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6 Types of Men Who Date Married Women

6 Types of Men Who Date Married Women

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You might wonder if there is a possibility where a married woman will actually catch the interest of a young single man.

In today’s world, where we have the side chick culture publicly celebrated, you will be surprised at the number of side cork relationships that are actually out there.

You know, love and relationships generally do not have any fast and hard rules to them.

But I will always say that love is an emotion that can grow at any point with anyone.

It is what you do with that emotion that determines the outcome.

How you handle it and with whoever it is birthed will determine the beauty or otherwise of the love story you’re trying so hard to write.

Naturally speaking and even morally, it is totally wrong to engage in an affair or, even worse, a relationship with someone who is married.

No matter how much you claim to be in love with a married person, it will still be regarded as a complicated affair or infidelity.

And one such scenario is a man who chooses to get a married woman for himself.

No matter the justification that you make up to give to this relationship, it is wrong.

I’m not here to talk about the rightness or wrongness of this kind of relationship anyway.

Rather, this is more of discussing the types of men who date married women.

Let’s get to know them, possibly their motivations and any dynamics that might be at play.


6 Types of Men Who Date Married Women

1. The Adventure Seeker

Types of Men Who Date Married Women

Naturally, some men can be very adventurous.

The mere fact that something is forbidden is enough to pick their interest in make them want to delve into that zone.

The excitement and the adrenaline rush is the major motivation this adventurer needs.

It is the relationship that comes with the tag of being the best-kept secret.

The tension that comes with it and the possibility of being caught excites him.

The general aroma of danger just appeals to this kind of man in a desirable way.

You know, this kind of man is one that can even find himself around his love interest and her husband and still try to flirt with her then and there.

This adventurer is just out for something forbidden.

Men like this believe that conventional relationships are boring and have nothing to offer them other than the usual.

And so, in a bid to get something more, they engage in the forbidden.


2. The Emotional Saver

Another name for this emotional saver is the knight in shining armor.

The kind of man who believes that a woman is in a terrible place in her marriage and decides to be her savior.

He could go on to save a woman from a terrible marriage without dating her while being married, but will he do that? No.

This is not the case with this type of man.

He sees himself as the only one who can give her the love she needs and deserves.

He will often reassure her that he is a very reliable support system for her and can lean on him at any time.

He could even go as far as saying and showing her that he is the happiness she needs in life and he can give her what she cannot get from her current marriage.

This kind of man, when he spots a woman in actual marital distress, will want to date her at all costs just to make sure she sees him as the messiah.


3. The Ego Booster

Types of Men Who Date Married Women

I’m about to make a generalization, and I don’t know if I should apologize for it, but a list of all species of men without an egoistic one is not complete.

This kind of man is the typical corky man who believes he is so irresistible and desirable that he can have any woman he wants, whether married or otherwise.

As opposed to what he thinks about him being confident, I think it is more of him seeking validation for what or who he thinks he is.

This kind of relationship puts him in the center of attention as well as gives him the ego boost he’s obsessed about.

He believes if a married woman is willing to date him, then he is a prized possession.

This kind of man is not out for anything in the relationship at all.

He is just there for a massage of his inflated ego.

I mean, who wouldn’t think the same when someone’s spouse is willing to cheat for them and with them?


4. The Commitment-Phobe

Welcome to the world where a man wants all the perks of a relationship and not the commitments that come with it.

This kind of man is so scared of commitment that his only solace is in dating married women.

He knows a married woman will not want to leave her marriage for him but will still provide him with everything a conventional relationship will entail, save for commitment.

He goes ahead with this woman, exploiting every bit of the relationship without having any pressure of long-term commitment.

He enjoys the freedom and flexibility that the kind of arrangement offers him, and he doesn’t even have to feel bad for doing the barest minimum.

Technically, he has almost nothing more to offer beyond what the legal husband of the married woman is offering her.

For this kind of man, dating a married woman is a dream come true until the relationship comes crashing down.


5. The Rebounder

Types of Men Who Date Married Women

For this kind of man, he is not about the happily-ever-after dream.

He is awake in the present, trying to escape his emotional mess through the comfort a married woman gives him in her bosom, probably literally at this point.

The king of rebound is just there to get an emotional band-aid for his broken heart.

Being with a married woman for him is more of an escape route than a relationship itself.

Talk about a temporary distraction from his very major issues.

He just needs it like opium at that moment to relieve him of the pain he is going through.


6. The Love Seeker

Types of Men Who Date Married Women

I believe this kind of man has listened to Rihanna so much that he decides to take all the lyrics of We Found Love a little too literally because, with a married woman, he is technically in a hopeless place.

I will not understand how a man will go ahead to date a married woman with the intention of finding love with her.

I know love has no manual or flowchart of what it should be and what it should not be.

But as humans, we know the right thing to do and what we should not be doing.

The fact that anything could have happened that could have led to the development of feelings does not mean that you should actually build on that feeling.

But this kind of man does not care.

He has found love and is willing to pursue it in the arms of a married woman.

You can call him a victim of romance or an accidental romantic.

He will go on to explain to you how he generally connects with a married woman regardless of her marital status.

Explain more on how he had not planned for things to turn out that way and how love does not know boundaries, and how he is now so head over heels in love with her.


Well, personally, I won’t ask anyone not to fall in love with whoever they choose to fall in love with.

I will only say you should love right.

Before I continue writing on this and you conclude I am judging those men who date married women, including the married women, I will see you in the next post instead.

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