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15 Telltale Signs Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest

15 Telltale Signs Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest

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You dreaded these days, but you somehow knew that would definitely come.

Isn’t it often said that “everything that has a beginning surely has an end?”

Especially in a “unique” case such as yours.

You knew that things were bound to end between you both someday, right?

Well, things are changing very fast, you can feel it.

You can tell that your affair is no longer the same, and your affair partner has changed.

You suspect they are losing interest, and the spark that has kept them with you all this while is no longer there.

But you would like to confirm your suspicions first.

Alright then, let’s do that.

15 Signs Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest

1. They always have excusesSigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

We all know that the excuses are the first guys to show up.

They come in all forms, sizes, and shapes.

Because it’s an affair, I’m sure excuses existed before, but they were probably valid.

But now, the excuses seem to have multiplied geometrically, and your affair partner always has something to do when you need their attention.

They avoid public outings with you, are always unavailable without a reason, and randomly cancel plans.

Before now, they probably always showed up for you when you needed them.

Maybe not a hundred percent of the time, but about fifty to sixty percent of the time.

You have noticed that each time you call them, it is one excuse or the other.

It’s either work appointments, children’s school meetings, or a family event to attend; because of this, they either delay or cancel your appointment with them.

You need to read the handwriting on the wall; your affair partner is losing interest.

2. They stop calling and texting

Now, this is another brutal sign that may leave you heartbroken.

They stop calling and texting you.

They don’t even put in the effort to.

If they used to call you at a particular time before or even call you at any time of the day, it reduces to just a few times a week; then months, it probably stops coming completely.

You can tell they’re losing interest in you very fast when they stop trying to reach out to you.

3. You feel deserted by themSigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

I mean, you were never their priority because they have a primary relationship that they’re committed to, but now, it’s even way worse.

You have gone farther down their scale of priority.

You feel like they deserted you and that you are utterly useless to them.

Even without them verbally telling you, you know that something is wrong because you can’t feel the absence of emotional connection.

The emotional detachment is apparent, and you can sense their indifference and apathy toward your relationship,

You want to make excuses for them and assume they’re probably busy.

Let’s be honest with each other; you know that they’re losing interest.

4. Decreased communication

The last time I checked, communication is a significant tool for every thriving relationship.

In every relationship, communication is very vital, and it is what keeps the two parties going.

If your affair partner has become less responsive to your calls and text messages and is unwilling to engage you in conversations, then it’s clear that they’re losing interest.

I mean, no one turns down a conversation with someone whom they’re interested in.

5. Decreased intimacySigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

Without being judgmental, it is safe to say that physical intimacy was one of the reasons why this started in the first place.

You might say, “Oh, we both connect on a deeper level, and we have something special going on.”


The truth remains that sex was a primary catalyst for this relationship to start.

If your affair partner is no longer interested in that, then it goes without saying that their interest is beginning to wane.

6. Reduced quality time

If they no longer want to spend quality time with you and would rather be somewhere else than be with you, then I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but your affair partner is losing interest.

They are no longer excited and hasty to come and see you, and even when they see you, they are always in a hurry to leave.

They always have somewhere else to be.

You should read between the lines for yourself, but this is not even written between the lines; it is clearly written on the lines.

7. Increased secrecySigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

I know that you may have started as their sneaky link, but even you are not ready for the level of sneakiness that they may begin to display.

You begin to notice a heightened level of secrecy where they hide their whereabouts from you, avoid talking about things that you should know about, and generally reduce sharing information with you.

It will be heartbreaking, especially if they used to be open and vulnerable with you.

When you notice things like them changing their phone passwords, using secret apps, and becoming unwilling to share information with you, you know that the time is drawing near.

And we both know what time I’m talking about.

8. More arguments

Oh, how can I forget to mention that the arguments suddenly show up from nowhere?

Well, they’re not really from nowhere.

They are from your partner’s new feelings about the relationship.

They are no longer interested in the relationship and become overly critical or even judgmental towards you.

And no matter how much you try to keep the peace between you both, it just never works as the conflict and arguments keep increasing.

This further increases the level of disconnection between you both.

You may notice that they have mood swings and are emotionally volatile.

When you try to talk about it or communicate healthily, they may become defensive or even evasive.

This is frustrating, to say the least.

9. Changes in routineSigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

You are likely to notice a change in the routine and lifestyle of your partner.

The routine you are familiar with suddenly changes, and new things are being brought up daily.

Their habits and patterns are all different from what you used to know.

And they don’t even act accountable enough to carry you along on the changes and let you know why things are changing.

You just notice that things are not how they used to be anymore.

They alter their habits or patterns without explanation.

10. Less attention

They stop giving you as much attention as they used to, and your needs and desires take the back seat.

Even when you express displeasure, it’s almost as though they don’t even notice.

When you try to improve your appearance and look good for them to notice, your efforts are wasted because they still don’t notice.

They don’t compliment you, and they stop giving you feedback.

They lose the curiosity that they once had about you, and they don’t inquire or show interest in your life and your passions anymore.

They do not put in the work into the relationship anymore, and it’s obvious.

Every relationship, no matter what kind it is, requires both parties to work.

In your case, your relationship is getting weaker, not because of you, but because your affair partner has stopped pulling the weight on their side.

This is a sign that there is a noticeable decline in their interest in you.

11. They develop new interestsSigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

If they’re paying less attention to you, best believe they’re paying more attention to something or someone else.

They suddenly develop new hobbies and interests that do not involve you, or they show interest in new partners.

This new love interest may be a new affair or even their previous partner.

They may have developed an interest in someone else or have decided to retrace their footsteps and do better by honoring their commitment to their partner.

Where does that leave you?

Well, I know for sure that can be the beginning of the end, if not the end of the affair.

12. No more jealousy

Jealousy is a bad thing sometimes, but it can be a good thing when it comes to relationships.

In fact, it can be so good that if you no longer see it in your relationship, you know that things have gone very wrong.

If your affair partner no longer cares who you hang out with or your relationships with the opposite sex, then it shows that their interest in you has gone down.

They no longer act territorial or possessive of you and couldn’t care less where you went and who you hung out with.

You know what this means already.

13. Need for personal spaceSigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

If they are all of a sudden emphasizing their need for some time or personal space like they didn’t know they needed it before, you know that something is definitely wrong.

You now seem like a disturbance or a distraction in their life, and it’s almost as though they’re irritated by your presence.

They always want you out so they can have their personal space to themselves, or so they claim.

14. Fault finding

One of the signs that your affair partner was interested in you was how they gushed over you and admired you.

As the interest begins to wane, you’ll find that it is like scales fell off their eyes, and they’ll become very critical of you.

Yeah, that hurts.

They may begin to speak highly of their primary partner, comparing you to them and stating that you don’t measure up.

The interest they once had has “japa” (traveled or disappeared) in Nigerian parlance.

15. Disinterest in future plansSigns Your Affair Partner Is Losing Interest.

If future plans made in an affair were anything to go by, then you may stop getting those as well.

They may have been making future plans with you before, whether or not they meant to actualize them, but at least that gives you some level of security and lets you know that they cherished your relationship.

But it suddenly stops, and they no longer show interest in making plans with you.

This can strongly indicate that they have lost interest in the relationship and would want to move on with their lives.

These signs generally indicate a decline in interest in the relationship, but to confirm your suspicion, the best thing to do is to have a candid discussion with your partner.

Although the designs are obvious, it is still good to have a dialogue about it because there may be other reasons for your partner’s actions.

But if you have noticed these signs, I would advise you to start getting ready mentally for whatever may come.

Because your affair partner may have decided it is time for them to walk away.

You can do the same and opt for a proper relationship, not an affair.

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