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8 Things That Happen When You Mess With A Married Woman

8 Things That Happen When You Mess With A Married Woman

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One of the things that helps people make the right decisions is looking into the potential outcome of their decisions.

That’s why no sane person willingly and knowingly puts their hand into a furnace.

You already know how it’s going to go.

If you’re having an affair with a married woman or about to start one, it’s of great benefit for you to know the possible outcomes of this decision of yours.

I’m not here to tell you that it’s wrong because you already know that.

I’m just here to help you consider a few of the possible outcomes of your relationship.

8 Things That Happen When You Mess With A Married Woman

1. Multiple sex partners put you at risk of STDs things that happen when you mess with a married woman

One thing you shouldn’t expect when you’re messing with a married woman is faithfulness.

The fact that you both are messing around alone is the definition of unfaithfulness.

So we know that you’re not the only one she’s sleeping with.

She’s also getting intimate with her husband, and there’s no assurance that he’s the only one in the picture either.

I mean, if she’s cheating on her husband with you, she can do it with anyone else, too.

This simply means that you’re susceptible to whatever she gets exposed to sexually from them.


2. Your heart will be broken

Dating a married person, whether man or woman, is like sitting on a time bomb – you know it will go off one day.

You may make a lot of promises to each other when you’re under the sheets, and the butterflies in your bellies keep multiplying.

But somewhere in your hearts, you both know that there’s no future in what you share.

Am I saying that some married people do not leave their partners for their lovers?

Absolutely not.

But you see, it’s good to be realistic, and the reality is that that does not happen often.

What is more likely to happen is that the married person fixes their marriage eventually and makes up with their partner, leaving you high and dry.

Unfortunately for you, you may have already gotten emotionally invested and fallen in love.

You may say you didn’t expect commitment in the first place, and you’re with her for a good time and not a long time.

But when you consider it well, is that really what you want for your life?

Investing yourself in a relationship that has no future?


3. You get beat up by her husband

things that happen when you mess with a married woman

Imagine getting a black eye from being beaten up by a married woman’s husband, and when people ask you the reason for your black eye, you can’t explain.

You have to say stuff like;

“I got attacked by robbers.”

“I got into a small accident.”

And other lies of that nature.

You risk experiencing this when you mess with a married woman.

Her husband may beat you up, or you may get into a bad fight.

And just in case you’re mentally picturing his physical frame and believe he’s no match for you physically, remember that he doesn’t have to do the job himself.

He can get people to get the job done, and you will not like that.

Think about it deeply; is your affair with this married woman worth the possibility of your health being tampered with?


4. You get exhausted from hiding

things that happen when you mess with a married woman

Regardless of how troubled her marriage is, you know that if her husband gets to know about the affair between you both, it’s bad news, especially for you.

And so you and your married partner have to put a lot of effort into hiding the relationship from everyone.

“Oh, that’s not an issue. We enjoy the excitement that comes with hiding and doing something risky,” you may say.

All I have to say to you in response to that is, “Give it some time.”

You’re soon going to realize that this is real life and not a movie.

Very soon, you will be exhausted by all the hiding, privacy, and secret meetings.


5. You risk getting caught

You can run, but you can’t hide forever.

Someday, you will get caught.

The world we live in is a small place, and the possibility of someone catching you and your married woman lover is very high.

Think about it.

No matter how far and isolated your meeting venue is, one day, you both could get seen by someone who knows her husband.

Let’s not even talk about the fact that your sneaky text messages and late-night calls can somehow get into the hands of her husband.

This can go bad in so many ways.

Apart from the possibility of getting a few punches from her husband and getting herself into a messy situation, you also become subject to harsh judgment from people.

You have to deal with the numerous accusatory stares from people and the risk of getting your reputation ruined.


6. You deal with loneliness

things that happen when you mess with a married woman


When you take companionship out of a relationship, what’s left?

Everything else being done is now nothing but clashing cymbals.

What’s the value of a relationship where you have to suffer before you get your partner’s time and attention?

And the truth is that you will find yourself in this position.

Especially if the married woman has kids.

No reasonable mum will pick you over her kids.

So, no matter how much you need her, there will be times when she has to be with her husband, kids, and family.

Where does that leave you?



7. You train yourself to get used to dysfunctional relationships

Our minds get used to the things we do and, over time, consider them as normal.

When you mess with a married woman, you’re teaching yourself that it’s okay for people to be unable to commit to one person.

You also make yourself a second option: living at the mercy of the spare time your married partner has after she has spent quality time with her family.

The level of trust you have in relationships begins to reduce because you know that if she could cheat on her husband with you, then expecting faithfulness from her is a stretch.

So, as a reward for messing with a married woman, your mind gets really messed up and conditioned to see relationships in a twisted way.


8. Karma comes knocking at your door

things that happen when you mess with a married woman

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”

“It’s the reward of your actions. You don’t have to open the door. I’m coming in anyways.”

Guess what? That’s karma knocking art your door.

The golden rule that states that humans should do unto others what we want them to do unto us still holds even today.

Whatever you give, you’re likely to get in return.

If you hope to get married someday, don’t be surprised if you get back home one afternoon to see your wife under the sheets with another man.

If you cringed at the thought of that, then you have just the tiniest bit of an idea of what you’re making her husband and family experience by your affair with her.

You may get the full experience later in the future and wish you didn’t sow that seed.

These are just some of the things that happen when you mess with a married woman.

What you both share is no match for the bond she has created with her family and the strength of the legal contract (marriage) between her and her husband.

You can always choose better for yourself.

If you have started or are about to start that affair, this may be your cue not to.

It may look inviting, but when compared to the weight of the consequences, it fades in comparison.

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