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7 Signs He Will Cancel A Date

7 Signs He Will Cancel A Date

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I would like to start with a confession; “I am guilty of doing this too.”

Sometimes, I will text a friend I am supposed to have a date with and subtly imply how stressed I am before asking if we are still on for the date.

Don’t judge me; I am usually stressed, and my friends understand; at least, I think they do.

You may have faced the same form of disappointment frequently from guys.

It can actually be very frustrating, especially if you were eagerly anticipating the date.

No one loves the feeling of being stood up or having their plans canceled at the last minute.

So, wouldn’t it be helpful if you had a way to pick up on certain signals that may suggest he would cancel a date?

I know it would, and lucky for you, you have me to give you all the signs to look out for in detail.

Consider it my act of penance.

Let’s get right into it!

7 Signs He Will Cancel A Date

1. He is vague about the details

signs he will cancel date

Classic evasive tactics: dodge any attempt to discuss the specifics of the date.

When a guy seems to keep the plans of an upcoming date to himself, two things are involved.

It’s either he wants to surprise you, or there is no plan at all.

While spontaneity can be exciting, a lack of planning only suggests that he is not committed to making the date work.

For instance, if he says things like “Don’t worry about the location, we will get a cool place” or “I don’t know what time will be great yet,” it may be a sign that he is reluctant to commit to the date.

People often avoid details because they are reluctant or unsure of their commitment to something.

Don’t get it twisted; some people are indecisive and like to take their time while planning a date.

If he is usually the decisive type but suddenly becomes vague about details of your date, it is worth noting.

However, this doesn’t mean that vagueness means a date is canceled all the time, but if vagueness is out of character for him, then it could be a sign that he will cancel the date.

2. He is no longer excited about the date.

signs he will cancel date

This sign is sooo me.

This is one way my friends know I will cancel on them before I do.

I may have been so fired up and energetic when suggesting the date.

That’s not a sign that the date will happen.

The sign I will go through on a date is if I retain the same level of excitement about it.

If he was eager to see you earlier and now seems indifferent about the date, it may be a sign that he is contemplating canceling it.

Excitement should be mutual in the build-up to a date.

If he no longer shows the same level of interest, it’s normal to feel disappointed and confused.

It is important that you keep your eyes open for this telltale shift in enthusiasm.

You may want to talk to him about it directly before the date to save yourself the disappointment of an abruptly canceled date.

3. He starts talking about his busy schedule

Does he suddenly begin to remind you of how busy his schedule is?

It’s normal for him to have responsibilities and a busy schedule.

However, it may be a sign if he seems to be reminding you of that even more frequently than usual.

Could it just be another attempt to prepare you for a cancellation?

Consistently mentioning how busy he is may just be a way of creating an excuse for canceling the date.

At least, when he cancels the date, you would understand because he has consistently mentioned his busy schedule.

Pay attention to this sign, but don’t make the mistake of sounding uncaring and accusing him of trying to find an excuse to cancel the date.

4. He communicates with you less frequently

signs he will cancel date

His communication style seems off to you, and you can’t seem to put a finger on what it is unusual.

Just follow me, and it will get clearer.

When did you notice the change in his communication?

After setting up the date?

Does he call less frequently and reply to texts more slowly?

If the answers to the questions above are “yes,” then it is a noteworthy sign.

Yes, people have off days when they may seem too busy to communicate with you.

However, when the tone of communication changes drastically without any obvious cause, it may be a sign that he is rethinking the date.

This shift may not seem obvious at first, but if it continues consistently, it may be a cause for worry.

He may even have reasonable excuses for the drop in communication, but if it occurs consistently, then the “consistency” itself is a sign that he may cancel the date.

5. He mentions other plans

signs he will cancel date

While it is expected to be engaged in other social activities, mentioning them very close to a date may be a sign that he is reconsidering the date.

It could be anything from a sudden meeting at work to a friend’s birthday party.

If he keeps raising these other plans in your conversations, he may be laying the groundwork for when he will need to cancel the date by mentioning all his various activities.

Sometimes plans overlap, but coupled with other signs on this list, it becomes obvious that when a guy does this, he probably wants to wriggle out of a date with you.

6. His body language is off

This is harder to pick up on if your conversations are mainly online.

If you see him in person and his body language seems to be off, a little tense and closed off from you, then you should “shine ya eye, like Nigerians like to say.

Body language is an important way of decoding things that guys may not want to say.

It can often give insight into what he is feeling but not saying.

If you notice a shift in his body language, it could be because he is struggling with the idea of canceling the date.

Note that I said “could”.

Several other things could make a guy’s body language seem off to you.

7. He reschedules frequently

It is normal for things to come up in an unexpected manner that can occasionally mandate rescheduling a date.

However, if he has rescheduled multiple times already without a solid reason, it may be a sign that he is not committed to the date.

Frequent rescheduling may signify a lack of respect for your time and little commitment to the date.

When a guy frequently reschedules dates for frivolous reasons, it may be reasonable for you to consider the date as good as canceled.

That way, you won’t be so disappointed when he cancels the date.

To avoid ascribing sinister meanings to the innocent actions of a guy, you must realize that seeing one of these signs once shouldn’t count as much to you.

When you notice a combo of these signs repeatedly, you may need to have a conversation with him about how he feels about the upcoming date.

The crux of the matter remains that it hurts when a date you have eagerly anticipated is canceled, regardless of your gender.

If you do this, you need to change just like I am trying to.

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