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10 Things Women Do Only for the Men They Love

10 Things Women Do Only for the Men They Love

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There are so many women who are in love and will not even admit it to themselves, let alone to the man they are in love with.

This can be very unnerving, especially when the man is yet to make the first move or even show serious interest in them.

I fall into the category of those who will not express how much they are in love by their words but go ahead and show it in action.

I mean, I don’t need to tell you I love you, but the things I do will definitely show you how much I care about and love you.

This is also the case with so many other people, and I honestly cannot fault them for that, as it appears that they are probably not good with words or expressing their emotions.

Women specifically have a knack for being so emotional.

Even at that, some lack the right words to convey their feelings.

This is where the action comes in because even when they try to hide their words, their actions cannot go unnoticed.

There are certain actions a woman reserves for the man she loves, and you might want to keep reading to know these actions.

Sisters, I am not about to reveal our secret. 

Just think of it as a way to help the man know you’re in love with him, and he might just do right by you.

So what are the things women do only for the men they love?

10 Things Women Do Only for the Men They Love

1. Cooking Special Meals For Him

What Women Do Only for the Men They Love

I am not saying a woman cannot cook for anybody she chooses to cook for, but cooking is a full-blown activity, especially when it involves “special” meals for that special someone.

I enjoy cooking my own meals because I live alone and do not have to make anything to anybody’s preference.

However, when it comes to preparing someone’s favorite dish, you know the kind of intention and passion that goes into it.

You know, whipping up those meals that are not just yummy but also custom-made for that special someone’s taste buds. 

It’s like our secret recipe for love; an African proverb says, “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach.”

Any woman who chooses to cook a special meal for a man definitely loves that man.

Think about what she goes through to get it done: the market runs, the meal prep, and the actual cooking. 

You won’t catch me doing that for a regular dude.

No, never!

But when it comes to someone I am in love with, trust me, I will volunteer to cook the meal.

So that is the first sign of what a woman will do for only a man she loves.

This may not apply to all women, as some don’t like cooking, but think about this in the context of the efforts she is willing to make to please you. 

No doubt, a woman will go over and beyond for a man she loves.

2. Listening To Him

What Women Do Only for the Men They Love

You know, no music can actually sound as beautiful as the voice of the man I am in love with. 

It doesn’t matter if I had just spent three hours talking to him in his face.

When I get home, I just want to get on the phone and talk more with him.

I want to listen to him talk.

If it’s FaceTime, I want to watch every one of his expressions and mannerisms.

It doesn’t matter if what he’s talking about is not something that really interests me.

What matters is the fact that my man is talking. 

This is the same for any woman in love too.

His voice becomes a never-ending melody in her ears, and she only wants to talk to him every moment of every day.

When he is ranting about something he’s passionate about, she empathizes with him.

Over time, she learns to even listen to his body language and understand his unsaid words. 

It doesn’t matter whether she can see his expressions or not.

This is to tell you how deeply connected a woman can be with a man she loves just by listening to him.

3. Remembering Important Dates

What Women Do Only for the Men They Love

This point reminds me of my friend, who is a complete lover girl and a sucker for dates and anniversaries.

My friend keeps a tab on the date she and her man first met.

She takes note of the date he makes any significant move that can mark a milestone in their relationship.

Also, she takes note of the date of the important moments in the man’s life, irrespective of the fact that they happened even before they met.

She does this only for this man and does not even extend it to us, her close female friends.

This prompted this point because I am not good with numbers apart from birthdays and anniversaries.

This does not mean I love my man less.

However, for someone like my friend who is keen on dates and milestones, it is a top-tier way to show that she is deeply in love with this man.

It is a way of making moments count and reliving memories together.

I’m sure that it has helped them build and nurture their relationship over time

4. Acts of Service

What Women Do Only for the Men They Love

You might wonder how acts of service come in, even if it is not a woman’s love language.

Saying a woman engages in acts of service is as good as saying an act of love.

A woman will only go out of her way to do specific things for the man she’s in love with

These acts come from an intentional place, not just something random. 

One thing is that he doesn’t even need to ask her before she takes the initiative.

She takes it upon herself to do things for him any way that we will take burdens off him.

For instance, a woman in love with a man will not wait for him to talk about his needs before she finds a way to meet them.

As a woman who loves to shower her man with love, this is one of the reasons listening to him is key.

That way, you won’t have to guess what needs you can meet in this regard or even dance around options in your head.

You won’t be wrong if you say I am writing this from experience.

5. Providing Emotional Support For Him 

What Women Do Only for the Men They Love

Have you ever been in a place where you need emotional support?

I have, and I know it’s a huge deal.

Emotional support is more of having someone by your side and meeting all your needs, even when you’re not saying anything.

At this point, you are acting as the man’s unpaid therapist, whether certified or not.

What matters to you as a woman at this point is that you want your man to be happy and overcome whatever emotional burden he is carrying.

It can be draining in every sense of the word if you cannot connect with him, but you never stop trying, and that’s one sign he is a man you really love.

6. Surprising Affection For Him

This one is similar to acts of service. 

It’s that little “oomph” that spices up the whole thing.

Here, you are already in a committed relationship, or things seem pretty defined between you in a specific way.

So, you find yourself servicing the relationship. 

You fan the flames of the bond through affection. 

You go into your surprise mode by coming up with things that will leave a smile plastered on his face.

The funny thing about acts of surprise and affection is that you’re already thinking of the next thing to do when you successfully execute one.

Yes, that’s how it happens when you’re really in love with a man.

There’s no limit to it and no stopping you at this point.

7. Putting Their Partner’s Needs First

What Women Do Only for the Men They Love

Sometimes, you find that you put your man’s needs before yours, and that is because seeing him happy is a major win for you.

I don’t think there is anything like genuine love without sacrifice. 

And that sacrifice can come in any form.

It can be giving your time to help him out with something significant.

If he runs a business, it could be helping him advertise his business.

It could even be dedicating time to pray for him to get through a difficult time.

At this point, you are not selfish because you care about him.

8. Thinks highly of him

Things Women Do Only for the Men They Love

A good way to know a woman loves a man is how much respect she accords him.

Her words and actions will show what’s in her heart.

This is especially true for women who are very strong-willed and hardly listen to others.

They may ignore the counsel of others, but when this guy they love speaks, they will open up and listen.

Nigerians call it the “mumu button.”

It feels like man has their “password” or “mumu button,” but in reality, she thinks highly of him and respects him.

This can also play out in how she speaks about him.

9. Defends him

Things Women Do Only for the Men They Love

Have you watched those NatGeo Wild clips of a predator double-crossing a lioness guarding her cubs?

Sustain that imagination when thinking of what women do for the men they love.

They fight for them and defend them.

Whether online or offline, touching her man is as good as stepping on a cobra’s tail; she will come for you!

Be warned!

“Vawulence” unleashed in Nigerian lingo may be your portion if you attack her man.

While she may not do this for everyone in her life, for a man she loves, she will defend him sometimes with her life.

10. Respecting His Independence

Things Women Do Only for the Men They Love


The best way I can explain this is that you are balancing me time and together time.

It’s just like you saying you’re in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t give you breathing space.

You’d be choked to the teeth and would feel more caged than being within a prison wall.

But when you’re with someone who values your independence and gives you wings to fly, your love blossoms as much as you blossom.

That’s the same way it is for a woman in love.

No matter how much she wants to be with her man, be in his face, and even want their lives to revolve around each other, she allows him to fly.

I fully support a woman who understands that he had a thriving life before that man met her.

Everything in his life doesn’t have to halt and revolve around her.

In fact, if it does, it should be a red flag and not even a sign of love, in my opinion.

Who leech epp? (How is a leech beneficial?)

A woman who loves a man will understand his need for space and independence and oblige him.

Not sure that babe loves you?

Check out the signs above; they will guide you.

If it reads affirmative to love, then congratulations, and make sure to treasure her well too.




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