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6 Ways To Make Your Baby Daddy Miss You

6 Ways To Make Your Baby Daddy Miss You

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Having a baby daddy is not one of the easiest things in the world.

I mean, although some women are comfortable with the arrangement, I know many others who would rather have their child’s dad in their life too.

If you fall under this category, then you may be wondering if there are ways to make your baby daddy miss you and desire you.

You’ll find some helpful tips below: 

6 Ways To Make Your Baby Daddy Miss You

1. Bring up memories

ways to make your baby daddy miss you


If he is not feeling it yet, then maybe you have to make him.

And one great way to do that is by making him recall the good times.

No matter how formal or bad things are between you both now, there were definitely some good times before.

I mean, you both had a kid together, so some level of affection existed at some point.

It is time to reawaken that by bringing it to his memory again.

The issues between you two may have gotten so bad that they made him forget all about how good you both were together, so he needs some reminders. 

You can achieve this by bringing those times up in conversations, sharing photos of beautiful memories with him, or showing him something significant from those times.

Did he get you a dress as a present then?

Wear that dress when he is coming over.

Fond memories have a way of reigniting passion.


2. Level up

ways to make your baby daddy miss you

Girl, I can tell you for free that one hack that never fails to make men come back is leveling up.

Everybody loves good things, and I have discovered from experience that you can have almost anything you want in life when you become a better version of yourself. 

It’s almost as though everything good begins to gravitate towards you when they consider you worthy enough.

This applies even in this case; when you choose to level up in every area of your life, your baby daddy will notice it and may even begin to develop feelings for you.

And when I say level up, I mean it in every sense of the word; get better in your job, career, or business, level up in your association and friends, and switch up your appearance by taking your time to look extra put together and gorgeous.

Even the way you speak and carry yourself should not be left out; add that extra class, elegance, and sassiness to top it up.

Girl, your baby daddy may not come running into your arms immediately, but he will begin to find you appealing.

I mean, every man would, and he will begin to long for you.

What you are doing is not only making you a better version of yourself, but you are also making him see what he is missing.


3. Make him jealous

ways to make your baby daddy miss you

There is nothing wrong with engaging the jealousy card once in a while.

Men, many times, can be jealous and act territorial and possessive, especially for women they have been with or have some level of feelings for.

They get jealous when it looks like another man is taking what should be theirs. 

You had his babies, so some level of connection exists between you both.

You can take advantage of that and leverage it to make him miss you.

Don’t worry.

I’ll tell you how to go about it.

What you need to do is create an impression that you are seeing someone now.

You want to go easy on that because, depending on the kind of person your baby daddy is, this may scare him off.

If he’s very gentlemanly, then he may just want to stay away if he suspects you are with someone.

Nevertheless, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

When he’s around, step out to take phone calls and act all mushy when you’re on the phone, dress extra nice, and go on dates when he comes to spend some time with his child.

You can even take it a step further by taking a picture with a male friend and your kid.

This one is very likely to make the alarms go off in your baby daddy’s head, he will feel very jealous.

He may suspect that you have moved on and are already even creating a father figure for his child in your life.

This can make him miss you very quickly and want to be back with you.


4. Be a great mum

ways to make your baby daddy miss you

Good fathers have a soft spot for their kids, so you can use that.

By just doing what you normally should be doing, you can make your baby daddy miss you.

Being a great mom to your kid is your responsibility, and it is something that should be non-negotiable.

But we can take it to step higher; make it more evident when he’s around by paying extra attention to your kid, being very meticulous in every detail that concerns them, and showering them with a lot of love and care.

Every good father will notice this, and you never know it may make him begin to desire that same affection from you.

He will also begin to see why he needs you in his life and may begin to miss you.


5. Apologize/forgive

For affection to return to the relationship you have with your baby daddy, whatever made the relationship become estranged in the first place, needs to be sorted out.

So depending on your unique situation, you may need forgiveness, or you may need to offer an apology.

Whichever applies in your case, don’t hesitate to engage it.

Apologize if you need to, genuinely and sincerely, and forgive if that’s what you need to do, communicating to your baby daddy that you have let go of the hurt of the past.

This will create a good foundation for healthy feelings and affections to grow.


6. Get over him

ways to make your baby daddy miss you

Yes, I know you didn’t expect to see this, but this is a very important part of the equation.

You need to get over him, or at least try to.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want because we are holding on too tight, maybe when you let go a little bit, you may get what you want.

But regardless, you should let go for your peace of mind and sanity.

As much as all of the tips above are effective and very likely to give you great results, there are no 100% guarantees anywhere, especially when it has to do with people’s feelings.

You can’t coerce or manipulate anyone into doing or feeling something that they do not want to.

You can only try.

So it is also important to focus on yourself.

Focus on getting over him, especially if the tips above do not work.

Meet new people and explore new experiences in your life.

While it would be nice for your baby daddy to miss you and even possibly want to come back, it is important to prioritize yourself and remember that if having a cordial relationship with him is all you can get, it is enough, for the sake of your kid.

Even if the relationship does not go back to being a romantic one, you should still have a great life.

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