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10 Signs He Is Still Sleeping With His Wife

10 Signs He Is Still Sleeping With His Wife

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You think you’ve found the perfect guy, but something doesn’t feel right.

He’s attentive and charming, but there’s always a nagging doubt in the back of your mind.

You know he’s married, but he’s told you he’s unhappy in his marriage and that he wants to be with you instead.

You’re flattered, but something doesn’t feel quite right.

He probably seems too good to be true.

Could he be lying to you?

Could he be using you as a temporary distraction?

Could he still be sleeping with his wife?

These signs may reveal to you whether he will leave her for you and help you make an informed decision.

Here are some signs that he may still be sleeping with his wife, even as he tries to woo you:

10 Signs He Is Still Sleeping With His Wife

1. He seems evasive and secretive about his marital life

If he avoids having conversations that border on his marriage to his wife, this might just be a sign that they are still on good terms.

He just doesn’t want you to suspect so in order for you not to think you are mainly his plaything.

Because he wants you to believe that you mean the world to him so that he may act like his marriage is non-existent whenever you are together.

If you notice the topic of his marriage is a no-go area, it would be best that you do not join him to live in denial.

His avoidance of talking about his marital life may suggest that he and his wife are still cozy enough to be making out.

2. He spends time with herSigns he is still sleeping with his wife

One common thing about unhappy couples is how they give each other distance and spend less time with each other as things get awry between them.

However, if this man still spends considerable time with his wife and seems to enjoy it, it could mean he is still sleeping with her.

Therefore, do not be quick to assume that there is no love lost between him and his wife if he still spends time with her.

The time he spends with you may be inconsequential to him in the grand scheme of things.

It is time to face the reality.

3. He doesn’t ask you for sexSigns he is still sleeping with his wife

While a man not asking to sleep with you may be a good sign, in this case, it could also be a sign that his wife is the one satisfying him in that regard.

So, if he is not asking to be physically intimate with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is being celibate.

It’s possible he is just being like that with you because he is physically intimate with his wife.

This, therefore, should make you doubt their separation.

He is playing you.

4. He dresses well for her

Another potential sign that he is sleeping with his wife is increased attention to appearance and grooming.

It is not about the clothes themselves but about the context in which he wears them.

If he is still invested in looking good for his wife, that could be a sign that he is not ready to move on.

He dresses up, styles his hair, or even gets new clothes or a new haircut whenever he is likely to see her.

5. He is still affectionate towards herSigns he is still sleeping with his wife

If he still displays physical affection, such as frequently holding hands with his wife, hugging her, or kissing her, that could be a sign that he’s still physically intimate with her as he used to be.

He can’t claim to be unhappy in his marriage while still doing things that happy couples do with themselves.

This should be a red flag to warn you that their bond may remain intact.

6. He mentions her name frequently in conversations

If he finds it nearly impossible to take his wife’s mouth off his lips, this could mean that they are still emotionally and physically connected.

If he mentions her name often without being prompted, it could mean she is still a part of him and could be actively warming his bed.

Mentioning her name frequently could also be his subtle reminder that he is not ready to disentangle the hook with his wife.

7. He attends her family eventsSigns he is still sleeping with his wife

Attending family events like holidays, birthdays, and weddings is essential to a married couple’s life.

If they are close enough to the extent that he still attends her family events, you should face the reality he is only playing with you.

Though he may attend the events out of obligation, it could also suggest that he is still invested in the marriage and may still be having sexual relations with her.

8. He still has his wedding band onSigns he is still sleeping with his wife

If he still puts on his wedding band or acts married, you may need to start accepting that he may never leave his wife for you.

Wedding bands are not mere fashion items.

Married couples often wear them to symbolize their commitment to each other.

So if he claims to be unhappy in his marriage and to want to be with you, wearing the wedding band consistently appears contradictory.

It is a sign that he is not emotionally or mentally ready to disembark from the romantic voyage with his wife.

9. He doesn’t keep his promises

This is one of the most giant red flags you should watch out for.

A man who does not keep his word, especially regarding important matters, is likely to be untrustworthy or even manipulative.

If he has the habit of setting up a trust with you but disappoints and then calls back later to apologize for not showing up as planned.

His marital commitments to his wife might be why he has been unable to keep his scheduled appointments with you.

So, if he makes promises and doesn’t follow through, this is a warning that you should not count on having a promising romantic relationship with him.

10. They still live togetherSigns he is still sleeping with his wife

Living together can complicate things and cause a lot of emotional excitement between him and his wife.

It can make it difficult for him to establish clear boundaries and move on from the relationship.

It is hard to know if he is really committed to your relationship if he is still sharing a home and a bed with his spouse.

So, if he is still living with his wife, I tell you that there is a high probability that he has or may reconcile with her and, of course, continue to have sex with her.


Final Thoughts

Being in a relationship with a man you cannot trust to be committed to you alone is like trying to walk on a broken bridge- it is not sustainable.

If you cannot guarantee his morality sexually, it is likely that the relationship will turn out unhealthy or unfulfilling.

That’s the danger of having an affair with a  married man.

If he is not faithful to his wife, chances are that he will not be faithful to you either.

He is probably just using you to satiate his desires, wanting to eat his cake and have it.

It will be best if you look into having a relationship with a man who is not taken for your emotional and mental health.


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