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9 Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage

9 Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage

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Marriage is a big part of life that brings two people together to share love and support.

But sometimes, even in a marriage, people can become unhappy.

Every woman longs for a happy marriage, but sometimes life happens, and we may face some problems that make us feel sad or disappointed in our married life.

Let’s talk about the commonest things that make a woman unhappy in her marriage.

9 Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage 

1. Feeling unappreciated and undervalued 

You work hard to keep the house clean, cook delicious meals, take care of the kids, and still manage to have a career. 

But your partner doesn’t seem to notice or acknowledge any of your hard work. 

He doesn’t say thank you for the meals, doesn’t compliment the clean house, and doesn’t seem to care about all the effort you’re putting in.

Now, how would that make any woman feel? 

Of course pretty frustrated, sad, and unappreciated! 

That’s exactly what happens in a marriage where a man doesn’t show gratitude or recognize the efforts of his wife. 

Every husband should understand that small gestures of appreciation and recognition can go a long way in making their wives feel valued and loved.


2. Financial stress or instability in a marriage

Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage 

I wish love or romance paid the bills in marriages, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. 

Welcome to reality, honey! 

Money is a major factor in marriage, and money problems often cause a lot of tension and stress. 

Whether it’s struggling to pay bills, dealing with debt, or simply having different attitudes toward spending and saving, financial issues can put a major strain on a marriage.

It’s not uncommon for couples to have disagreements or arguments about money, and in some cases, it can even lead to divorce. 

Every woman wants her family to be well taken care of, and if that’s not happening, no woman can be happy. 


3. Lack of effective communication, especially not feeling heard 

Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage 

Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and it’s especially important in a marriage. 

Without it, small disagreements can turn into major arguments, misunderstandings can lead to hurt feelings, and resentment can build over time.

I know this might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples struggle with this simple concept.

I’m not saying that communication is always easy. 

In fact, it can be downright difficult at times. But the key is to make it a priority and to be intentional about it. 

This means setting aside time to talk, actively listening to your partner, and being honest and open about your feelings.

If a woman isn’t experiencing this with her husband, she’ll be unhappy.

Every wife wants to feel heard, and if a husband isn’t forthcoming with communication, how will a couple build trust, intimacy, and a deeper connection? 

How will they work through problems together and support each other through life’s ups and downs? 


No way! 


4. When her partner is not supportive of her personal or career 

One of the most important factors in a successful marriage is mutual support, especially when it comes to individual goals and aspirations. 

When a woman is not receiving support from her partner in achieving her personal or career goals, it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in the marriage.

I’m one woman who has enjoyed and still enjoying massive support from her husband. 

My husband is the first person I tell about my business, my growth, my ideas, and my earnings. 

I can’t imagine feeling like the person who is supposed to be my life partner is unsupportive of my life goals

What’s the sense in that? 

Everyone has their own unique goals and dreams, and these should be respected and supported by their partner. 

When a woman’s partner doesn’t support her goals and aspirations, it creates a sense of isolation and loneliness. 

You’ll feel like you’re alone in the pursuit of your dreams. 

This can even lead to a lack of motivation and confidence in pursuing your dreams, causing you to feel unfulfilled and unhappy in your marriage.

Also, a lack of support from your partner can create a sense of resentment and frustration. 

You definitely can’t be happy with an unsupportive husband.


5. Her husband is not contributing enough to household responsibilities

Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage 

Historically, women have been seen as the primary caregivers and homemakers, but this is no longer the case in modern marriages.

In today’s society, both partners are expected to contribute equally to household chores and responsibilities because women now work as much as men, if not more. 

Unfortunately, in most homes, household tasks aren’t still equally shared, as many women still feel like they’re carrying the majority of the household responsibilities.

A lot of wives in this situation deeply resent their husbands for this because they feel like they’re doing all the work while their husband is not pulling their weight.

Do you blame them? 

When a woman is responsible for the majority of the household chores, it leads to increased stress and exhaustion, and this can have a negative impact on her mental and physical health.


6. Infidelity and trust issues 

Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage 

No woman can be happy knowing that her husband has been or is unfaithful to her. 

When a man cheats on his wife, it’s not just an act of infidelity but often a betrayal of trust. 

And this can be emotional, physical, or sexual. 

When a woman’s partner is unfaithful to her, it makes her feel like she’s not enough.

It may not matter how much she loves him and how much she tries to please him; she’ll feel like he just isn’t satisfied with their relationship. 

When this happens, a woman may feel like she’s not attractive enough, smart enough, or fun enough to keep her man interested in being with her.

This can make her feel insecure about herself and about their relationship as a whole.


7. Dealing with substance abuse or addiction issues in the marriage

Things That Make a Woman Unhappy in Her Marriage 

Substance abuse or addiction is a huge roadblock to happiness in a marriage.

The most common substance abused by spouses is alcohol, but other drugs—such as prescription pills or illegal substances like marijuana—are also common.

The effects of substance abuse on relationships range from mild to severe.

Some couples are able to weather the storm together and ultimately make it through the addiction together.

Others may not be so lucky.

If a woman’s husband is addicted to substances, how will she be happy? 

Because the effects of substance abuse on marriage are devastating.

It damages the relationship between the spouses, it can lead to physical violence, and it can destroy the children in the home.

A spouse’s addiction can also affect their ability to work and provide for their family.

Also, when a spouse is abusing substances, they’re likely to become less engaged with the marriage and more isolated from their family.

They may also become depressed and feel like they have no control over their lives.

This can lead them to drink or use drugs even more often.


8. Sexual dissatisfaction 

Contrary to popular belief, women enjoy sex just as men, and if a woman’s sexual needs are not being met by her husband, it’s a huge cause for marital unhappiness.

A healthy and fulfilling sex life is essential for a lot of couples since it helps create a deep bond and maintain a strong connection.

When that part of the relationship isn’t going well, it affects the overall happiness and satisfaction in the marriage.

There are many reasons for sexual dissatisfaction e.g. not talking openly about desires and preferences, differences in sex drive, selfishness in bed, infidelity, or issues related to physical or mental health.

In fact, the stress of daily life can lead to a decline in sexual satisfaction.


9. In-law problems

In-laws can be a source of blessing, but for some women, they are a source of headache.

This is worse if her husband  is not supportive or unable to protect her from his family’s interference.


This list is not exhaustive as every woman’s circumstances are different but it is meant to highlight the common issues that women face in marriage.

The goal is not to cause fear or discourage anyone from getting married; rather, it’s a reminder of the importance of open and honest communication within marriages so that couples can work together to overcome their problems and build a lasting, fulfilling relationship. 

If possible, consider counseling; both individual and couple. 

Marriage is a blessing, but sometimes it’s hard, and we need every help we can get.

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