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13 Surefire Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

13 Surefire Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

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What are the signs husband wants to save marriage?

We all generally get into marriage, hoping it will last till death to us part.

Sometimes, however, things don’t go as planned; the sweet taste of marriage turns sour and eventually bitter due to an error or several errors from us or our spouse.

Many women find themselves in the middle of a marriage that seems to be falling apart, and they can’t understand why.

The question “does my husband still love me?” is often on their minds.

They wonder if there is anything they can do to save their marriage before it’s too late.

For some women, it’s already too late—they’ve already filed for divorce, or they’re considering it.

But what if you could save your marriage?

What if you could find out whether your husband wants to save his marriage, so you could work together to make things better?

What would that look like?

How would you know if he really wanted to save things?

How much would he have to change in order to make it happen?

And how can you tell if he’s truly committed to making things work?

Here are some signs husband wants to save marriage that you should look for in your husband:

13 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

1. He begins to work on himself

One of the signs husband wants to save marriage is that he begins to work on himself.

For instance, if he’s receiving therapy for his anger issues, he’s working hard to make your marriage work.

Bear in mind that it takes a lot of time to fix a marriage, as there will be some lapses along the way.

A quick piece of advice to you – you have to support your husband in his journey to getting better if you love him and need your relationship to become healthy again.

Listed below are some instances to show that your husband is working on himself:

  • He is honest and opens up about the way he feels
  • He wants to spend more time with you
  • He doesn’t avoid having the difficult discussions
  • He’s actively working on his insecurities


2. He takes responsibility for his actions

 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

In the journey to save a failing marriage, there will be unsuccessful attempts from either or both parties.

For instance, it’s not easy to forgive or even forget about an incident as big as cheating.

It’ll take a lot to recover from cheating.

Asides from that, your partner may constantly be disrespecting you.

But the fact that he owned up to his mistakes, took responsibility and offered a sincere apology is a sign that he’s committed to saving your marriage.


3. He talks about your future together with certainty

 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

Is he someone who used to shy away from talking about your future together?

Now, he speaks about it with so much confidence and certainty.

It is one of the sure signs your husband wants to save your marriage.

Before now, he’ll never talk about plans for a vacation as a couple, having kids together, or even making financial investments together.

Now, he can go on and on about his great plans for your marriage.

He knows that he contributed greatly to the bad state of your marriage and is putting in work to make things right.


4. He pays attention to you and wants to be involved in your activities

It can be draining when you’re in a marriage devoid of love.

There are times when it feels like your husband is always on his phone or watching TV.

It’s easy to get frustrated and wonder if he even cares about you anymore.

However, if your husband wants to save the marriage, he’s going to pay more attention to you.

He’ll make eye contact when you’re speaking and listen intently to everything you say.

You’ll notice that he’ll try to reach a compromise with you on the things he couldn’t tolerate before.

Also, you’ll find him validating your judgments, opinions, and feelings and getting more involved in your marital affairs.


5. He creates a conducive environment for the children

Children do not thrive in unfriendly environments; as a result, you need to consider their mental health before throwing insults and shouting fits with your spouse.

Doing these things in their presence is unhealthy for them and will affect them adversely.

Such behaviour rubbing off on your children produces toxic traits such as bullying, defiance and aggression.

However, if your husband starts considering the children and creating healthier environments for you and them, it is one of the signs your husband wants to save your marriage.


6. He tries to build closeness with you again

Sometimes, we become so busy with life that we forget to nourish the love we share with our significant other.

We only notice that the spark has reduced when we squeeze out time from our busy schedules to be with them.

Nurturing and rebuilding intimacy in a relationship or marriage from time to time is highly advised if you want things to work between you and your partner.

If your husband is trying to rebuild the love and closeness you once shared, give him a chance.

It is a good sign that he’s willing to save your marriage.


7. He says that he wants to save your marriage

 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

If your husband declares openly and genuinely that he is willing to save your marriage, you best believe it if that’s what you want too.

Although some people are fond of not matching their words with corresponding actions, when your husband works actively to make things work and is vocal about it, he deserves some credit.

He is bent on being a better man and partner.


8. He satisfies your love languages

Couples who acknowledge and satisfy the love languages of their partners tend to have healthier and happier relationships.

A clear understanding of your partner’s love language and willingness to fulfil them will go a long way to keep your relationship afloat.

It doesn’t matter if you both have different love languages.

If your husband knows your love languages and indulges them in keeping you happy, it’s one of the sure signs husband wants to save marriage.

The different love languages include:

  • Acts of services 
  • Physical touch
  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Receiving gifts


9. He sees both of you as a team

A team mentality is very important in every relationship or marriage and has saved many marriages from falling apart.

The following behaviour makes up the team mentality:

  • Asking for the opinions of each other
  • Realising that it’s not “me” but “us.”
  • Respecting different values and developing the common ones
  • Having expectations of each other that are realistic

When he sees you as a team, it becomes easier for you and him to work together to achieve a common goal.

In this case, it’ll be easier for your marriage to be revived again if he has a team mentality.


10. He stops blaming you

When people blame others for their own problems, it’s usually because they’re not willing to take responsibility for their actions.

They want others to fix their problems rather than doing it themselves.

However, if your man stops blaming you and instead takes responsibility for his actions and deeds, it’s a sign that he wants to save your marriage.


11. He wants more sex

 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

Many couples complain about a lack of sex in their marriages, especially after having children.

However, if your husband suddenly starts wanting more sex with you, he definitely wants to save his marriage.

A healthy sexual relationship between spouses strengthens bonds between them and helps build trust and intimacy between each other.

It also brings back some excitement into the relationship which may have been lost during stressful times such as raising children or dealing with financial issues at home.


12. He is willing to go to counseling

 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

If he is willing to go to counseling with you, he’s serious about saving your marriage.

It takes courage and strength to admit that you need help, but once he does, it is easier for him to work on issues that may have been holding you back from being happy in your relationship.

It also shows that he cares about your feelings and wants the best for both of you.

But if your husband refuses counseling and won’t even consider going, then he’s probably given up on your relationship. 


13. He is no longer acting like a jerk

If your husband was acting like a jerk before but now seems more considerate and loving, he wants to save your marriage.

He sees how unhappy things have become between the two of you and wants them to change for the better by working on whatever problems may exist between the two of you.

He realizes how much happier life would be if things were going well between the two of us instead of fighting all the time with each other.


If you see these thirteen things in your husband, they are signs he’s passionate about saving your marriage. 

 Signs Husband Wants To Save Marriage

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