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15 Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

15 Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

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When a guy is in love, it is a cute thing to behold.

Their actions, and words especially towards the woman they love are adorable.

And regardless of how tough the man is or how much he wants to maintain a reputation of being a “hard guy”, eventually, this love will be seen.

Although love is not a physical thing that can be seen, when it is present, the actions that follow are usually very visible.

Men may not express love exactly like women but they do express it in their own ways.

There are many things guys do for the woman they love and I’m sharing them with you.

15 Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

1. They care for her

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

When you love someone or something, you care about it. 

So also when a man loves you, he will care about you.

It’s that simple.

And it starts from asking you questions like, ”How are you?” or ”How was your day?”. 

He wants to know how you are doing.

We often think these questions are boring, but coming from a man who  loves you, it’s actually sweet.

Even as a married woman, I feel cared for when my husband asks me these questions.

He shows he cares.


2. They respect her

When a man loves a woman, he respects her.

His actions reveal that he holds her in high esteem and values her person, choices, opinions, and boundaries.

A man does not shut down the woman he loves or belittles her in any way.

He shows her a lot of regard, regardless of her age or social status.

Love breaks whatever barrier may be between them and draws him to her.

Although I must say that as a woman, you have a huge role to play in making a man respect you.

Just because a man loves you doesn’t mean he won’t want to act funny or disrespect you.

It’s important to stand up for yourself and your boundaries and make sure he doesn’t take advantage of you.

That way, his love will flow and the respect will follow.


3. They protect her

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Men and women differ in some of the ways that they express love and this is one of those ways.

When a woman loves a man, she will express it in various ways, but trying to physically protect him may not be one of those ways.

This is because she may not have the capacity to, and it isn’t really even a woman’s instincts.

However, when a guy loves a woman, he feels obligated to shield her from different forces.

The instinct to defend a woman either from harmful external forces or from other men who may want her comes naturally to the guy.

It’s called hero instinct.


4. They are kind to her

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Can love exist without kindness?

I doubt that.

Acts of kindness reveal that a man loves a woman.

The man becomes soft and warm-hearted towards the woman, no matter how abrasive he naturally is, as a person.

You will see him express kindness and show pleasant gestures like holding her hands, offering her his jacket to keep her from feeling cold, opening doors for her, and helping her solve complicated tasks.

All of these are a result of his love for her.


5. They buy her gifts

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Gifts are one of the common ways men express their love to women.

A man can buy gifts for a woman without loving her but a man cannot love a woman and not buy gifts for her.

You may need to read that again to understand.

Easily put, when a man loves a woman, he gives.

He may not buy the most expensive or biggest gifts because of course, he has to purchase things that are within his capacity.

But he will surprise her with nice and thoughtful gifts.


6. They support and listen to her

Paying attention to her, listening to her genuinely, supporting her, and encouraging her.

He never turns deaf ears to her and it’s beautiful to see.

A man in love patiently lets the woman express her feelings, thoughts, and opinions, listening to her without judgment.

He offers her relevant advice where necessary and provides encouragement and emotional support.

Spurring her to go after her dreams and become a better version of herself.


7. They are open and honest with her

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Where love is, vulnerability exits.

A man who claims to love a woman, yet feeds her with lies and finds it difficult to open up to her is a man who is lying.

It is impossible to claim to love a woman yet, keep things from her, lie to her, and make her feel like she has no right to know what is going on in your life.

Genuine love births vulnerability.

It may not be instantly but as time progresses, the man opens himself up to her and lets her into his life, showing her his whole self.

His communications are honest and open, letting her know just how much he values her.


8. Surprise meals

It may not always be a surprise but when men are in love, one of the ways they show it to the woman is by giving her food.

He may cook by himself (whether or not he is a great cook), order meals, organize date nights, and plan special outings.

For men who can cook, they are more than delighted to cook for her and arrange fine dining.

Beyond the taste of the food, his heart is saying “I love you.”


9. Being thoughtful

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Men are extremely thoughtful to the women they love.

Their actions, words, and behaviors are well thought out revealing his heart’s state towards her.

He takes note of the things that matter to her like milestones, anniversary dates, and birthdays.

He remembers her favorite things and tries to bring them up in pleasant ways during their interactions.

When a man loves a woman, he supports her even with chores and responsibilities that other men may consider a “woman’s job”, relieving her of burdens as much as he can.


10. Affection

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Affection easily flows when a man is in love with a woman.

He shows unreserved tenderness and warmth, making her feel like she’s a goddess.

He holds her hands, hugs her, compliments and appreciates her.

He is lavish in his appreciation for her, letting her know just how amazing she is.

These things are done effortlessly and not with any form of reluctance.


11. Personal sacrifices

Sacrifices are effortlessly made when love is present.

You can tell that love is very absent when a man is reluctant to make compromises or relinquish his rights to the woman he claims to love.

Of course, there are some things I believe no one should sacrifice  or love, such as his identity, integrity, values and beliefs.

But for things that can be given up, a man who really loves will give it up.


12. Quality time

Men easily set aside quality time for the woman they love.

When you love someone, you want to be with them.

In fact, you can’t have enough of them.

You want to make sure your that you have enough time to talk, share experiences, and just be in each other’s company.


13. Resolving conflicts

Conflict resolution is only difficult when a man does not love his woman.

When love is absent, arguments linger and conflicts are not resolved easily.

The case is different when a man is in love.

He seeks healthy and wholesome ways to approach disagreements and resolve issues because he doesn’t want to hurt or lose his beloved. 


14. They apologize

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Another angle to conflict resolution is an apology.

When a man loves a woman, he makes an effort to put his ego aside, apologize, and own up to his mistakes.


15. Futuristic plans

Things Guys Do For The Woman They Love

Unlike Playboys who may be around for a good time and not a long time, a man who genuinely loves wants to keep the woman for a long time.

This is one of the clearest litmus tests to confirm that a man loves a woman.

He discusses future plans and makes it obvious that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The woman gets an unshakeable sense of assurance that he won’t leave her high and dry.

His words, actions, and plans all say one thing – I love you and I want you forever.

At the end of the day, these signs can be shown in different ways depending on the personality of the man, culture, and the specific situation.

People show love in different ways and that a man does not show you all of these signs does not automatically mean that he does not love you.

He may express his love in other healthy and kind ways similar to the ones above.

And he may not be so great at expressing how he feels in grand ways.

However, the signs, when present, are undeniable.

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