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8 Undebatable Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You For Real

8 Undebatable Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You For Real

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Even for married couples who live together, parenting is no joke, let alone for unmarried couples.

If you’ve had a child with your baby mama, and she’s not being very pleasant to you, it could be because she hates you.

But how do you know if she really hates you or if it’s just the stress of the situation?

Here are some signs that indicate she might not be your biggest fan:

8 Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You

1. She Avoids Communication

One glaring sign that your baby mama might not be too fond of you is if she consistently avoids communication.

We get it; motherhood is tough, tasking, and demanding.

But this isn’t about those times when she’s simply busy or has her hands full with the kid(s), but rather those instances where she deliberately ignores your calls, texts, or emails.

You might find that she rarely initiates conversation and responds minimally when you reach out, perhaps with one-word answers or curt replies.

She may also make excuses to end conversations quickly or may not share important details about your child’s day-to-day activities.

Her reluctance to communicate with you is a sign she may be holding a grudge.


2. No Co-Parenting Talks

Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You

If your baby mama is hostile and makes it impossible for the two of you to have any sort of meaningful conversation, then there’s a good chance she harbors feelings of resentment towards you.

This is obvious in her refusal to talk with you about co-parenting decisions or future plans for your child.

She may also dismiss your input on matters of parenting, such as schooling or extracurricular activities.

If she’s making all the decisions about your child without including you in the conversation, it’s a sign she may be trying to keep you away from having any direct influence over their upbringing.


3. She Lashes Out at You

Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You

This is an obvious sign that your baby mama hates you.

The Bible says, ”Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

If your baby mama is constantly lashing out at you and making aggressive comments whenever she interacts with you, it’s a sign she doesn’t feel positively about you.

When you are in love with someone, you tend to speak lovingly to them, even when you disagree.

And when you don’t like someone, your words toward them are often sharp and cutting, especially if you lack emotional intelligence.

So if your baby mama is hostile and uses hurtful words, it’s a sign that her heart is filled with anger towards you.


4. She Badmouths You To Others

If she’s bad-mouthing you to friends, family, or worse—your child, bro, you’ve got a problem.

Bad-mouthing someone is a sign that the person not only harbors ill feelings towards them, but also wants to tarnish their reputation.

Your baby mama may be talking negatively about you in order to make herself look better or worse, paint you as an irresponsible father, simply because she has unresolved issues with you.

If her motive is not to make herself look better by ruining your reputation to people who matter, your child especially, why would she badmouth you?


5. Blocks Access to Your Child

If your baby mama wants nothing to do with you, she might go as far as denying you access to your child.

This could mean refusing to let you see the kid or blocking your requests for visitation rights.

This is an extreme measure and a sign she’s taking advantage of her custodial right to keep you as far away from your child as possible.


6. Legal Battles

Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You

No one likes to fight, especially with people they love, but if your baby mama is constantly filing court documents or taking you to court for every little thing, she may be trying to harm or frustrate you.

She’s using the law as a tool to make your life miserable because has a deep-seated grudge against you.


7. Acts Like You Don’t Exist

It’s one thing to not be friends with the father of your child, and it’s another to act like he doesn’t exist.

If your baby mama is taking this route, then it’s a clear indication of her feelings towards you.

She may ignore your presence or refuse to say hello when you come around, even in public.

When it comes to family gatherings and events, she might choose not to invite you or will leave early anytime she knows you are coming.

It’s like she can’t stand the thought of you being in the same room as her.

This is a sure sign that she hates you and wants nothing to do with you.


8. She Tells It To Your Face

Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You

Some people are direct and prefer to say what’s on their mind.

If your baby mama is open about her feelings of hatred, then you know there’s no going back.

She might call you out in public or let everyone know how she truly feels whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s obvious she doesn’t care about your feelings and she’s not afraid to make that clear.


What You Can Do About It

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your baby mama may not like you, especially if you were once close.

Now that we’ve gone through the signs your baby mama hates you, let’s take a look at how you can address this issue.

1. Assess Yourself

Take a good look at your actions.

Have you done something to deserve this behavior?

Nobody hates another with good reason, not the woman who probably used to love you.

Think about your past interactions with her and try to figure out why she might be acting this way towards you.

2. Talk To Her In Person

Signs Your Baby Mama Hates You

Once you’ve identified the problem, it’s time to talk with her in person.

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation is all that it takes for people to understand each other better.

Let her know that you’re willing to address the issues she may have with you and come up with a solution together.

Ask her humbly why she’s acting like she hates you.

You need to ask her because you might think you’ve figured out why she’s mad, but it could be something else entirely.

Listen to what she has to say without jumping in and defending yourself too quickly.

Let her express her feelings and thoughts without interruption.

It might take some courage to confront her in person, but you need to do it if you want to resolve the conflict and rebuild your relationship.

3. Make Amends If Needed

If after talking with her you realize that you’ve done something wrong or hurt her in some way, apologize to her.

A sincere apology can go a long way in helping your baby mama accept you again and start the process of rebuilding trust.

Apologize without making excuses—just take responsibility for your actions and let her know that it won’t happen again.

4. Give Her Space If She Needs It

Don’t expect her to stop hating you overnight just because you apologized.

It may take some time for her to forgive you and let go of her resentment, so give her space if that’s what she needs.

Continue to show your love and support from a distance and respect her wishes if she tells you she doesn’t want any contact with you for the time being.

5. Keep Communication Open

Make it known that you’re available for conversation anytime she needs to talk.

Send her a text or leave her a voicemail letting her know that you’re willing to talk if she needs it.

Keep the communication open and don’t be afraid to check in on her from time to time, even if she doesn’t respond right away.

6. Always Be the Bigger Person

No matter what your baby mama does, always try to be the better person.

Don’t stoop to her level and retaliate by bad-mouthing her or trying to make things difficult for her.

You want to show that you’re mature enough handle the situation in a respectful manner and that any issues between you two can be resolved.

This is especially important if you have children together, as your positive attitude and behavior will set a good example for them.

7. Legal Advice

If all else fails and it’s affecting your relationship with your child, you might have to seek legal help.

Consult a lawyer to find out your rights as a parent and what you can do if she’s preventing you from seeing your child.

The lawyer may suggest filing for visitation rights or taking other steps to get access to your kid.

It’s important that you follow the correct procedure to ensure that it works in your favor.

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