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15 Fascinating Signs You Are His Weakness

15 Fascinating Signs You Are His Weakness

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Being your man’s weakness is a very sweet and romantic thing.

Contrary to what it sounds like or what some people erroneously interpret it to mean, being your man’s weakness means that you have a very special place in his heart and his life entirely.

It means that he has a soft spot for you, and you can easily get away with many things with him because of how deeply he feels about you.

It is a sweet feeling.

Even sweeter when the love he shows you is mutual, and the respect is reciprocated.

When you are his weakness, the signs are undeniable and very obvious.

But just in case you’re not sure, I’ll tell you what the signs you are his weakness are.

15 Signs You Are His Weakness: 

1. He prioritizes yousigns you are his weakness

You know you are a man’s weakness when you come first in his life.

When it comes to you, his full attention is captured, and he gives his maximum focus.

You will notice that he has this attitude towards everything that concerns you as well.

You never have to doubt his love and value for you because it shows in everything he does.

If he has 10 things to do and you show up with something important, he will leave the 10 to attend to you.

It may surprise even you how much he rates you, and you may be wondering why.

Girl, you are that man’s weakness.


2. He sacrifices for you

Selflessness is one clear sign that you are his weakness.

He puts himself behind and places you first because of the depth of his feelings for you.

You will find him laying things down for you, canceling previous plans to be with you, and giving literally doing all he can just to ensure that you are happy.

His kindness is on another level, and he doesn’t even seem to be asking for something in return.


3. He listens to you

His listening ears are all yours at this point, and you do not have to beg or force him to listen to what you have to say.

If you ever called him to say that you needed to talk to him about something, you can almost be hundred percent sure that he would give you the attention that you need.

And not only does he listen, but he also acts on your words where necessary roo.


4. He hates to see you cry

signs you are his weakness

Nothing will break a man’s heart more than to see you cry when you are his weakness.

Have you ever watched a first-time mum’s reaction at her baby’s first doctor’s appointment where the baby is being injected or immunized and crying?

It is one of sheer heartbreak and pain.

Some mums go as far as crying with their babies because of how deep the connection they feel for them is.

This is a good scenario to compare yours with.

If you ever had to cry in his presence, particularly if the reason for your tears of sadness had anything to do with him, his reaction will make you know that this man feels very deeply about you.

It will be one of sheer misery and pain.

He will immediately try to fix the situation and wipe your tears.


5. He can do anything for you

Nothing screams “you are my weakness” than a person willing to go any mile for you.

He is more than ready to stretch himself, compromise, and do things he wouldn’t ordinarily do when you request them.

Of course, this should be within healthy limits and boundaries and not extend to extreme and unhealthy things.


6. He is vulnerable with you

signs you are his weakness

This is a classic sign that you are his weakness.

He lets his guard down when he’s with you and can even become like a baby in your arms.

He may put up a bold font before people and hide his scars, secrets, and pain from them.

But with you, he lets it all go.

It’s almost like a charm, the effect you have on him.

He literally melts in your arms.


7. He guards you jealously

You may find him being protective or getting jealous when you seem to be neglecting him and giving attention to someone else.

He is committed to keeping you safe and keeping you with him because of how strongly he feels about you.

He doesn’t want to see any harm come your way because that would break him.

He also doesn’t want to see any man take you away from him.

This can be very adorable, watching him protect you.

As long as it is within healthy limits.


8. He hates to fight with you

In some unhealthy relationships, a man can choose to pick fights intentionally and at every given instance with his woman.

You can’t relate to this if you are your man’s weakness.

He will avoid fights and arguments with you like a plague because he values you and wouldn’t want to engage in anything that jeopardizes what you both share.

This is one of the ways I knew that I am my man’s weakness.

He is quick to apologize when he’s wrong (and even sometimes when he isn’t, lol!).

And he always says that he does that because he would rather spend every passing time creating healthy and happy times with me than wasting it on unhealthy arguments and fights.

Of course, this does not mean that we never fight.

Arguments, whenever they arise, are treated constructively and approached healthily.


9. He takes care of you

signs you are his weakness

People take care of the things they love because they are aware that when things are well taken care of, they last.

This statement does not apply to things only.

It also applies to human beings.

A man who cherishes you and values your presence in his life will take care of you.

Sometimes it may seem like he’s doing too much because he goes above and beyond to ensure that you’re comfortable and happy.

It’s simply because you are his weakness, and he doesn’t want to see you suffer.


10. Your flaws mean nothing

signs you are his weakness

When you are your man’s weakness, a high level of tolerance is one of the things you will observe from him.

Because we’re all human and have flaws, you will have some not-so-great sides that a person who doesn’t value you will easily neglect you for.

But with this man, the case is different.

He open-handedly embraces you, flaws and all, and acts like you’re perfect regardless.

However, this can have the negative effect of leading you to think that you are perfect and have no flaws.

That is not true.

Your man is just too in love with you to call you out.

It is required of you as an adult to evaluate yourself and get better in the areas where you fall short.


11. You get anything you ask

There’s almost nothing he can’t give to you when you are his weakness.

You will notice that you can easily ask him for anything, and he will give it to you, especially when it is within his ability.

It may be so noticeable that people who need some form of favor or the other from him may have to go through you because they know that their request will be granted.


12. He respects you

He never engages in anything unpleasant or disrespectful to you in any way because he cherishes you.

You will enjoy a high level of respect from him even if he is much older than you.

Your thoughts, opinions, values, and boundaries will be respected by him.

It is because you are his weakness, and he wants you to feel special because you are.


13. Quality time

signs you are his weakness

If you are his weakness, you won’t be scrambling to spend time with him.

You won’t even have to always ask because he will prioritize spending quality time with you.

His interest in you is undeniable, and sometimes, he doesn’t even want to see you go after spending time with you.


14. He is affectionate towards you

signs you are his weakness

His affection for you will be indubitable if you are his weakness.

He will express his affection for you quite often, both verbally and physically.

It would be very natural and flow easily because he is not forcing it.


15. Intimacy


If you are his weakness, it will be evident in your intimate relationship.

The kind of intimacy that will be cultivated is not forced, selfish, or violent.

His body will respond to yours so naturally and peacefully, almost surrendering to you in totality.

You will feel cherished and very comfortable.

And I mean this in marriage because, as a Christian, I’m a firm believer in no sex before marriage.

So, yeah, even in marriage, you can still be your man’s weakness, and it’s the sweetest.

Because in marriage, it’s easy for us to take each other for granted and stop making each other feel special.

Being a man’s weakness is not limited to dating/relationships.


Final words

Being a man’s weakness is a beautiful experience because it reveals a beautiful level of vulnerability.

However, the concept is many times misunderstood because many people have abused it to mean controlling or manipulating a man.

Anything that involves any form of manipulation, control, or becoming a villain is on the unhealthy side of things.

Treating someone in disrespectful ways and making them do terrible things is unacceptable and wrong.

Mutual love, respect, and value should be expressed in every relationship for it to be healthy.

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