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13 Types of Daughters Who Blame Their Mothers For Everything

13 Types of Daughters Who Blame Their Mothers For Everything

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Have you ever met daughters who blame their mums for everything that goes wrong in their lives?

Well, I have, and when they do it, it’s not a good sight to behold.

Generally, as an adult, whether male or female, daughter, son, mother, or father, being in the habit of blaming someone for everything that goes wrong with you is wrong.

It shows a high level of irresponsibility and immaturity, but these categories of daughters I’m about to tell you about simply do not care.

Every time something goes wrong, their accusatory fingers get activated and point in the direction of their mothers.

It’s always mum’s fault.

What types of daughters are those?

I’ll tell you.

13 Types of Daughters Who Blame Their Mothers For Everything

1. Spoilt daughtersTypes of Daughters who blame their mothers for everything

People who overpamper their kids do so for various reasons.

Some people do it to express love and care, others do it because they think that’s the best way, while another set of parents do it out of ignorance.

Whatever the reason, raising spoilt children always comes with repercussions, including raising children who fail to take responsibility for the happenings in their lives.

Spoilt daughters are one category of daughters who can blame their mum for everything.

If they feel sick, it’s mum’s fault; if they make a mistake in their career, it’s mum’s fault.

They weren’t taught to take responsibility growing up, so over time, they failed to develop the ability to.

2. Daddy’s girls

Some Daddy’s girls are another category of daughters who blame their mothers for everything.

Family dynamics differ, and in some homes, the bond and love dads have for their daughters can make them shield them from the consequences of their actions.

Some dads would rather take the blame for their daughters’ actions or heap it on their wives and shield them from the consequences of their actions.

I know a man who warned his wife never to correct the children, and every time he got back home from work, he’d ask them to report all their mum did to them.

Of course, give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile!

The man in question thought he was a loving dad; unknown to him, he was sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

This expression of love may seem cute and caring initially, but the daddy’s girl may eventually grow up to get used to shifting blame.

She’s unable to accept and process the fact that she did something wrong, and her mother, the pinata easily gets the blame.

3. Stubborn daughtersTypes of Daughters who blame their mothers for everything

There are times when the daughter is spoiled by her parents, but there are other times when she’s just stubborn.

There is only so much parents can do in certain situations, especially when they have a daughter who has a strong personality or strong will.

Some daughters can be super stubborn and unyielding to corrections and instructions.

They do as they please, and when the results of their actions come knocking, they conveniently blame it on someone else.

4. Daughters who are like their mums

Ironic right?

You’d think that they shouldn’t have this kind of issue just because they are alike.

But on the contrary, it’s been discovered that strong personalities often repel each other.

Also, a mother who always blames others for everything may raise a daughter exactly like her.

Unfortunately for her, her daughter may choose her as the target for her blame.

5. Daughters with psychological issuesTypes of Daughters who blame their mothers for everything

This set of daughters blame their mothers for everything that happens to them, and this is because they have psychological issues.

They find it difficult to accept themselves, their pains, flaws, and insecurities, so they’d rather just simply project.

Psychological issues such as mental health issues can make people have frail self-esteem, making them project.

It’s an easier way out for them than taking responsibility for their actions.

6. Daughters way younger than their mums

A wide cultural or generational difference between a mother and her daughter can sometimes affect their relationship.

The generational gap often means a wide difference in mindsets, choices, and perspectives.

This can contribute to misunderstandings, conflicts, and sharing of blame.

When a baby boomer mother has a Gen Z daughter, they may have frequent conflicts if the relationship is not managed well.

Some mothers make all the decisions for their daughters because they believe they’re too young and don’t trust their decisions.

If any of those choices lead to a negative outcome, the young daughter may feel angry and betrayed, pushing blame on her mother.

7. Daughters with unresolved childhood issuesTypes of Daughters Who Blame Their Mothers For Everything

Daughters who have unresolved issues from their childhood may carry those feelings into adulthood.

These issues vary from excessively gentle parenting to strict parenting, neglect or perceived neglect, and other unpleasant experiences or practices.

When these issues are not attended to or resolved, they can spill into adulthood, and these daughters find it difficult to let go.

Every event or mistake in their adult lives reminds them of their childhood issues with their mothers.

8. The ones led by peer influence

Daughters who make themselves vulnerable to external factors such as peer influence are very likely to develop many negative attitudes.

This category of daughters picks up negative behavior from their environment and begins to exhibit them.

This can affect their relationship with their mothers and create friction between them.

Their behavior can leave their mothers frustrated, wondering where they got it wrong, not knowing that their daughters are simply victims of peer influence.

9. The unrealistic daughter

The unrealistic daughter has a plethora of expectations and expects her mother to fulfill them all.

Some call this entitlement mentality.

Of course, when she’s met with the rude shock that reality doesn’t work the way things work in her head, she blames her mum.

The feelings of disappointment and frustration that she hasn’t learned to handle cause a strain on her relationship with her mother.

10. Daughters without boundaries

Setting boundaries sometimes is not just for you; it’s also for the long-term benefit of the person you’re setting it against.

I once heard a story about a young woman who let her mother choose her husband.

After marriage, she allowed her mother full rein in the home, leaving no room for her husband or his family.

Following her mother’s advice, she did some things that led to the breakdown of the marriage.

Afterward, she became angry and started blaming her mother for everything.

Daughters who cannot set healthy boundaries with their mothers may become daughters who blame their mothers for everything.

They fail to limit how far their mother can step into their lives and decisions.

This may ultimately lead to feelings of resentment and frustration.

They end up blaming their mother for various issues in their lives.

11. The traumatized daughterTypes of Daughters who blame their mothers for everything

Traumatized daughters very often blame their parents for everything.

Daughters who are dealing with some form of trauma or the other from their childhood may trace it back to their mums.

When they realize this, they may hold it against them for life.

Some people in their old age (I’m talking about people in their 70s, 80s, or 90s) still blame their mums for the issues in their lives.

You hear them speak and just want to tell them to get over it already.

They’re that way because they’re deeply traumatized.

12. The rejected or abused daughter

Rejected daughters are another set of daughters that may blame their mum for everything.

Perhaps they didn’t have healthy sibling dynamics because they were constantly compared with their other siblings or put in a position where they had to engage in unhealthy competition with them.

They probably felt like they were the least preferred child or were not fully accepted for whatever reasons.

These daughters may end up as adults who blame their mother for everything.

13. The unprepared daughterTypes of Daughters who blame their mothers for everything

Daughters who are unprepared to face life or new seasons can route the blame to their parents.

Life transitions are usually not easy for anybody, especially when you’re not prepared for them.

But the unprepared daughter may see it as an opportunity to blame her mother for everything she failed to do for her.

She feels ill-equipped to face life, and when she experiences new transitions or major life changes such as a career change, marriage, childbirth, divorce, or health issues, she believes it’s her mum’s fault.

Even when they’re not the mother’s fault, the stress and demands of adjustments during these transitions may lead to blaming as a way to cope with the changes.

Family dynamics differ, and many factors influence the relationship between parents and children.

This is why there is no cookie-cutter approach to these things.

It is important to face every case as a unique situation because the individuals and their experiences are unique.

However, whatever the reason, it is important to recognize that blaming one’s mother for everything is not a healthy or constructive lifestyle.

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