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10 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

10 Signs Your Husband Has A Crush On Another Woman

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Having romantic feelings towards another person while married is not an impossibility.

These things happen.

Marriage does not blind one’s eyes towards other good-looking people out there.

However, it is important to know that if a person looks good does mean they are good for you.

You have made a good choice already, and staying true to your choice is very crucial to your marital bliss.

This is why these feelings have to be managed and curbed not to jeopardise the happiness in your home.

If there are issues to be resolved, they should be given adequate and prompt attention so that one does not find another person filling a vacuum that one’s spouse should fill.

In marriage, it’s possible to note your spouse’s unusual behaviour towards someone else, and you begin to suspect that they are nursing feelings towards the person.

As a married woman, if you observe that your husband acts in a way that makes you feel jealous and insecure with another woman, these points we discuss will immensely benefit you.

After reading this article, you should be able to determine if what you observe are mere figments of your imagination or if your hunch is likely on track.

10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

1. He is excited by her presence

If you observe that your husband’s eyes light up whenever this particular woman is around, this may be a sign that he likes her a little deeper than usual.

He glows differently around her.

He smiles at her just the way he smiles at you.

He is eager to spend time with her without you.

Even if you were around, as long as she will be around, he is gladly looking forward to having her around.

2. He compares you to her10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Your husband may also frequently compare you to the other woman.

He frequently suggests that you change your usual way of doing certain things and do it her way.

He subtly compares your body and dressing to hers.

Even when he compliments you, he still finds a way to bring in her name.

3. He easily finds faults in you

Have you noticed that pleasing your husband is now more difficult than before?

He seems to be looking out for your flops and shortcomings these days.

Commendations hardly come from him.

Now all he seems to do is criticise.

He is less patient with you and corrects you in harsh tones.

Nothing you do impresses him, and he now seems to downplay your efforts.

Now, you find yourself needing help to be in his good books.

You get into fights too often, making his heart grow fonder of the other woman.

He begins to act like marrying you was a mistake and that he should have made a better choice.

4. He is more conscious of his appearance10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Has your husband suddenly started paying more attention to his appearance?

Does he now wear a new cologne?

He buys new clothes and wants to go out without you more often.

He now willingly does the things you have complained to him about forever?

He may have his eyes on another lady, so he is always trying to be at his best.

5. He flirts with her10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Your husband may not even be able to help flirting with her.

He may enjoy doing things to hint to her that he likes her.

He compliments and makes jokes about the sensual parts of her body, whether to your face or behind your back.

6. He brings up sensual topics in her presence.10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

He probably also derives pleasure in discussing everything sensual with her.

He brings up topics that will lead to them discussing each other’s tastes in the opposite sex and their sexual preferences.

Conversations like these will only put them in a vulnerable state with each other.

7. He is less transparent with you

Your husband now makes transparency look like a big deal in your marriage.

He is no longer open to you.

He passwords and keeps his phone close to himself as his life depends on it.

He saw the lady earlier in the day but wouldn’t mention it.

Prevarications, non-disclosure and partial disclosure, are his latest traits.

He now makes you feel like you are probing too much about things he would ordinarily have shared without promptings.

8. His intimacy with you drops10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Has your intimacy with each other dwindled these days?

He no longer wants to touch you?

A crush on someone other than one’s spouse may cause a lack of interest in one’s spouse.

So the eagerness to be with them and share one’s body with them may disappear in the meantime.

His fantasies and imaginations are now towards his new crush, and he is inadvertently starving you of his attention and intimacy.

He may even begin to unusually avoid public displays of affection whenever she is around.

Conversely, he may also be excessive with his display of affection towards you in order to tease the other woman.

In this case, even though you are the receiver, you are not the target of the show of affection; the other lady is.

9. Her name comes up too often10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

You know how it is when you have a new crush, right?

For as long as the crush lasts, you will always find a way to bring up their names during discussions, knowingly or unknowingly.

If your husband ceaselessly talks admirably about a particular woman, this may be a sign that he has a crush on her.

You would find yourself wondering how her name manages to come out of his mouth too many times in a day.

10. He defends her always10 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

If the said crush is known to you and they behave untowardly towards you or your husband, your husband may always defend her even though what she did is glaringly wrong.

He finds excuses for her behaviour and makes you feel like you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

You find yourself restraining yourself from overreacting because you fear being tagged as jealous and insecure.

Her subtle disrespectful, or sarcastic remarks seem to elude your husband, who does not seem to think much of them, unlike you.


Some of these signs are not absolute, so you should be careful of how you interpret them.

Your husband’s personality traits should also be put into consideration.

However, more often than not, as women, our gut feeling about issues like these often suggest that something is not in place.

Therefore, you need to discuss this with your husband to avoid overreacting.

He should find your worries reasonable if he is truly committed to your marriage and is not naturally a women’s man.

This is where he needs to set clear boundaries and probably cut ties with the woman if push comes to shove.

And on your part, you should be more available and up and doing with your roles as a wife, in a time like this.

This is necessary to strip him of the chances of him blaming you for his eventual or near dalliances.

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