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My Marriage Proposal Story

Love is beautiful. Love is sweet. What could be more amazing than falling in love with someone you probably don’t even know from Adam and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them? We all love love and love stories, so proposal scenes get most of us feeling mushy. Hihihi. I know you’re …

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COUPLE INTERVIEW: ''He is sensitive and insensitive!''

Dolapo, a biochemist, makeup artist, and PhD student at Hiroshima University, is married to Michael, a University lecturer. Enjoy their love story….How long have you been married?  2 years How did you meet? Michael: In Uni through a friend. Dolapo: Hmm, it’s quite a long story with spiritual backing but I’ll summarize it. We met through a …

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my regret as a single lady

So some days ago, I asked my best friend, ‘’do you think we enjoyed our single years?’’ After she recovered from laughing, she replied, ‘’No, we didn’t. It’s not because we didn’t gyrate but we were busy with relationship issues, carrying burdens that were not ours when we were supposed to be flexing with our …

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