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Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend For Going Through My Phone?

Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend For Going Through My Phone?

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Should I break up with my girlfriend for going through my phone?”

The debate about whether or not partners should go through each other’s phones may never end, especially on social media.

Some people believe that there should be no secrets in a relationship and nothing should be off bounds for their partner to access.

But others believe they can share everything and allow their partner access to anything they own – including their body parts – but their phones are where they draw the line.

If you belong to the latter category and your girlfriend went against your wish and through your phone, you are probably asking the question: “Should I break up with my girlfriend for going through my phone?”

This article will holistically answer your question.

Since every situation and relationship is unique, the answer to this question is not a “yes” or “no” answer.

It requires considering some factors and analyzing them. 

To your answer, there are a few things you need to consider.


Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend For Going Through My Phone? Things To Consider

1. Why Are You Hiding Your Phone?

The first place to start is with you.

You need to ask yourself why you do not want your girlfriend touching your phone.

And you must give an honest response.

There are many possible reasons why you may not fancy this.

It could be that you are hiding something like an affair or flirting with other people, and you are mad that your girlfriend may see it on your phone.

Or it could just be because you desire privacy.

Maybe you are not hiding anything or being deceptive, but you consider your phone private and would not want anyone going through it.

Whatever your reason is, find it because it will help you decide. 



2. Why Did Your Girlfriend Go Through Your Phone?

The next thing you must consider is the reason why your girlfriend went through your phone.

For this also, there are multiple possible reasons.

She may have felt like you have something to hide, or she may have trust issues and be suspecting you of something,

It is also possible that she may have been idly going through your phone innocently with nothing in mind, maybe to play a game or see the specification of your phone.

Knowing her reason is paramount because it gives an insight into whether she did not mean any harm or whether there are issues to be solved.

If she is insecure and has trust issues when you have not given her any reasons to doubt you, then she has to deal with that issue, or it will keep affecting the relationship. 

In such a case, talk to her, and decide if the relationship should move on or end. 



3. The Level of Trust in Your Relationship

Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend For Going Through My Phone?

The level of trust in a relationship is a major factor to consider before you break up with your girlfriend for going through your phone.

If you have a high level of trust in your relationship, it means that both of you have already established a high level of trust and commitment towards one another.

You feel safe and secure with each other, and this is why you don’t feel the need to keep tabs on each other’s every move.

Building this kind of relationship in our current generation of casual dating and ghosting is a big deal. 

So, if you have a high level of trust in your relationship, give her the benefit of the doubt and try to work through this together.

You may feel like she’s betrayed you, but if you really trust her, you should know she’s not trying to hurt you on purpose.

However, if you don’t have much trust in your relationship, this may be an opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate whether or not this is the right person for you.


4. The Kind of Person She is

Should I Break Up With My Girlfriend For Going Through My Phone?

If she’s always seemed like an honest person and she’s never given you any reason to doubt her before this incident, it makes sense to talk with her about what happened and try to work through it together rather than just breaking up with her over something that may have been an accident on her part.


5. The Severity of The Invasion of Privacy

If she went through your gallery or text messages and found some old messages from an ex-girlfriend and becomes upset and accuses you of still having feelings for your ex, the invasion of privacy is not as severe as it could be.

The text messages are kind of public and not private information.

But if she accessed your private emails, read your personal diary, confidential notes, or accessed your bank account without permission, the invasion of privacy is much more severe because she accessed information that is private and personal, and it may have much more consequences.

This kind of privacy invasion is a breach of trust, and you may not be able to get over it.

Still, you should consider other factors I mentioned above to decide whether this can make or break your relationship.


6. What Happens If She Does It Again?

Lastly, you must consider the current situation of your relationship, the possibility of the incidence reoccurring, and your possible reaction if it does.

Have you both sat down to discuss this, understood each other’s standpoint, and come to an agreement?

If intentions are genuine, no one has to be right or wrong; you both need to communicate better, understand each other’s perspective more, and engage in healthier practices. 

Does she understand why you do not want her going through your phone?

And do you understand why she does it?

Can you both agree on boundaries such as asking permission before going through each other’s private stuff?

If it happens again, can you accept it?

The answers you give to these questions will determine what direction to take.



Seeing your girlfriend going through your phone is not a grievous offense and not enough reason for a breakup if the relationship is healthy in other areas.

However, if you are mad about your girlfriend going through your phone because you’re hiding something like an affair, then maybe you should reconsider your whole relationship.

You may need to break up.

Not because she went through your phone but because you are not committed and faithful in your relationship.


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