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5 Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands

5 Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands

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Being married comes with a whole lot of feelings and responsibilities than you can ever imagine.

Marriage is beautiful, but at the same time, can be a lot to deal with, and this can manifest in different ways.

If you are not careful, you can lose yourself without knowing it because of the various emotions and activities that will be thrown in your way as the marriage grows.

It is surprising or not so surprising that a couple that has always been in sync emotionally and physically in terms of attraction and affection can have their intimate life watered down due to so many things around them.

Imagine, as a married woman, you do not even realize that you have stopped expressing affection for your husband through kissing due to a whole lot of circumstances surrounding you.

You have been so absorbed into the routine of marital life and other life responsibilities that you have forgotten and neglected the emotional needs of your husband.

You might think it is not a big deal, but it is a very major one.

Kissing is one act that should not be compromised in your marriage as it is a non-vocal communication of your love to your husband.

It cements your emotional connection with your husband, helps you meet each other’s love language needs, and also helps you build a thriving relationship amidst different distractions.

Imagine ignoring such an important gesture and action in your marriage.

Anyway, it is not all women who stop kissing their husbands, so let us see the categories of women who have stopped kissing their husbands.

5 Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands

1: The Neglectful Wife

Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands


There are so many reasons a woman can become neglectful in her marriage, and this is not to validate her reason for stopping to kiss her husband.

But even without justifying her, a number of things can lead to her being neglectful, which can be personal stress from running the home.

I mean, nobody was created married, so it can get overwhelming at times when one has to balance the demands of being married with one’s personal life.

Also, it can be a result of pressures from her career where she is actively chasing to be a better version of herself in that regard.

All of these will lead to a form of emotional detachment from her husband, which will be a major reason for her not to kiss her husband.

This is so practical because a woman who has so many things on her mind that is weighing her down is really pulled into that zone of worries, thereby leading her to neglect that emotional aspect of her marriage.


2: The Non-Communicative Wife

Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands

We all know that communication is everything in any relationship.

Technically and factually speaking, communication is what births a relationship and even what progresses it to marriage.

This simply means that as a couple, you have both spoken each other’s emotional language and have connected as one to a large extent to decide to want to spend the rest of your lives together.

Getting into marriage, you realize that the reality of marital life is different from that in the dating world, and you begin to have issues in expressing yourself.

Somehow, as a woman, you expect your husband to understand everything that you say or do not say because you feel that he should get you by default.

This is the genesis of the issue of an uncommunicative wife.

Because her husband is not a mind reader or wizard, he will definitely fall short of her unrealistic expectations.

And instead of her to express these issues objectively, she goes on to pile them up and not even talk about them.

This will, in turn, give birth to passive-aggressive methods of communication, communication avoidance, and even unaddressed conflicts.

All of this will contribute to an emotional gulf in the marriage, and such a woman will not even think of kissing her husband because there will always be something that will be on her mind against him.


3: The Exhausted Stay-at-Home Mom

Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands


As a woman who is a full-time mom and has active kids, it will be very exhausting if she is the only one doing the housekeeping as well as nursing the children.

Nobody is asking her husband to be a full-time house husband or stay-at-home dad with her.

The point is that housekeeping and nursing children are very demanding and completely exhausting in every sense of it without any form of help.

A woman who has settled into this kind of lifestyle will be faced with a whole lot of stress, which will be very demanding for her.

If she tries to up-skill or work virtually alongside, it’ll be more stressful.

The reality is that all of these stressors will put her on her toes, and by the end of the day, she is completely exhausted.

The last thing an exhausted woman and wife wants to do is kiss her husband.

This is not to say that moms do not create time for this emotional or affectionate act.

I’m just saying this particular wife or mum is so absorbed in her duties that she does not have time to kiss her husband, justifiably so.


4: The Emotionally Disconnected Wife

Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands

The emotionally disconnected wife is one that is even more common than we know.

Emotional intimacy is what leads to physical intimacy because, for us women, it all starts from the mind.

Emotional intimacy is built where your mind connects with your spouse’s, and you are able to connect with or without words.

It is a non-verbal way of showing you love this person and you connect with them.

However, a wife who is emotionally disconnected from her husband will not be able to connect with him on a physical level.

There won’t be conversations that bind them, and neither will they speak from a place of being content in each other’s love.

The emotional distance can be caused by a whole lot of things like trauma, unresolved conflict, emotional neglect, and so on.

Naturally, sharing experiences comes with emotional intimacy, but where the distance is already created, the wife will hold back her experiences from her husband.

A woman who does not feel strongly about her husband or has the mental stimulation to be around him will definitely not want to kiss him.


5: The Cheating Wife

Types Of Wives Who No Longer Kiss Their Husbands


A woman who cheats is one who will definitely not want to have anything to do with her husband in a physically intimate or affectionate way.

Realistically, the proof of cheating is usually the physical establishment of intimacy with a third party.

Cheating usually starts with emotions because it is a whole process on its own.

One does not wake up one day and just start cheating on their partner.

It starts from the mind, and there would have been communications back and forth and even plans to actualize these with the third party.

This puts marriage in jeopardy because the moment a woman starts nursing affection for another man, emotional detachment commences, and this will eventually lead to physical detachment from her husband.

It doesn’t matter if she is not sexually intimate with a third party yet.

The fact that there is someone else in the picture will affect the physical affection she shares with her husband.


I do not encourage any action that will make you fall out of love with your partner unless it is life-threatening.

As a woman, you might be overwhelmed due to various circumstances like hormones and changes in lifestyle as a result of childbirth, juggling family and career, and any other distractions that may come along your way in marriage.

However, it takes conscious effort to remain attracted and loving to the spouse you said yes to.

As long as you have a willing partner ready to commit to building your marriage, then you should nurture your marriage back to life.

Don’t neglect the little things like kissing your husband from time to time to help him know that you are still actively participating in the marriage.

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