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Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly? Here’s Why

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly? Here’s Why

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If you are beating yourself up and asking yourself, “Why do I want to get married so badly?”, we are glad to inform you that nothing is wrong with you.

Being obsessed over marriage is quite common and normal.

Almost everyone loves marriage and smiles when they see cute young couples or even old couples who have been together for a while.

It is natural for humans to crave companionship, especially the kind that comes with marriage.

However, if you have noticed a heightened obsession or desire for marriage in yourself lately, you may be wondering what is responsible for that.

This article will answer why you want to get married so badly.


Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly? 12 Possible Reasons

1. Your Friends Are Getting Married.

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly?

Comparison and pressure are some reasons people get desperate to get married.

It is beautiful to hit certain significant milestones and achievements at the same time with your friends.

Yet, people fall into the trap of comparison and desperation when they see their friends getting married.

They like what they see and want the same thing for themselves.

Perhaps, you have seen many of your friends getting engaged or even married, and the first thing that came to your mind was not the responsibilities they now have or how ready they are but the fact that you want to get married too.

You have to be self-aware and think about it.

Have people around you been getting married lately?

That might be your answer.



2. You Think You Are Getting Old

Generally, people believe that the older they get, the likelihood that they will meet someone and get married to them reduces.

While there is some truth to that, that belief is responsible for putting many people under unnecessary pressure or even making them rush into marriages.

The reason why you badly want to get married might be that you are scared that age is not on your side.

When we are younger, we tend to date around and not care so much about being in committed relationships.

But as we grow older, we tend to realize that we don’t have all the time in world to date around and not settle down.



3. You Are In Need Of Companionship

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly?

Another reason you badly want to get married is that you are tired of being alone.

You probably don’t have friends or your friends have moved far from you, and you are tired of doing everything yourself.

You desire someone to always be by your side and share your burden.

This desire can make you desperately want to get married.

This is not wrong, considering that companionship is the primary purpose of marriage.

Life is more enjoyable when you have someone to call your own.

Someone who is a friend, partner, whose company you enjoy, and who you share life’s ups and down with.



4. You Want To Be Respected

In many societies, there’s this perception that people are more responsible and deserving of respect when they get married.

They get more responsibilities, given positions, and even given access to certain benefits, all because they have gotten married.

Some of these benefits and respect that come with marriage may be the magnet drawing you towards getting married.



5. You Want To Leave Your Parents’ House

In some homes, children are only allowed to move out when they have found someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

In homes like this, it is not unusual for children to want emancipation from living under their parents at some point in their adult lives.

And since marriage is the only escape route, they look forward to it with every fiber of their being.

Maybe that is the case with you.

You want to get married because you want to leave your parents’ house.



6. You Want To Stop Living Alone

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly?

Living alone is fun and exciting until it’s not.

At some point, you may loathe the silence that greets you whenever you return home and want to share your house with someone else.

You desire someone you can tell about your day and someone you can listen to all night.

Here is another reason why you so badly want to get married.

If this is your only reason for wanting to get married, then you need a roommate, not a life partner.



7. You Want To Have Sex

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly?

If you are a Christian or religious in any other way, you may have been keeping your body from getting involved with anyone.

Some people practice celibacy and abstinence and hope to continue until they get married.

At some point, it can be hard to continue abstaining, and the thoughts of marriage will cloud your mind.

Since you are committed not to having sex until you are married and now crave that intimacy, it is only natural to desire marriage.



8. You Want To Have Kids Early

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly?

The time you get married and start a home determines how young or old you’ll be when raising kids.

So many times, people who desire to have children early can find themselves worrying when they are not married at a certain age.

Maybe that is the case with you.

You want to have kids quickly and don’t want that to happen without marriage.



9. You Are Afraid Of Being Alone Forever

The fear of being alone forever is another possible reason you want to get married badly.

Humans are wired to be social and desire a companion.

You are probably scared of being alone now and even in the future.

Good marriages that last have proved to be very helpful and healthy for the parties involved, especially in old age.



10. You Love Your Partner

Why Do I Want To Get Married So Badly?

Another possible reason people badly want to get married is that they have met someone they love.

If you love your partner very much and have a great relationship, you may begin to have thoughts that suggest that you solidify the relationship even more.

So the thoughts of married will creep into your mind, and if not watched, it will occupy it completely.



11. You Are Scared Of Losing Your Partner

If you belong to a group of people who think the best way to tame or keep a person is to marry them, this may be your reason.

Maybe your relationship is shaky, or your partner is a cheat, and you think getting married to them will change them.

You may not have bad intentions; you genuinely love them and do not want to lose them.

But we will tell you for free that marrying them does not guarantee anything.



12. You Are Being Pressured

The pressure to get married gets worse every day, directly and indirectly.

Social media and people around put subtle pressure on people by constantly posting about other people’s weddings and marriages.

Worse, some people still have to deal with more pressure from family and close friends.

If you feel pressured to get married, you may begin to want it badly so the pressure can stop.

There are many possible reasons you badly want to get married, and we’re sure you have found yours above.

Whatever the reason is, it is essential to fully understand marriage before going into it.

Marriage is a blessing when you are prepared for it, and you have a partner who wants it to work as much as you do.

Otherwise, it’d be a nightmare!



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