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How To Tell Your Son His Girlfriend is Not Right For Him

How To Tell Your Son His Girlfriend is Not Right For Him

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Are you looking for how to tell your son his girlfriend is not right for him?

This piece will help you; please keep reading.

One of the hardest things to learn as a parent is likely letting go of your son as he grows up and forges his path.

And this also applies to the individuals your son accepts to be in a relationship with.

Your first instinct whenever your son is dating a girl who doesn’t treat him right, or you don’t like is probably to make a fuss about it.

But before you reach out to your son concerning it, it’s advisable to think about the things you’ll say to him and how you’ll present them to him.

He’ll be more open to listening to and thinking about your point of view that way.

As parents, it can be hard to adjust to the fact that your son has started dating, mostly if you don’t like their partner.

Naturally, parents are very watchful about whoever is in their child’s life, but you must find out if your worries are valid or not.

Think of the most appropriate way to tackle the issue at hand.

You have to know how to tell your son his girlfriend is not right for him without the conversation affecting your relationship with him.

So, here is a guide on how to tell your son his girlfriend is not right for him.

Enjoy the read!


How to tell your son his girlfriend is not right for him: 6 Ways

1. Teach your son about wholesome relationships

How To Tell Your Son His Girlfriend is Not Right For Him

Take a look at history, reality, and finally, the things you’ve taught your son about relationships and dating.

Have you thought of how he has viewed your interactions with the people you dated?

Whether you like it or not, your actions make lasting impressions on your children.

The things they see in their homes are their first peek at what relationships and dating look like.

If he has been seeing only bad patterns, that’s what he’ll see and expect as normal and obtainable behavior.

As you well know, his expectations and reality of what relationships look like will be marred as a result.

You have to teach him about personal boundaries, mutual respect, and what a real partnership is all about.


2. What are his thoughts about a good relationship

It’s also important that you discover from your son, what he thinks a healthy relationship is all about.

Feel free to ask him how the relationships of his friends are going.

Also, ask him why he thinks those relationships are the way they are.

You can open up to him about your previous relationships and advice him based on your experiences.

Let him know why your choices worked or didn’t work for you.

You can help your son build his expectations and set his boundaries.

Let him decide by himself, the things that are important to him.

He’ll be forced to think of the way his interaction with his girlfriend affects him and if that’s what he wants.

He’ll have a thorough look at his relationship and decide by himself if it’s what’s best for him.


3. Spend quality time with your son

How To Tell Your Son His Girlfriend is Not Right For Him

When you’re finding it difficult to accept who your son is dating, it’s very tempting to want to pull away from him.

However, spending enough time with him can help him realize that the path he’s treading is the wrong one.

Your relationship with your son should not be defined by the disagreements both of you are having.

Remember that your son is not defined by what you see as his poor choice.

In the end, you’ll realize that he is old enough to be in a relationship and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The best thing you can do for him is to guide him gently.

Let him see your point of view and then, let him decide by himself, what to do with that piece of information.


4. Keep yourself in check

If your son is determined that he’s going to be with a girl you don’t like, there’s little to nothing you can do about it.

Sad but true.

What you can do, however, is keep yourself in check so that you don’t cross the line while letting him know that you’re not in support of his choice.

Parents usually have a solid influence on their children.

You can help your son choose better.

For instance, if your son has a girlfriend who is always disrespecting you, you can simply tell him that she’s not welcome in your home.

Not only does this send the message across that her behavior is unacceptable to you, but your son will also learn that you won’t condone such.

When you learn how to keep yourself in check and constantly take charge of situations concerning the girlfriend, your son might reconsider his stand on the issue.


5. Do not compel him to make a choice

How To Tell Your Son His Girlfriend is Not Right For Him

Giving your son an ultimatum that he has to choose between yourself and his girlfriend can be the worst thing you’ll do.

While this may not convince your son to leave his relationship, it may result in your losing the relationship you have with him.

Only saying over and over again that you don’t like the girl he’s dating will make him withdraw from you and get more attached to that same girl.

So, be wise in your dealings with him.


6. Handle the matter delicately

Your goal should be to pass your message across without hurting the feelings of anyone in the process.

It’s natural for parents to feel edgy when their sons get all grown up and start exploring the dating scene.

Find the best way to talk to him without pushing him away from you or hurting his feelings, if you don’t like his girlfriend.

Get it off your chest, if you feel bothered by it and you think that he deserves to know how you feel about his relationship.

All you have to do is be careful about how you go about the conversation.



You have to know that you’re treading on dangerous grounds and apply caution when you finally conclude that your son is making a mistake with his choice of girlfriend.

Start up a light-hearted discussion with him and don’t let it degenerate into an argument, no matter what.

Don’t go about lecturing him or pointing out to him the things you think that he should do.

Rather, you can try to talk to him about the changes that you noticed lately about him that give you so much concern.

Let him know how his relationship with his girlfriend makes you feel and how you see it from your point of view.

Listen to him attentively as he tells you his side of the story and try as much as you can to understand him.

You have to know that you’re just trying to help him, and not trying to control him.

I believe that this article has thrown enough light on how to tell your son his girlfriend is not right for him.

Hopefully, you’ll apply the pieces of advice you got from it and it’ll help save your son from an impending relationship heartbreak.

How To Tell Your Son His Girlfriend is Not Right For Him

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