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How To Make Up To Your Wife After Hurting Her: 9 Impressive Ways To Win Her Back

How To Make Up To Your Wife After Hurting Her: 9 Impressive Ways To Win Her Back

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No matter how hard you try to be the best husband in the world, there’s always going to be times when you let your partner down.

Whether it’s because of something you did or didn’t do, you’d hurt your wife sometimes. 

This doesn’t make you a bad husband. 

The fact that you’re reading this article on how to make up to your wife after hurting her shows that you’re a good husband who wants to make his wife happy. 

It shows your commitment to making your marriage work. 

We’ve got you. 

Keep reading for ideas on how to make up to your wife after hurting her


How To Make Up To Your Wife After Hurting Her

1. Be willing to admit you’re wrong

This is the first step in making it up to your wife after hurting her, and it’s also the most important one.

If you can’t admit when you’ve done something wrong and just say, “You know what? I was wrong,” then you’re never going to be able to move forward.

If you’re not willing to do this, then there’s no point in trying to make it up to her at all.

You’ll just be wasting your time and energy.


2. Take full responsibility for what you did.

When you are making up to your wife, don’t make excuses.

It’s tempting to blame your behavior on something outside of yourself, such as a bad day at work or an argument with a friend.

The problem is that excuses are just that—excuses for not taking responsibility for your actions.

And if you want to get back on your wife’s good side and repair the trust between you, don’t give excuses! 

You may give reasons (if they are genuine enough) why you acted in a certain way and tell her how you will change so it won’t happen again.

This helps her trust you and know that you have learned from your mistakes.

Don’t blame others for the mistake.

Don’t say she’s overreacting or being too sensitive. 

Accept full responsibility for what happened and make a commitment to do better in the future.


3. Let her express herself fully, and listen well.

How To Make Up To Your Wife After Hurting Her

After you’ve admitted your wrongs and taken full responsibility for your actions, the next step is to let her express herself fully.

This means not interrupting or arguing with her.

It also means not telling her that she’s wrong—even if you know she is—and not making excuses for yourself or trying to justify your actions.

Letting someone talk about how they feel without any interruption gives them an opportunity to really get their point across, and it shows that you’re listening well enough to understand what they’re saying.


4. Give her time, don’t rush to make things “better.”

When you hurt your partner, it’s normal to want to make things better right away.

But if she tells you that she needs some space, it’s not just because she doesn’t love you anymore or she doesn’t accept your apology, it’s because she needs time to process and heal from the pain you caused her.

If you try to rush in and make things better immediately, you may end up making her feel worse about herself and about the situation.

It’s important for her to know that she is safe with you and that when she does forgive you, it will be because she feels ready, not because you pressured her.

While you give your wife time, also give yourself time as well.

While it might be tempting to go straight into “fixing” mode after hurting your wife, it will be helpful for both of you to focus on healing yourselves first.

So that when your wife comes back around again and feels ready for being close again, both of you are in a good place. 


5. Genuinely apologize.

How To Make Up To Your Wife After Hurting Her

You can’t leave it there.

You need to apologize for things like:

Your actions

The pain you caused her

Not being a better person

Apologize for what happened, but also tell her that you’re going to try harder in the future and do better.

You don’t want this incident to be an excuse for future behavior—you want it to be a lesson learned so that when something similar happens again, you will react differently.


6. Ask for forgiveness 

Yes, you have admitted your wrongdoing and apologized but it doesn’t end there. 

You need to ask her for your forgiveness. 

Her forgiveness is her response to your apology. 

Doing everything without asking for her forgiveness is just doing your own thing. 

You need feedback from her—which is her forgiveness. 

This does not mean that what you did was okay, but it does mean that you realize that your relationship with your wife is important and you will do anything in your power to make it look better. 

That’s why you need her forgiveness. 

So, ask for it humbly! 


7. Turn a new leaf. 

They say the best apology is a changed behavior. 

You’re not truly sorry if you keep repeating the same thing that hurts your wife. 

You should make a commitment to change especially if she’s still reeling from the pain.

Even if she doesn’t know why you behaved the way you did, or what happened to cause it, she will feel better if she sees that you’re trying to make a change.

That’s not to say that she’s going to be okay with everything all at once—you may have done some pretty nasty things.

But she’ll be convinced you’re truly sorry if you’re turning a new leaf. 


8. Send apology text messages.

Apologizing isn’t something that you do once and get away with; it’s a process.

Make it clear that you’re sorry for what you did and even more sorry for the pain you caused.

And make it a point to reach out to her often.

Text messages are a great way to express your apology this way. 

They can be sent from anywhere and you don’t even have to speak them out loud, which means that being ashamed of what you’ve done isn’t an issue anymore.

Plus, if the message doesn’t sound quite right when you read it back, simply delete it and try again until it’s perfect.


9. Buy gifts 

How To Make Up To Your Wife After Hurting Her

Gifts that symbolize an apology from you can be very powerful. 

The best way to make up to your wife after hurting her is to take the initiative to do something nice.

Treat her like a queen for a little while. 

Flowers and chocolates go a long way, and they don’t cost much.

Get her favorite flower or chocolate, and tell her that how sorry you are for hurting her. 

Get something for the house that you know she has been wanting for a while but hasn’t gotten around to buying (i.e. new sheets or pillows).

Make sure her favorite meal is waiting when she gets home after being gone all day. 

Just be nice! 

Your kind gestures will make her heart soften toward you. 

Who doesn’t love gifts? 

Yeah, showing remorse is essential, but adding kind gestures to your apology will make it stronger. 

There are men who can buy the whole world for their women instead of apologizing and asking for forgiveness. 

That screams nothing but pride. 

Don’t be that kind of man. 

Do all that is listed in this article and add kind gestures to it, and you’ll be wowed by the result. 

A woman who is still in love with you will appreciate your efforts at rebuilding trust and saving your marriage. 

So, go on and make it up to the amazing woman you married! 



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