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6 Ways To Supercharge Your Sex Life in 2021

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Sex Life in 2021

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2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it? 

With all that has happened and still happening, a lot of us can’t wait to put the year behind us and experience what the new year has to offer. 

I’m hoping that the new year will usher us into amazing opportunities and experiences including in our marriages. 

An aspect of marriage we can’t pretend to ignore is physical intimacy! 

I don’t know how things have been in that department for you this year. 

But no matter your experience, I believe you can have it better.

And I’ve written below the six ways you can supercharge sex in your marriage in 2021:

    1. Be intentional about it

If you want to supercharge s*x in your marriage in 2021, you have to be deliberate about it. 

Spectacular results rarely happen by chance. 

Decide you want to take physical intimacy from meh to yay and you’re likely to experience just that. 


One, decision predicts actions which eventually leads to experience. 

You’re likely to do something because you’ve prepared your mind for it. 

Two, if you are not intentional about it, you’re likely to be thrown off course by anything, especially in these uncertain times that we are in. 

The fact that you’re reading this post is proof that you want to keep the fire burning in the bedroom in 2021.

2. Talk to your spouse about this

It takes two to tango, so you need to carry your spouse along in ensuring that you enjoy physical intimacy better in the new year. 

Together with your spouse, review and rate your s*x life. 

This will give you an idea of how much work you both need to put in to have better results. 

3. Be open to trying new things 

You can’t supercharge anything if you’re stuck on doing things the same way. 

Doing the same thing the same way will only give you the same results. 

Apart from trying entirely new things, you can also experience better results by doing the same things differently. 

You can try new ways of doing things by getting it on in other places apart from your usual location (bedroom for a lot of couples) trying positions you haven’t tried before, and introducing adult equipment that could enhance your romantic sessions. 

As long as it’s healthy and consensual, nothing should be off-limits to you and your spouse. 

4. Have a s*x day 

I’ve heard a lot of people say that s*x is supposed to be spontaneous, and that planning or scheduling it takes the fun out of it. 

While spontaneous s*x is fun, it’s not the only way to make things fun! 

You insisting on doing things spontaneously only shows you’re not open-minded enough to try new things. 

And you’ll miss out on lots of amazing possibilities and experiences this way. 

When you have little ones in the home, you’ll see the need to have a s*x day. 

I’ve observed that it’s single people or couples who don’t have little ones who find this idea awkward. 

In a marriage with little children and no nannies or extra help, getting any at all usually calls for a celebration. 

So, having a s*x day is a way of ensuring that physical intimacy between you and your spouse doesn’t become awkward. 

You know that no matter how things go during the week, you have a day that’s marked for some romantic time with your significant other. 

And if you’re able to get it on any other day, see your special day as an icing on the cake. 

As a matter of fact, having a s*x day has a fun side to it. 

You look forward to the day and that kind of builds up some excitement and enthusiasm. 

It’s not the craziest idea in the world, is it?

So, if you’re running away from the awkwardness of planned s*x, you might face the awkwardness that comes with a sexless marriage. 

You have to choose your awkwardness. 


6. Stay healthy 

Your sex life will suffer if you’re not in good shape. 

There’s no crucial time to stay on top of our health than now. 

Ensure you make choices that count towards better health. 

Eat well, sleep when necessary, stay away from toxic relationships and situations, stay hydrated, use your face mask/shield, and maintain social distance. 

I wish you the very best in 2021!

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Tuesday 12th of January 2021

To think I used to feel planned sex was awkward not to talk of having a sex day. This makes a whole lot of sense!

Mabel's Blog

Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Hahaha. It sounds awkward until one gets married with kids.