

So how fun would that be?

How long would you want to do that for?


  1. Temptations to cheat may be stronger.

disadvantages of dating a broke guy

While dating a broke guy, you are likely to need extra resolve to stay faithful to your guy beyond what every other girlfriend needs.

This is because there might be many other financially stable guys, who have the means to pamper you, asking you out.

They can afford to give you a baby girl treatment while you are in a relationship where you are the one footing not only your bills but that of your boyfriend as well.


  1. You have to constantly cover up for him.

Dating a broke guy is likely to require you constantly lie to your friends and family members about his financial inadequacies.

No lady wants her man to be seen as financially incapacitated to handle necessary responsibilities.

You could find yourself posing a gift you got yourself with your money as a gift from your boyfriend because you want to cover up for him.


  1. You will have to get used to his complaints.

A broke guy will complain a lot!

He’ll rant incessantly about how nothing seems to work for him, how his hard work is not paying off, etc.

You just can’t get tired of his complaints.

He’s likely to be a dissatisfied and disgruntled man.

Being constantly broke is a pitiable situation.

Therefore, you will find yourself playing the role of his therapist or motivational speaker.

You may also find yourself walking on eggshells or being anxious and depressed around him, thanks to his own negative moods.


  1. You may have to tone down your expenses against your will.

In order not to appear way above his status, you may find yourself having to cut your expenses for your boyfriend’s sake.

In a bid to make the social gap not so noticeable, he might even question your financial decisions and express his displeasure at certain things you do with your money.

It’s true that a relationship requires one to make compromises here and there, but as a girlfriend to a broke guy, trust me, you are going to constantly make way more compromises and sacrifices in order to keep the relationship going.


  1. You can’t seem to plan your future around him.

Making long-term plans with your broke boyfriend may be difficult.

You are not sure he will be able to contribute to what you desire for your future. 

Your dream wedding may be a dream that will never come true.

You can’t think of acquiring joint properties with him.

You can’t plan on starting a family with him.

You are not even sure that you will end up together if and when fortune decides to smile at him.

Your mind is filled with so many uncertainties.

What if he leaves you?

What if he denies all your sacrifices for his sake?

As some people say, never trust the humility of a poor man.


  1. You stand a risk of being broke too.

Your broke boyfriend may get into debt often, and you are all he has to help him out.

If this happens over and over again, you may find yourself making poor financial decisions out of love for him

If he makes you get into unexpected and unplanned expenses or plunge into your savings too often, there is no way you won’t also get broke one day or, worse, run into debt.


  1. You may get into arguments too often.

disadvantages of dating a broke guy

There are many issues already that may make lovers argue in a relationship.

Adding financial inadequacy to the list will affect the relationship immensely. 

It’s likely that money issues will be a cause of altercations between the two of you.

Incessant arguments will definitely put a strain on your love over time.


  1. It’s harder to tell if he truly loves you

Being with a broke guy may have you questioning his love for you.

If your core love language is receiving gifts, it may be difficult for you to conclude that he has a genuine love for you because you certainly won’t get gifts that often.

The fact that you are the one who does most of the giving may make you feel used, and you find yourself wondering if he is really with you for you or for your money.


These are some of the issues you may have to deal with as a broke guy’s girlfriend.

They are, therefore, worth thoroughly considering in order to decide the next step to take.

It’s important to note that my aim is not to demonize the idea of dating a broke guy, as not everyone will have things go the way they desire.

Many people started off this way and ended up good and happy eventually.

Knowing what one is getting into, however, makes the disadvantages easier to manage.



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