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10 Types Of Guys Who Are Never Husband Material

10 Types Of Guys Who Are Never Husband Material

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It gives me joy that at least one person on the Internet is interested in reading information about guys who are husband material because it almost seems as though the attention is always on the woman.

Your reading this proves that you want to know what category of guys should be kicked out of the husband material list.

I believe you know what a husband material is, but if you don’t, I’ll tell you.

A husband material is a guy who has the potential to be a good husband.

It’s that simple.

He has excellent qualities that qualify him for marriage.

I’m sure some of those qualities may be flashing through your mind as you read this.

You may have an idea of the kind of guys that are good husband material, but do they know the kind of guys that are not?

That is what this article is about, giving an expository look into the types of guys who are never husband material.

So, sit back and grab a snack as we look at the multiple expressions of guys who are never husband material.

10 Types Of Guys Who Are Never Husband Material 

1. Selfish guystypes of guys who are never husband material

Guys whose words or actions always scream, “I’ve gotta put me first,” are bad husband material, and don’t get me wrong, I am all for self-love and people prioritizing themselves when necessary.

I’m not saying that guys should hate themselves or not take care of themselves.

What I’m talking about is being conceited and self-centered, borderline narcissistic.

Guys who are all about themselves and are unwilling to create space and allowances for other people, even their partners.

They are never ready to make sacrifices, even when it is needed.

Being a husband is a huge responsibility, and the guy who is only about himself and thinks the world revolves around him is not ready for that assignment.

2. Mr playboy

Uncommitted guys are the worst candidates to ever consider for marriage.

If the man’s eyes are constantly wandering, and he develops an interest in a new woman now and then, then he’s not even ready for a relationship, let alone a marriage.

Mr. Playboy just wants to have fun and experience as many women as possible.

He does not want to commit, and that’s what marriage is literally about – commitment.

If a guy is not committed, he can be many different materials, but the husband is not one of them.

3. Irresponsible guystypes of guys who are never husband material

Irresponsibility is expressed in many dimensions and styles.

But in whatever way it is expressed in a man, it is a clear sign that he’s not a husband material.

It may be in his attitude to work or his career; he’s laid-back, never meets up with his deadlines, and always has excuses for not getting things done.

Even in how he behaves in his relationship, he’s never proactive and never cares about his partner’s well-being.

He’s just nonchalant and has a laissez-faire attitude about things.

And now to one of the commonest expressions of irresponsibility in men – zero homeliness.

A good number of guys are pretty irresponsible when it comes to domestic matters.

And I’m not even asking him to be a chef or a professional housekeeper, but if he’s unable to do the most basic things, marriage should be the last thing on his list.

Basic things such as flushing the toilet after you use it, making a decent meal, and keeping your immediate environment tidy are some things everyone should be able to do.

A man who can not is not a husband material.

4. Jobless guystypes of guys who are never husband material

I say this with the most genuine intentions possible and not to insult anyone, but a man who does not have a stable source of income is a bad husband material.

I’m not saying the man has to be Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos’s standard of wealth, but he needs some level of financial stability and intelligence.

A man who lacks either or both of these is a disaster waiting to happen.

I understand that sometimes in life, people go through crappy and he may just be experiencing a temporary state of joblessness that he is actively working on.

That is a different case entirely.

5. Visionless guystypes of guys who are never husband material

If we have plans for the most minute endeavors in our lives, why shouldn’t we have plans for something as major as marriage?

A bad husband material is a man with zero plans and ideas about what he wants for his marriage.

In many settings, the husband is expected to be the home’s provider, protector, and leader.

To be all that effectively, he has to have a vision for his home.

A guy who lacks vision for his personal life should automatically be ruled out because he won’t have any picture or vision for his marriage either.

6. Mommy’s boystypes of guys who are never husband material

I believe we all know that the first non-negotiable factor for a man to be husband material is that he’s an adult.

I mean that he has attained the age of discretion, where he’s legally allowed to have a job, live alone, and make adult decisions.

A guy who has gotten to this stage yet still depends on his mom, dad, or even anyone entirely is bad-husband material.

He may be an adult, even have a job, house, and a car, but if he is still mentally attached to and dependent on his parents, unable to make decisions for himself and stand for what he believes in, he’s not ready for marriage.

Guys like this will constantly put their wives in challenging situations if they get married.

7. Immature guystypes of guys who are never husband material

No one wants to be married to an immature guy, and immaturity does not boil down to age only.

It also refers to the guy’s mental capacity and state.

How he thinks, behaves, and responds to people and situations.

An immature guy does not handle his relationships or emotions well, resorts to silent treatment when upset, throws tantrums, and cannot hold reasonable and mature conversations.

Maybe he still loves living in his parent’s garage, or he’s addicted to video games and will have a fit when anyone tries to separate him from his console.

Such a guy is honestly not ready for the real world and definitely not for marriage, either.

8. Unteachable guys

Being unteachable is also a form of immaturity, and guys like this make the worst husbands.

Unteachable guys try to act like they know it all and do not receive feedback or correction.

When a guy is like this, it shows that he knows very little because people who know much are aware that there’s still more to learn and are always open to feedback.

Not because they’re unsure of themselves but because they know they can be better.

They are willing to listen to their partner and make necessary corrections when they need to.

They’re self-aware but also aware of other people’s feelings.

Guys who cannot be corrected and do not take feedback are bad-husband material.

9. Guys who don’t communicatetypes of guys who are never husband material

Guys who would rather keep their opinions in their hearts and not share them with their partners are potentially bad husbands.

They would rather keep a grudge than communicate even when things are visibly wrong, and when their partner tries to initiate a conversation, they still do not respond.

Talk about silent treatment pro max (meaning high-level silent treatment)!

No marriage can function well without effective communication, so seeing this sign in a guy already tells you that he’s a bad husband material.

10. Uncaring guystypes of guys who are never husband material

Emotionless guys who are not sensitive and do not care about the feelings of people around them are another category that must be mentioned.

Guys who do not show affection and care for their partner should not be considered for marriage, but beyond their partner, if they do not show concern and care for people around them, it’s also a sign.

Best believe that if they are truly caring, it will be seen in their interaction with people generally and not only their partner.

If he’s not caring, doesn’t ask his partner if she has eaten, and puts in effort to feed her or pay attention to the things that matter to her and try to support her, he’s a bad husband material.

This is because he has the potential to be an emotionally unavailable husband and deadbeat father if children eventually come into the mix.

I’m sure nobody wants that.

In the long run, you get to define what a husband material is to you.

You may not have the perfect picture of his identity, but you know what he’s not.

Some of those qualities may not be captured in this article.

For instance, you may not want to marry a man who lacks social skills or forgets to put the toilet seat down (although, in my opinion, things like that can easily be worked on if other things are in place).

What I’m saying, in essence, is that certain things may be deal breakers or non-negotiables for you, not captured in this article.

It is your responsibility to spell out those things and be sure that the guy you’re considering is none of those.

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