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8 Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

8 Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

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Although pregnancy can be beautiful, it is also a stressful and complicated journey, which sometimes changes people and relationships forever.

For many people, pregnancy is a time full of joy and hope for the future, but no one can deny the responsibilities that come with it.

As much as a woman may expect her partner to be as excited as she is about her pregnancy, sometimes that is not the case.

In fact, the man may show signs of an unsupportive husband during pregnancy.

Many couples, especially first-time parents, are not familiar with the ups and downs of pregnancy, and the complete change that parenting brings to their lives.

In an attempt to navigate the new season, they may get a lot of things wrong and even take things out on each other, putting a strain on their relationship.

Men are supposed to support their partners during this delicate journey, but for some reason or other, sometimes, they do not.

If your husband has not been the best partner, you may try to figure out if he is nervous, trying to navigate the new reality or if he is showing signs of an unsupportive husband during pregnancy.

So you may wonder, “What are the signs of unsupportive husband during pregnancy?”

These signs of an unsupportive husband during pregnancy will help put things in perspective for you.


8 Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

1. He Is Insensitive

A clear sign of an unsupportive husband is thoughtlessness.

When a man is thoughtless and uncaring towards his pregnant wife, it says a lot about him.

Ever since he heard about your pregnancy, no part of him showed empathy and care.

He makes hurtful and insensitive remarks and could not care less about how you feel.

He pays very little attention to your feelings, and it looks like he is angry that you are pregnant, although he is as responsible as you are for the conception.

This is an obvious sign of an unsupportive husband during pregnancy.



2. Irritability

Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

Women go through a lot during pregnancy, which impacts every part of their lives.

Everything about you will change from how you look to how you eat, sleep, walk, and so on.

These changes may not be the most pleasant, but most parents are willing to go through them for the joy of a child.

An unsupportive husband will get angry and irritated at these changes.

He gets angry and shows low tolerance for his pregnant wife.

The woman may be going through mood swings because of her pregnancy hormones, but she is not the only one with mood swings- her unsupportive husband also has his.



3. Lack Of Interest

Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

A very patent sign of an unsupportive husband during pregnancy is a display of a lack of interest.

Supportive husbands want to know everything about the pregnancy and the part to play.

They want to know the changes she undergoes, how she feels, and the child’s well-being.

The reverse is the case for an unsupportive husband.

He shows little or no interest in the pregnancy or baby.

Asking him about his wife’s due date would be far-fetched because he does not even know her stage of pregnancy.



4. He Makes You Feel Alone

Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

An unsupportive husband will make you feel like you are on your own on the pregnancy journey.

This should not be the case, especially as he was just as involved in the process of conception as you were.

The journey requires a partnership between you two, but an unsupportive husband does not understand this.

He makes you handle stuff alone, both physically and emotionally.



5. He Tells You To Abort

Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

What sign could be more obvious that a man is not ready to support your pregnancy than him asking you to get rid of the pregnancy?

If your husband has said this to you, not because the pregnancy is risky and challenging to your health and the baby but because he does want to be involved in it, then you do not need any more signs.

It is crystal clear that he is an unsupportive husband.



6. He Says He Never Wanted The Child

If your husband tells you that he never planned or intended for you to get pregnant, he is an unsupportive husband.

Now, this is an unpleasant thing to say to a pregnant woman because it adds to the burden she already has to bear and makes her feel terrible.

Sadly, some husbands see nothing wrong with saying it.

Maybe you two did not plan for a pregnancy, or you two did, but he changed his mind after you had conceived.

Whatever happened, he is trying to tell you he is unprepared for the responsibility and is unprepared to support you.

If you want to have your child, come to terms with the fact that your husband is unsupportive and be ready to take the journey alone.



7. Showing Anger Towards Mother And Child

Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

You know your husband is unsupportive when he gets angry at you or your baby unnecessarily.

Even when he has a reason to be angry, you still expect him to be more patient and tolerant, considering your pregnant state.

But he does not do that.

Instead, he frowns or even yells at the slightest provocation, even when he has no reason to.

This anger tells you clearly that you have an unsupportive husband.

And to the men reading, your anger is a message to your wife that you do not support her.



8. Showing Stress In Destructive Ways

Signs Of An Unsupportive Husband During Pregnancy

Research has shown that pregnant women are at a greater risk of experiencing domestic violence from their partners.

Living with a pregnant woman may be challenging and stressful because it requires more effort, sacrifice, and understanding.

But it is not a reason for your husband to be violent or destructive.

When the husband of a pregnant woman expresses his stress by being destructive, it is a clear sign that he is unsupportive.

The right way to deal with stress as the husband of a pregnant woman is to rest, seek professional help, and seek better ways to ensure his well-being while he supports his wife.

Your husband may have valid or genuine reasons for being unsupportive, but he should communicate them and explain how he feels to you.

Pregnancy and childbirth are sensitive and vulnerable moments that often come with pain.

They are times when the woman needs to have a loving, caring, sensitive, and supportive person by her side.

The best person to do this is her partner, but if he is unsupportive or unwilling, please look elsewhere for help.

It goes without saying that if your husband is not just unsupportive but violent and abusive, you should immediately seek help.

Immediately seek advice from local support organizations to keep you and your baby safe, and call your local emergency number if you are in immediate danger


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