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How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You – 8 Surefire Tests

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You – 8 Surefire Tests

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“Does she really love me?”

This question pops up frequently in the minds of men who consider themselves to be in serious relationships.

It is a product of a nagging doubt deep down in the recesses of their minds about the commitment of their partners.

Perhaps this doubt is a product of trust issues from past terrible relationships or just a natural wariness about joining the ever-increasing number of people nursing heartbreaks.

Either way, they want to be sure of their partner’s commitment to the relationship.

To ensure that you are not in a relationship with yourself, there are several ways to test if your girlfriend loves you.

I remember a story of a man who wanted to test his wife’s loyalty, so he sent a friend of his to try to seduce his wife.

I leave the end of that tale to your imagination because there are several versions of it.

The point is that you shouldn’t test your girlfriend that way.

There are better, more honoring, and less belittling ways of testing your girlfriend’s love.

You can do this by asking yourself some important questions.

The signs never lie!

Come along; let’s run a diagnostic test on your relationship!

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

1. Does she keep secrets from you?

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

Romantic relationships are some of the most intimate kinds of relationships ever.

Partners are expected to share a bond that leaves no allowance for secrecy in an ideal relationship.

When a lady loves you, she won’t keep secrets from you.

She will want to tell you about her day, what she did, and what others did to her.

She may call you to rant about how something went wrong with her day.

This is one aspect of a relationship I find interesting: having someone who wants to confide in you and women love to talk!

Guy, if your girlfriend trusts you enough to share her deepest secrets and fears, it’s a sign that she values your relationship and feels comfortable around you.

2. Does she love to spend time with you?

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

When a lady loves you, she wants to spend time with you.

It is impossible to always be around each other.

It is also unhealthy to be so clingy in a relationship.

But when your bae wants to spend her free time with you, it counts.

She makes efforts to initiate dates and hangouts where you can just spend time together, having meaningful conversations and just enjoying each other’s company.

If your girlfriend is always eager to spend time with you, it’s a sign that she enjoys your company and cherishes the moments you spend together.

3. Does she try to look good for you?

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

Don’t get it twisted; many ladies look good without much effort.

Your girlfriend may be one of these girls who can look exceptionally beautiful naturally, and that’s good.

But does she make an effort to look good for you?

Does she choose styles you love the most just to please you?

The fact is, when a woman loves a man, she wants him always to see her as beautiful.

Yeah, there is that point that she gets so comfortable with you that she can appear bedraggled before you.

But this doesn’t mean that she no longer puts in to ensure that she looks good for you.

Whenever you go on dates, she ensures that she looks her best for you.

If your girlfriend takes extra care to look good for you, it’s a sign that she wants to impress you and make you happy.

4. Is she present on your special occasions?

Relationship is not just about companionship or avoiding loneliness; it also involves being around to support and cheer your partner’s wins.

One good way to test if your girlfriend really loves you is to check how she behaves on your special days.

Does she turn up for every one of your special occasions with joy?

Does she forget special days like your birthday, graduation day, or even the relationship anniversary?

If she turns up for your special occasions and cheers you on to greater achievements, she really loves you.

However, if it seems that remembering your special occasions is an uphill task for her, it may be a sign that she doesn’t care about you.

If your girlfriend makes an effort to be present on special occasions in your life, it’s a sign that she values your relationship and wants to be there for you.

5. Are you a priority in her life?

Did you say, “He is just her boyfriend; she doesn’t need to prioritize him”?

In relationships, partners must learn to prioritize each other to avoid conflicts and a miserable end to the relationship.

Communication and spending time with your partner should be considered very important.

If your girlfriend makes every effort to share and spend time with you, it’s a sign that she loves you.

You are not competing with other important aspects of her life, and there are times you may not take precedence over other things; it is your responsibility to be reasonable about

6. Does she get jealous occasionally?

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

A little bit of jealousy in your relationship does a lot of good.

Many people think it is usually only men who exhibit jealousy in relationships.

This is wrong.

Women also get jealous in relationships.

When a woman loves you, she may get jealous when other ladies show interest in you or try to flirt with you.

It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t trust you.

She reacts that way because she can’t control the flare of jealousy that rises in her when someone attempts to flirt with her man.

If she never gets jealous of any of the other ladies that are close to you, it is a sign that your girlfriend is indifferent to you.

If your girlfriend gets jealous when other women show interest in you, it’s a sign that she values your relationship and doesn’t want to lose you.

7. How well does she communicate?

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

Communication in a relationship is key to the growth and development of the relationship.

Regardless of what people may say, communication is not difficult; you just haven’t decided to start communicating effectively with someone you love.

Half the work of communication is being determined to communicate openly and effectively with your partner.

If your girlfriend communicates openly and honestly with you, it’s a sign that she trusts you and values your relationship.

If she expresses her feelings openly and calmly, it is a sign that she values the relationship and doesn’t want to sabotage it with brutal words.

If she yells regularly and calls you abusive names, then I am sorry you are in a toxic relationship.

8. Does she support you emotionally

How To Test If Your Girlfriend Loves You- 8 Surefire Tests

You are going through difficult times, how does your girlfriend react to you?

Does she just mind her business?

Or does she offer a few words of sympathy that she doesn’t mean?

The bottom line is that there are highs and lows in relationships, and you can’t afford to be yoked with a partner who is only around for the good times.

If your girlfriend is there for you when you need emotional support, it’s a sign that she cares about you deeply and wants to help you through difficult times.

The fact is; no one is perfect and your girlfriend won’t be perfect all the time.

However, these are questions that you can ask yourself to decide if your girlfriend truly loves you.

These tests are not foolproof, and you can always trust your intuition.

Nigerians will say, “Shine your eye.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to consider your behavior towards her even while you reflect on whether she loves you or not.

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