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How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love: 8 Tips

How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love: 8 Tips

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Are you looking for tips on how to deal with being ignored by someone you love?

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No one wants to be or ever feel ignored by other people.

Then, imagine being ignored by someone you love.

It must be mental torture and a soul-searing kind of pain.

Whenever we do not get the attention we deserve from a loved one, we will want to find out why and make things right.

While trying to make things right, you have to deal with the question of “How to deal with being ignored by someone you love?”

But considering the toll being ignored by a loved one takes on you mentally and emotionally, it is essential to clearly understand how to deal with this toxic trait whenever it happens.

Let us look at ways you can handle being ignored by someone you love.


How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love: 8 Simple Tips

It is not easy whenever you are ignored by someone you love, no matter how mentally strong you are.

It is no easy feat to push away the negative thoughts that come with being ignored and not allowing them to get the better of you.

When a loved one ignores you, it will not be long before their actions activate self-doubt in you.

You might eventually settle for being taken for granted in your relationships, which will affect how you develop and build intimate relationships in the future.

For this reason, being ignored by someone you love should be handled with care when you notice the red flags.

Outlined below are some tips on how to deal with being ignored by someone you love:

1. Communicate

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love

Communicate with your partner whenever you feel you are being ignored in your relationship.

Conquer communication barriers and build ways you and your partner can have heartfelt, honest conversations.

If your partner ignores you on purpose, it can be their response to a disagreement you two had in your relationship.

Maybe your partner feels you are putting them in a spot when you try to make peace with them.

When they ignore you, it’s their defense mechanism to counter the feeling of being put in a spot.

Focus on yourself rather than them while discussing the effects of being ignored by someone you love.

Tell them exactly how the behavior makes you feel, and try not to lay any accusations or play blame games while at it.

Be vulnerable with your partner to let them know that they’re hurting you with their actions.



2. Stay with people who make you happy

How To Deal With Being Ignored By Someone You Love


While still in the honeymoon phase of our romantic relationships, we often tend to unintentionally distance ourselves from those closest to us.

And while some people find fulfillment and support and make their partners their best friends, others are left with a feeling of loneliness.

Usually, the feelings of isolation and loneliness multiply whenever you feel ignored by someone you love.

Therefore, surround yourself with only people who make you happy.

We’re all for positive vibes over here!



3. Give them space

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love

Although giving them space might not be the first solution to come to mind when you are being ignored by someone you love, it works well if it’s the first thing you do.

Rather than appear needy to them, giving them some space will tell them that while you respect their decision, your self-esteem remains paramount to you.

Whenever you feel ignored by someone you love, never make them see you as someone ready to do anything to make the situation go.



4. Do not be desperate

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love

Refuse to show desperation.

You have to understand that they ignored you, so it’s up to them to do something about the situation.

Let them reach out to you to iron things out when they finally realize that ignoring you was wrong.

The silence between both parties may be painful while it lasts, but endure it; it’s a sure way of ending the madness of ignoring you.



5. You are your biggest fan – start acting like it!

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love

Start investing in yourself and watch the way other people see you change.

Stop depending on the approval of other people to boost your self-confidence, and stop doubting your abilities and capabilities.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to love yourself and become your biggest fan.

Always reward yourself for every job you have done well.

Positivity multiplies and is contagious when you share it.

When you start practicing self-love, you will notice that everyone will be attracted to you and find it difficult to ignore you.

Also, whoever ignored you will want to come back to your life to know what’s happening with you.



6. Do things to distract yourself

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love

Engage in activities that’ll keep you distracted from the fact that someone you love is ignoring you.

When you give them space, try to do the things that you love and that make you happy.

You can choose from many activities to involve yourself in to distract you from such negative vibes.

Pick up your unattended hobbies, learn a skill, and work on a dream in your heart.

Generally, engage in activities that keep you distracted while making you happy.

They range from painting to beginning an online course to reaching out to friends you have forgotten for so long.

You will agree with me that such distractions are beautiful as well as timely.



7. Get yourself a solid support system

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love



You may not feel comfortable sharing what you are going through with your friends or may not mind sharing.

If you share with them, do not hesitate to ask them how to deal with being ignored by someone you love.

Your friends might have some tips and advice to share if they’ve experienced something similar in the past.

It will shock you when you learn how situations push people to come up with simple but effective ways to help them survive experiences like the topic of discussion.

Even if no one has advice, you will have your friends in a room filled with love and laughter.

And that is something — it counts.



8. Do not react the way they want you to

how to deal with being ignored by someone you love

When someone ignores you intentionally, they expect to get a reaction from you.

They expect that perhaps you will lash out, beg for their attention, fight, or cry.

You are falling prey to manipulation whenever you give in to any of these reactions.

It’s up to you to break that cycle of manipulation and emotional abuse by ignoring them and not giving them the reaction they expect from you whenever they ignore you.

They’ll have no choice but to abandon the method of ignoring you when they discover that mind games and manipulation do not work on you.



Getting a lasting solution to being ignored by someone you love may look like rocket science at first.

You can conquer this once you understand that although you are not the reason for the ugly situation, it keeps happening because of how you react.

The monster of being ignored will weaken and fizzle out when you stop feeding it.

Remember that most times being vulnerable and unadulterated communication is all you need to set things right.

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