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9 Things a Married Man Should Never Do With Another Woman

9 Things a Married Man Should Never Do With Another Woman

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What is the point of getting married if you’re not going to be loyal?

Why exchange vows if you plan on continuing to interact with your female friends in the same way you did before getting married?

Marriage is not just any relationship; it is a serious commitment between two people to remain loyal and devoted to each other until death separates them.

However, some men don’t seem to get the memo as they continue to do the following nine things with other women while being married:

9 Things a Married Man Should Never Do With Another Woman

1. Flirt

8 Things a Married Man Should Never Do With Another Woman

When you are single and searching for the love of your life, flirting is a skill you should hone.

But once you have found the one, it should stop there.

Flirting with another woman while married is not only disrespectful to your wife, but it also shows that you don’t take your marriage seriously.

Some people may argue that there’s ‘harmless flirting,’ but I don’t see how flirting can be innocent and harmless as a married man.

Even if it’s harmless to you, what about the other person?

Will they see it as harmless?

All I know is that flirting is a form of communication, and you shouldn’t be exchanging intimate or suggestive words with another woman when married.



2. Spill your wife’s secrets

As a married man, it is crucial to honor and protect the trust that your wife has placed in you.

And one of the best ways to do this is to refrain from telling any other woman secrets that your wife has shared with you.

Not only does sharing secrets create a breach of trust between you and your wife, but it also puts you in an awkward position with the other woman knowing things that are not her business.

You are also exposing your wife instead of protecting her.

Imagine telling another woman your wife’s ugly pasts, family problems, or health issues.

For what purpose?

So if your wife has shared anything personal and intimate with you, treat it like a treasure and keep it to yourself!


3. Lie about being married

8 Things a Married Man Should Never Do With Another Woman

Some men feel that their marriage is a burden or a hindrance to fully enjoying life so they will hide or lie to other women about their marital status.

This is a huge red flag, and it shows that you don’t value your wife and your marriage.

Not to mention, it also puts you in a vulnerable position, as the other woman may become attached and take things further than you intended.

So if you ever find yourself tempted to lie about your marital status in order to attract another woman, just know you’re on the verge of kissing your wife/marriage goodbye.


4. Out on dates

8 Things a Married Man Should Never Do With Another Woman

It’s great that you make time for your female friends, but going out on dates with them crosses a major line as far as marriage is concerned.

You are no longer single, and therefore, going out on romantic dates with other women isn’t acceptable anymore.

Nope. Nopity nope!

What’s the purpose of taking another woman out for dinner or drinks?

It just makes it seem like you don’t value your marriage and are looking for something more. 

So be sure to think twice before you take another woman out on a date or risk losing the trust of your wife.


5. Compliment Her Physically Inappropriately

Compliments are good, and just because you are married doesn’t mean you are blind to other women’s beauty and admirable qualities.

But as the saying goes, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

And this rings especially true when it comes to complimenting other women physically in an inappropriate manner.

I think a reasonable person can tell when a compliment is going too far.

For example, a simple “Hey, you look nice today!” can go a long way in complimenting another woman without being creepy or crossing any boundaries.

But comments about body parts should be reserved for your wife.

So saying something like, ”You have such beautiful eyes.”

”You look sexy today.”

”You’ve got such beautiful/kissable lips.”

And other flirty compliments should be strictly off-limits and be used for your wife only!


6. Share your marital problems

No marriage is perfect.

Everyone has problems in their marriage, and it is completely understandable to want to talk about it with someone else.

But that someone else shouldn’t be another woman.

No matter how much you may think they can understand your situation, talking to another woman, especially a single woman, about your marital issues is a bad idea.

No matter how friendly or sympathetic the other woman may seem, she is not your wife, and it would be wrong to share intimate details of your marriage with her.

This can be seen as opening the door for an emotional affair, which will only complicate and harm your marriage.


7. Exchange gifts

Exchanging gifts with other people is a great way to show appreciation and build relationships.

However, exchanging gifts with another woman while married can cause misunderstandings and lead to assumptions that are far from true.

This is especially true if your wife doesn’t know about the gift exchange.

If you want to exchange gifts with someone other than your wife, make sure it is an appropriate gift that won’t raise any red flags or cause her to feel disrespected. 

It would be best to avoid exchanging items that have romantic connotations, such as jewelry or lingerie. 


8. Talk about your sex life

Why would you be talking about your sex life with another woman who is not your wife or sex therapist?  

It might lead her to falsely believe that you’re seeking something more than just friendship, and that’s a boundary you don’t want to cross if you care about marriage.

If the subject of sex comes up while speaking with another woman, keep the conversation light and never give information that might be considered intimate or overly personal.  


9. Sext

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically between two or more people.

Sexting with your wife is amazing.

I encourage it.

It’s a way to keep things spicy and keep intimacy alive in your relationship.

But sexting with someone other than your wife?

You don’t want to do that, bro.

Even if you didn’t start it, it’s your responsibility not to encourage it.


This list isn’t exhaustive, but it should give you a better idea of what boundaries to keep in mind as a married man.

Marriage is sacred, and protecting it should always be your top priority. 

Respect the trust that your wife has put in you, value your marriage, and don’t ruin it with by engaging in fleeting things you’d regret. 

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