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How To Stop Watching Bad Stuff: 8 Effective Tips

How To Stop Watching Bad Stuff: 8 Effective Tips

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Whenever the issue of how to stop watching bad stuff comes up, it always comes with a lot of controversies because it is a dicey topic.

This present generation has been having series of arguments and observations surrounding this topic and from what they inferred, it is safe to say that viewing all these bad stuff that is readily available in their numbers on today’s internet goes a long way to affect your desires, thinking, mood and life in general.

The truth is that the internet of today is way different from what it used to be some years ago.

And civilization has brought about a revolutionary change in every area of life down to even what we know as the bad stuff.

By adding conspicuous words such as “hot” to the words to be typed into the search engine, just about anyone can gain access to the bad stuff.

Most especially for the younger generation, having easy and ready access to these kinds of content can change the thinking of anyone completely.

This is because anyone is vulnerable to lust and desires.

It is very disheartening, how deep this generation has been plunged into this web of viewing bad stuff and invariably ruining their lives and relationships.

At a point, they’re not even able to differentiate their real-life fantasies from what they view on the internet.

They find it difficult to accept the fact that reality is parallel to the internet, and how it is just an illusion.

Thinking of how to stop watching bad stuff?

how to stop watching bad stuff

Downsides of Watching Bad Stuff

I think the biggest disadvantage of watching bad stuff is the high chance of getting addicted to this kind of content.

The psychology behind it is that your brain will want more and more the moment you begin to view this bad stuff.

Another big disadvantage of this bad stuff is the objectification of women in these videos.

These videos are shot to portray that a woman is built and meant to enjoy whatever a man does, pleasurable or not, acceptable or not.

Of course, violent and degrading actions are promoted through these channels.

In the same vein, viewers with gullible minds might begin to loathe or detest the physical appearances of their partners because they are carrying out a mental comparison between their partners and the actors they watch on the internet.

They forget that almost everything in those videos is fake, as a lot of models go under the knife to be able to gain enough confidence in their bodies to enable them to act out those scenes while baring their flesh.

How To Stop Watching Bad Stuff

Here are some useful tips to follow if you’re looking for how to stop watching bad stuff:

Like I mentioned earlier, the chances of your getting addicted to watching bad stuff once you start watching them is very high.

You should read through this if you have been wondering how to stop watching bad stuff and you want to stop.

Taking charge and conquering your addiction is the right step to take if you are serious about wanting to stop watching bad stuff.

It’ll be more of a battle of dominance between yourself and your brain as it’ll try so hard to mesmerize you, manipulate you and distract you.

But in all of this, I want you to remain strong and believe you have the power to overcome.

These steps outlined below will be of great help to you in your journey towards breaking the addiction to bad stuff

  1. Delete

how to stop watching bad stuff

The first step towards being free is deleting every cookie and history that stores up in your device as you enter the websites that give you access to bad stuff.

Deleting them is important to avoid them popping up as ads with provocative videos or images thereby luring you back to watching them.

2. Disregard

Then, do not have any belief in false sayings that seeing bad stuff can help relieve tension, frustration, and stress.

You feel like watching bad stuff due to the dopamine rush experienced by your brain.

3. Therapy Group

You can also consider joining a therapy group where people talk about their addictions and feasible ways to get over them.

Out there, people are conquering their addictions and are active in these therapy groups to help others struggling with their addictions overcome them.

Joining a group like this will help give you a headstart in your quest to conquer your addiction.

4. Meditation

Taking part in religious activities also helps.

Begin to observe your meditation and prayers regularly, as it’ll go a long way to help you achieve your life’s goals.

If you keep up with it, you’ll find yourself getting rid of your addiction gradually.

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5. Clear Understanding

Having a clear understanding of the fact that the internet can be used for doing useful things rather than just watching bad stuff helps greatly.

The internet has made the world a small village so, rather than waste your time and resources on things that won’t be beneficial to you, why not use it to discover things that will turn out useful to you in the long and short run.

6. Network

Did you know that the internet is the best platform to build a sustainable network?

Based on this fact, I think you should try to create a network of great minds who will impact your life positively and steer you towards a new course.

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7. Start A Business

You can also venture into a business online.

This is an easy way to generate some cool cash for yourself.

Once you start your online store, be ready for a healthy flow of income.

It might not be regular, but money will surely come.

8. Develop Some Skills

how to stop watching bad stuff

When looking for how to stop watching bad stuff, remember that you can use the internet to develop some useful skills that will add meaning and value to your life.

Do not take the opportunities provided by the internet for granted.

Rather, use them maximally to maximize your potentials.

Getting busy is one of the effective ways to stop watching bad stuff because you divert your energy, time, and attention to more productive activities.

Sometimes, boredom and laziness are precursors to watching bad stuff.

Shun watching bad stuff and consciously steer your life towards becoming a better person.

Then, watch your life get transformed by the power of intentionality.

You can do it!

how to stop watching bad stuff

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