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10 Effective Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

10 Effective Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

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It’s frustrating, embarrassing, and downright heartbreaking when you find out that your girlfriend wets the bed. 

We all have our embarrassing moments. 

But when they involve urinating in your sleep, they can be especially hard to deal with.

This condition is known as nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting, and it’s a common occurrence in children, and many adults have trouble with it as well. 

It’s not a joke — it can seriously affect your social life and even your self-esteem.

It’s better to deal with this issue head-on rather than ignoring it especially if you are going to be with her for the long term. 

You need to find out how serious the situation is and how to deal with it.

If you’re lucky, your girlfriend will grow out of it on her own. 

If not, there are some steps you can take to help her overcome this problem, and the most important one is to help your girlfriend get treatment. 

If she’s embarrassed, she may be reluctant to talk about it.

But if you can get her to open up, it will make it easier for her to seek help. 

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

1. Don’t make her feel embarrassed

Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

The first thing you need to do if your girlfriend wets the bed is to make sure that she does not get embarrassed by it. 

It’s embarrassing enough as it is. 

So she may feel ashamed because you now know about it and fear what others would think if they knew about it. 

This condition affects many people, and one of the best ways to help her through this difficult time is by making sure she knows that there are other people in similar situations and she should not feel any shame for her condition. 

So, don’t tease or make fun of her for wetting the bed. 

She’s already dealing with enough shame as it is. 

Besides that, making fun of her will only increase her embarrassment and make her feel more upset about it. 


2. Talk about it openly

If she isn’t willing to talk about it, it’s time for you to be the brave one. 

You’ll probably feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, but it will become easier with time. 

Let her know that you’re there for her and will help in any way you can.

This will help her to open up and feel less embarrassed. 


3. Be understanding 

Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

You have to understand that there might be something wrong with her body, or it could be an emotional problem.

You should talk to her and find out what goes wrong when she wets the bed. 

You need to know if it is a medical issue or something else.

If she has any kind of medical problem, you should encourage her to see a doctor and get some advice on how to deal with this problem.

If it is not a medical problem, it could also be an emotional problem, so try talking about this with your girlfriend and find out what triggers these emotions in her.


4. Encourage her to drink enough water throughout the day and reduce fluid intake in the evening

This will help prevent her from going to the bathroom and waking up in the middle of the night to use it again because she has to go so badly. 


5. Suggest diapers

Encourage her to wear diapers if necessary, especially if she suffers from nighttime incontinence. 

Diapers are great because they absorb any liquid that might leak out while sleeping, preventing stains on clothes and bedding. 

They’re also very easy to use and come in different sizes. 

There’s no shame in wearing diapers if it’ll save one from embarrassment and protect the bedding.

There’s a reason adult diapers exist, and it’s for reasons such as this. 


6. Suggest setting alarm

Encourage her to set alarms during the night.

Alarms can wake her up to go to the loo before she wets the bed.


7. Don’t tell people about it

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is telling everyone about this problem, especially if you have friends who may want to tease you about it (even if they mean well). 

This is a very personal thing and she will only be embarrassed if people know about it. 

If people find out on their own, let them know that you’d prefer they didn’t spread the word around town. 

So, if your girlfriend wets the bed, don’t tell friends and family. 

It’s not something that needs to be made public knowledge. 

You don’t want other people to know about your girlfriend’s condition.

It will just cause more embarrassment for her and could make her feel even worse than she already feels.


8. Tell her that it’s not her fault

Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

Sometimes, people become very self-conscious when they have a problem like this because they don’t know what caused it or how to fix it. 

Make sure that she knows that there is nothing wrong with her, or that this is something that happens to many women at some point in their lives.


9. Don’t take it personally

It may be tempting to take an issue like bed-wetting personally, but know that your girlfriend is probably just as embarrassed about it as you are. 

It’s not funny but it’s not the end of the world. 

So, don’t let it ruin your relationship.

If your girlfriend wets the bed, don’t take it personally. 

It’s not a sign that she’s lazy or forgetful, and it doesn’t mean that she’s not getting enough sleep. 

Wetting the bed is a common problem for many people of all ages. 

And there are even some celebrities who have spoken about their own experiences with bedwetting. 


10. If she refuses your help, maybe you should evaluate your relationship 

Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

You should be supportive and understanding.

However, if she refuses to seek professional help or refuses to accept your support, then maybe you should evaluate your relationship.  

I know it’s not easy for a woman to admit that she has a wetting problem. 

She might fear that you will think less of her and might even think she is crazy.

But if you have been understanding and supportive of her and she refuses to get help or turns down your support and suggestions, perhaps you need to reconsider whether this is the right relationship for you. 

Wetting the bed as an adult is not funny, so if she’s not making an effort to find a solution, she shouldn’t blame you if you give up on her. 

You can’t help someone who isn’t ready to help herself. 

Your Girlfriend Wets The Bed

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