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Why Do Guys Go Silent After A Date? – 6 Reasons

Why Do Guys Go Silent After A Date? – 6 Reasons

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When a man goes silent after a date, it can be the worst thing ever for you, especially if you are really into him already.

You may try to deny it as much as possible, but it can be very confusing.

You may find yourself repeatedly reviewing the details of your last date, trying to figure out what could have gone wrong and what you would rather have done differently.

You may start overthinking the whole situation and blaming yourself for real and imagined lapses.

There are several reasons men go silent after a date; some have nothing to do with you.

To save you from this terrible phase of confusion and self-accusation, here are some of the reasons why men go silent after a date;

Why Do Guys Go Silent After A Date? – 6 Reasons

1. He is not really attracted to you

why do guys go silent after a date

You may have liked him and even felt that he liked you back.

You may even have felt that you had a lot of chemistry between the two of you.

It is also possible that you misinterpreted the signals.

You need to pay attention to certain signals when you are on a date with a man.

Look out for how frequently he maintains eye contact with you, how well he listens to you if he shares openly with you, and how often he seems to maintain physical contact, like holding your hands.

If a guy does any of these during a date, it is a sign that he is attracted to you.

If none of those signs exist, it may signify that he doesn’t seem attracted to you.

This is a common reason guys go silent after dates, especially first dates.

Many guys come into first dates, all energized by the chemistry they may have built up with you during the online talking phase of your relationship, only to realize that they don’t find you as attractive as they thought.

Now, people can think that being attractive is all about physical looks.

As a matter of fact, guys are attracted to ladies who are intelligent and can easily carry on conversations.

A guy can easily be turned off by a girl who doesn’t seem able to carry on conversations.

2. The timing is not right

One of the reasons why a guy may go silent after a date is the fact that the timing is not right.

Perhaps he just ended a long relationship and isn’t ready for a serious relationship.

It could also be that he is under a great amount of stress from work, so he doesn’t feel ready to commit to a serious relationship.

This may be true if you realize that there is a real bond between the two of you, and he seemed to be really attracted to you.

3. He is not sure of what he wants from the relationship

why do guys go silent after a date

A guy may ghost a lady he likes because he doesn’t know what he wants from the relationship.

He may be feeling overwhelmed and conflicted about the relationship.

Whenever guys feel this way about something, they may need some space to figure things out.

This may be why he seems to be silent after a date even when you are sure he has feelings for you.

While the need to seek clarity before proceeding is a good idea, ghosting you isn’t.

It is sad but the fact is that we all sometimes do this to our loved ones when we seem to be going through a difficult phase in our lives.

If this is the situation, you may need to proceed with care.

Ask yourself if you care about him enough to wait for him to figure things out.

The answer to this question will inform your next course of action.

4. He is playing games

why do guys go silent after a date

There’s this game that guys sometimes engage in.

The ” game ” rules are simple: make her like you, then withdraw from her life and make her pursue you.

It’s a manipulative and toxic thing to do.

However, many guys do it.

Perhaps the reason he goes silent after the date is that he wants to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue while making you chase after him.

He wants to feel like he is in charge of the relationship, so he gives you a little of himself and then takes it back to see how much you are ready to chase after him.

Identifying this kind of guy may be a little tricky because they are very subtle and sleek about their operation.

However, one major sign of such guys is that they are only around you when it is comfortable and beneficial for them.

They avoid being around during the tough times because they are really not with you for love.

It’s just a game to them.

You are better off moving on from this kind of guy than spending time trying to understand his motives.

5. He has met someone else

This is especially true if it’s not your first date with the guy.

If a guy who has invested his time and effort on consistent dates with you suddenly goes silent on you, it may be a sign that he has met someone else.

He may have started dating someone new and decided to focus on her instead.

Yeah, I know you have questions.

You probably didn’t notice the signs, and your last date seemed to carry on as usual.

You still believe he has feelings for you, and maybe he does; however, it is possible for a man to love more than one woman.

If he chose to go silent because he has met another woman, then it’s a sign that he has chosen over you, and as painful as it may be, you need to move on.

6. You pretended to be someone else

This is another common reason for guys going silent after a date, especially the first one.

After so much communication online, it’s not uncommon for a guy to have such high expectations about the date.

More often than not, those high expectations are usually a setup for an even deeper level of disappointment.

This is why it is important that you are honest with any guy who shows interest in you.

Send pictures to him without using filters, and don’t pretend to be something you are not.

You may have done this because you felt that you were not good enough, but genuineness is an attribute that is even more attractive to many guys than striking beauty.


What To Do When A Guy Goes Silent After Dates?

1. Give him some space

It’s natural to want to know why a guy goes silent after a date.

However, bombarding him with calls and messages may worsen the situation.

It is important that you give him space to decide what he truly wants.

You can’t afford to come across as needy and clingy.

2. Avoid jumping to conclusion

It is natural to feel upset or worried when a guy suddenly goes silent after a date.

However, it is important that you stay calm and avoid overthinking the situation.

Easier said than done, right?

Avoid making assumptions until you have more information.

3. Focus on yourself

why do guys go silent after a date

Instead of working so hard to fix the situation at the expense of yourself, you should focus on self-care.

When this happens, it can actually mess with your mental health, and this is why you need to focus on yourself and surround yourself with people who love you.

During this period, it is important that you don’t forget to participate in self-development activities that may help improve your self-esteem.

4. Communicate with him

why do guys go silent after a date

If a guy goes silent after a date and you feel a need for closure, you need to communicate how you feel to him.

Don’t just stop at expressing your feelings to him; ask him to share what is going on and see if there’s any way you can be of help to him.

When a man goes silent after a date, it may be a trying experience for you.

However, you must remain calm and avoid blaming yourself for whatever happened.

Start focusing on yourself.

Enjoy your life to the point that you are completely content with yourself.

The fact is that once you start to love yourself and stop trying too hard to find love, love will inevitably find you.





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