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14 Obvious Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

14 Obvious Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

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What are the possible signs a guy is losing interest through text?

No, you’re not overthinking it.

He’s probably losing interest in what both of you have.

The signs are always glaring if a guy loses interest, but we often overlook or ignore the signs because of love.

When a guy begins to lose interest in your relationship, you’ll notice even through his text patterns.

Many men don’t know how to handle breakups, and because of this, they won’t come out plainly to break up with you.

They drop obvious signs here and there and hope you read the meanings into the signs.

In this article, we’ll look at some very obvious signs a guy is losing interest through text.

So, if you’ve been receiving mixed signals from him or sensed a change in him, this is an ideal piece for you to know your stand in his life without saying anything to him.

Let’s get started!

14 Signs A Guy is Losing Interest Through Text

1. He selectively replies to your texts

You’ll find out that before now, he never ignores any of your texts; he replies to them.

But now, he chooses which of your texts to reply to, pretending he didn’t see the others and ignoring them.

It is one of the clear signs he’s losing interest.


2. He doesn’t initiate texts anymore

Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

If he doesn’t text you first anymore, it is an obvious sign that he is losing interest through text.

He loved sending you texts and wouldn’t let a day go by without hearing from you via text.

The story is different now, as you can go days without getting any text from him.

Even when you ask him why the silence on his end, he gives you silly excuses and still won’t work on improving the communication between you.


3. He begins to give you short replies

Suddenly, his replies come in either too short or one-word.

You are used to getting long replies via text, but now, he’s giving you busy and uninterested vibes.

It appears he’s never in the mood to chat with you these days, or worse still, it looks like he’s being forced to chat with you.

What other sign are you looking for?

It is one of the obvious signs a guy is losing interest through text.


4. His replies become delayed

His replies to your texts were swift when the going was good.

However, he now replies to your texts hours after seeing them.

If this has been playing out in your relationship, he might be losing interest through text.


5. He doesn’t reply to your texts despite being online

Another way to know if a guy is losing interest in you is if they’re ghosting you online.

You can see him online and sends him a message which he reads and ignores.

Worse still, he takes forever to send a reply, even after viewing your messages.

It’s a rude pain but a sign that your ship is sinking.


6. He does not have time to send you texts

Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

When it was all rosy and good between you, he was never too busy to send you texts, respond to your texts, and keep you in the loop of how his day was going, no matter how busy and crazy it was.

But now, he can’t even squeeze out a minute to send a quick text to check up on you, brief you on how busy his day is and let you know when he’ll have the time to chat with you properly.

One of the signs a guy is losing interest through text is when he becomes too busy even to send you a text.

He might even tell you outright that he’s too busy to text you when you complain about his new behavior.


7. He doesn’t confide in you anymore

As lovers, both of you confided in each other and talked about everything.

He used to chat you up to talk about how his day went, his plans, the challenges he was facing, seek your advice, and even engage in petty talks.

The story is different now as he seems to have evolved into a muted version of the guy you used to know.

He suddenly has nothing to talk about or discuss with you, and even when you want to strike up a conversation, he finds a way to cut you short because he’s either too tired or busy.

Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

8. He doesn’t give you attention anymore

One of the signs a guy is losing interest through text is that he’ll stop paying attention to you.

He used to be someone who didn’t joke with your well-being and anything that concerns you, but now, the attention he used to give you ceased.

He no longer checks up on you, asks about your day, or even cares about what you’re up to.

It’s as if he just stopped caring about you.

Even when you tell him you’re not fine, he won’t care to know what’s wrong with you.


9. He finds a way always to stand you up

Somehow, a guy who is losing interest in you will find a way to cancel the plans both of you made together at the dying minute.

And you’ll notice that it’s becoming a constant occurrence.

If you plan to hang out or meet up with him, he won’t even bring himself to tell you that it won’t hold.

You’ll only find out that you’ve been stood up when he continues to ignore your calls and texts.

Sometimes, he’ll send a flat text to inform you that something came up.

Painful stuff, but you have to learn how to move on.


10. Your chat is  boring

Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: your chat has become boring.

If you feel like the conversation is dragging, it probably is.

It seems you’re the only one trying to make it interesting while he’s not doing the work to keep the conversation flowing.

He’s just replying to your text with a one-liner and dropping it and not asking questions to engage you.

It feels like he doesn’t want to spend his time texting with you when he could be doing something else that’s fun for him


11. He no longer takes you to events

Your partner is losing interest in your relationship if he has stopped inviting you and taking you with him to events.

He used to ask you to be his plus one at any event he attended back in the day.

Now, you can’t even keep track of his whereabouts; talk more of being invited by him to the events.

He mentions the events casually, or you see pictures of him at the events on social media.


12. He doesn’t pay you compliments anymore

When the going was good, compliments were not far-fetched in your relationship.

He always showered you with them at every opportunity; he’ll compliment your appearance, your line of thought, and even the tiniest detail about you.

It’s all in the past now.

He turns a blind eye to your new hairdos, dresses, makeup, and pictures.

Even when you send him glammed-up pictures, he only has “nice” to comment.


13. He’s no longer keen to see you

Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

A man who loves you will always want to see you.

He’ll always make time to see you and want to know the next time you’ll be available to meet up with him.

If he was like that before but has stopped caring about whether both of you get to meet or not, something is wrong.

A guy who doesn’t bat an eyelid when it’s been ages since he met up with his partner is surely losing interest in the relationship.


14. His words and tone become less friendly and more businesslike (or worse… cold)

If a guy starts treating you like a client instead of his girlfriend, something is wrong.

If he stops using emoticons or his texts become less affectionate, it could signify that he’s losing interest in you.

A guy in love with you will want to make sure that you know how much he cares about you, so he’ll use emojis and other symbols of affection in his texts.

But if all of a sudden, his words become more businesslike, maybe his heart is no longer with you.


You’ve got to be able to tell when a guy is losing interest in you because if you don’t know the signs, it will be harder for you to move on from him and find someone who seriously wants you in his life.

Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

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