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13 Signs A Married Man Has Fallen In Love With You And What To Do About It

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If you suspect that a married man has developed feelings for you, then you may want to be sure that your suspicions are correct and that you’re not assuming.

You may want to know this because you are his mistress, and you want to know if you have moved from just being his mistress to having a place in his heart.

Or maybe you have a platonic relationship with him, but you suspect that feelings have come into the picture.

I would say that sometimes it’s better not to find out.

It’s best to create boundaries and stay away from the relationship to avoid hurting yourself and others.

However, the ball is in your court, and quite honestly, sometimes it’s good to know if your suspicions are anything to go by.

So your curiosity to want to find out if he has fallen in love with you is valid.

That’s why I’ll share some of the signs with you below.

13 Signs A Married Man Has Fallen In Love With You

1. He always wants to be with yousigns a married man has fallen in love with you

You know for sure that a strong emotional connection has been established when he always wants to be with you.

Increased attention is always a sign that some level of affection exists somewhere.

When he always finds reasons to be with you or creates opportunities to be alone with you, you can easily tell something is up.

If you did not mean anything to him, he wouldn’t be making plans to be with you, asking to see you, or creating opportunities to be around you.

If you suspect that he has fallen in love with you and you see this sign, then there’s a very high chance that you are right.

2. He prioritizes you

Does he spend all his free time with you and even take some of his family time for you?

This may sound simple, but it carries a lot of weight.

If a married man who has other commitments and family engagements creates time to be with you, puts you first in many of his decisions, and even turns down important things to be around you or take care of you, then that’s a strong sign that he has feelings for you.

You can say that he has fallen in love with you if he would rather be with you than be with the important people in his life, like his wife, children, and others.

Putting you ahead of his other responsibilities and commitments shows that he has serious feelings for you.

3. He takes care of yousigns a married man has fallen in love with you

Observe his behavior towards you; does he genuinely care about you?

You can tell that a man has fallen in love with you when he wants to take care of you and shower you with a lot of care and affection.

Does he pay utmost attention to your interests, concerns, reservations, and little details about you?

It shows that he loves you.

He can also express this by frequently buying presents or exhibiting thoughtful gestures.

These are expressions of his love for you.

If a married man does these for you, it has gone beyond mere friendship.

4. He always wants to talk to you

The desire to frequently communicate with someone shows that you have lots of positive feelings towards that person, and when communication happens, it further strengthens your feelings.

So you know for sure that if he contacts you often and always initiates conversations with you, it shows that he has feelings for you.

The desire to share everything with you, confide in you, and even open up about his personal life to you can come from a place of deep affection and love.

You may find him having intimate conversations with you or being emotionally vulnerable with you, and you may be wondering where all that is coming from.

Well, I can tell you that there is a very high chance that it comes from a heart that has fallen for you.

He has created some form of attachment to you and may even seek your emotional support.

5. He compliments yousigns a married man has fallen in love with you

Compliments can be peripheral, nice, and friendly, but they can also be deeper.

If a married man is always complimenting you, telling you how amazing you look, how great your personality is, or even as far as talking about how appealing you are, you might want to raise an eyebrow.

Excessive compliments and praise sometimes show that someone either has a crush on you or has fallen in love with you.

If he’s giving you compliments beyond what is considered typical, then your suspicions about his feelings for you might be correct.

6. He becomes jealous

When his protective shield comes on, that’s a strong sign.

He begins to act like he is responsible for protecting you or keeping you away from other guys.

When you see these, you can almost be one hundred percent sure that there are strong feelings there somewhere.

Jealousy often shows that someone cares about us or loves us.

You may notice he does not want you to interact with or hang out with other men.

He may even mask it as being brotherly to you, it is all a façade.

Mark my words: the more you look, the less you see.

He becomes very protective of you and expresses concern about your well-being and happiness.

He wants to take care of you even when there’s no reason he should; he acts like you’re his responsibility and owes you his concern.

All of these male instincts come up when a man is in love.

7. Longing or sadnessSigns A Married Man Has Fallen In Love With You And What To Do About It

Instead of finding happiness and satisfaction in his wife and family, he finds it in you.

He longs to be around you and express his sadness and misery about his marriage.

He shows that he desires to be with you and no one else; he does not want to leave you for anything or anyone.

This is an expression of his very strong feelings and desires for you.

8. Future planningsigns a married man has fallen in love with you

Nothing screams I’m in love with you louder than a man, including you and his plans.

He makes it clear that he’s there for a long time and not just a good time.

He wants you to be in his life for real, and he plans to make that happen.

Whatever the plan may be, maybe he wants to get a divorce, or he’s in an open marriage, and he wants to be committed to you.

Or whatever else he has planned, he communicates it to you and lets you know that he wants you in his life for real.

He may even hide his real feelings but speak to you consistently in futuristic terms; he is sending you a strong sign.

9. Physical touch

Increased physical contact is one way you can tell that someone has feelings for you.

I can’t tell you if the feelings are love, though.

It may be love, or it may just be physical desire.

But if physical touch is present and you begin noticing things like lingering hugs, holding hands, and touching in sensitive areas, you can tell that the feelings are no longer platonic.

They are now romantic.

10. Unusual interest in your lifesigns a married man has fallen in love with you

If he pays keen attention to you and takes particular interest in your life, even when he has no reason to, it is a sign that he has feelings for you.

He remembers little details about you, pays attention to your desires and hobbies, and learns about what interests you.

He wants to understand you better, and he wants to make your life even more beautiful.

These can be signs that he has fallen in love with you.

11. Flirtatious behavior

Playful and subtle flirting can also be a sign.

His jokes are no longer harmless and normal but now have some form of romantic or sexual undertone.

That can be a strong sign that the man has fallen for you.

You and I know there’s a difference between a harmless joke and a joke with a heavy undertone.

Something is up if his jokes have moved from the harmless side to the very sensitive side.

12. Unprompted help and favorssigns a married man has fallen in love with you

If he has fallen in love with you, you’ll find him helping you without you even asking him to.

Granting favors when you ask and even when you don’t.

He shows up for you and just wants to be there for you in any way he can.

These are signs that he has feelings for you.

He goes out of his way to assist you and wants to make your life easy.

13. Frequent calls and texts

Constant communication via calls and texts can also be a sign.

When a married man begins to text you excessively, sending you lengthy paragraphs of messages communicating his feelings for you and calling you all the time to check on you, it can be a sign.

The frequency of these text messages extends beyond mere friendship boundaries.

They indicate that there is a strong feeling existing in his heart for you.

At the end of the day, the signs you will notice vary, depending on the individual and how they express love.

I would always advise you not to conclude based on the signs that they show alone, especially if they have not verbally communicated anything yet.

But if you notice any or many of the signs above, you can be very sure that the man has strong feelings for you.

However, you may not be sure that feeling is love.

What To Do If A Married Man Has Fallen In Love With You

If a married man has fallen in love with you, you may be wondering how to approach the situation.

Feelings can be very volatile, and anybody can develop feelings for another person at any time.

Because of how fickle and volatile feelings are, they are not the best standards to decide because you can easily be misled or make the wrong decision.

Before deciding what to do, you must critically consider the situation.

Look at the potential consequences and your values and morals.

Another wise thing to do is to consider all the parties involved, like the man’s family (his wife and kids).

Then, decide if you would want to be in that situation.

Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands, and you have the power to choose what is permitted in your life.

If you are sure that he has fallen in love with you, you can either fuel those feelings or eliminate them by creating firm boundaries.

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