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“I Suspect My Wife Is Cheating But I Have No Proof”: Do This!

“I Suspect My Wife Is Cheating But I Have No Proof”: Do This!

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“I Suspect My Wife Is Cheating But I Have No Proof”

As an empath who feels the pains of others greatly, just thinking of this topic leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

When we considered marriage as little boys, none of us factored a cheating wife into the equation.

Somehow, in our imaginations, we all ended up being married to wonderful women who didn’t think loyalty was an option.

For some of us, our reality still echoes this imagination to a large extent.

However, if you are on the other end of this spectrum, my heart goes out to you.

Having a cheating wife is a terrible situation, but it is even worse when you just suspect her and you don’t have any proof.

It puts you in a very confused state.

You don’t know what to do about it.

You think about confronting her but you don’t want to come across as being an insecure husband who doesn’t trust in his wife.

Well… If you are presently in this shoe, read on; this article aims to explore the signs that your wife might be cheating and how to catch her at it.

If you are just interested in reading articles, come along as well.

No knowledge is wasted.

“I Suspect My Wife Is Cheating But I Have No Proof”— Signs She Is Cheating And How To Catch Her At It

It’s not just enough to suspect your wife of cheating.

Is she actually cheating?

Here are some signs to look out for in a cheating wife before proceeding to catch her at it.


1. She is too guarded about her phone

i suspect my wife is cheating but i have no proof

Now, “mobile phones are not meant to be left lying around; they are called mobile phones for a reason.”

This is my dad’s favorite quote when he doesn’t get a response to his calls.

My point is phones are not meant to be left lying around.

Neither are they meant to be additional appendages to your person.

If your wife suddenly seems to be overly protective of her phone, it may be a sign that she has something shady going on.

What do I mean by overprotectiveness?

She takes her phone everywhere with her, even to the bathroom.

She particularly ensures she never leaves her phone where you can touch it.

It is not a decisive sign, but when combined with the other signs I will be listing, you may have a pretty good enough reason to try to get actual proof of infidelity.


2. Her bedroom vibe is different

i suspect my wife is cheating but i have no proof

One of the ways to detect a cheating wife is to observe what happens in the “other room”- a Nigerian slang for the bedroom.

Has your wife lost interest in having sex with you?

Or has she quite contradictorily upped her game in the bedroom with new styles and fantasies?

For the former, she may have lost interest in sex because she is getting all the satisfaction she needs outside.

For the latter, she may be infusing the ideas she has learned in the other man’s bed into your marriage.

Either way, this is a sign you need to look out for in a cheating wife.

In combination with the first sign, you may be able to see a pattern coming up.


3. She becomes defensive

When everything you say to your wife is being treated like an accusation, you may need to be suspicious.

It may just be a sign that she actually has something to hide.

She may react defensively to even the most innocent of questions or concerns.

If this is in combination with the first two signs, you may actually be right to believe that your wife is cheating on you.


4. She suddenly loves traveling and going out often

One sign that your wife may be cheating on you is that there’s a change in her schedule and the things she likes.

The reason this change is suspicious is because it is obvious that she doesn’t want to include you in it.

So, she plans outings with friends, and of course, you are not invited to meet with them.

Or she picks up a new hobby she insists on doing alone.

She may even have developed a love for traveling and staying away from home regularly.

The fact is that spending time away from you may be just an excuse to spend time with her lover.

A combination of all four or three of the signs is considered to be a good indictment in my books.

Now, you may proceed with your investigations.

Before we go even further, I must state that a lot of the ways to get proof that your wife is cheating on you involve invading her privacy.

If you have decided that you have no qualms about doing this, we can proceed.


7 Ways To Get The Proof You Need

1. Check her messages

i suspect my wife is cheating but i have no proof

The first way to catch your wife cheating is to look through her messages.

This is a truly invasive method, but sometimes, the end may actually justify the means.

People can’t cheat without communicating constantly with their lovers.

Most of these communications may be through texts.

So, the first place to look when you finally lay hands on your wife’s elusive phone is her messages.

The odds are you may find something unusual there.

If you don’t, it doesn’t mean she is innocent.

It may just mean that she has crafted another means to communicate with her lover.

All you need to do is explore craftier options too.


2. Watch out for suspicious apps

i suspect my wife is cheating but i have no proof

There are so many apps that are designed to help cheaters get away with their deeds.

Talk about the harmful impacts of technology.

There are the more obvious dating apps like Tinder or Bumble (what is a married man or woman doing with dating apps on their phones?)

There’s also Viber, which is a third-party messaging app that allows for secret/hidden chats.

Apart from this, there are a host of other apps that can help you keep inappropriate pictures and videos safe.

A friend just showed me a calculator app that actually functions as a secret vault for pictures and videos you would rather not be found with.

A lot of these apps look pretty innocent on the surface, so how do you discover them?

You may need to ask yourself what kind of apps your wife has a tendency to use.

This way, you will be able to pick out those odd apps.


3. Catch her “red-handed”

One of the best ways to get proof of a cheating wife is to catch her in the act.

Catching your wife cheating is definitely not a pleasant experience but seeing it for yourself is the greatest evidence of her infidelity.

Note that I am not actually advising you to stalk her but if you just happen to catch her while she is at it, no one is going to sue you for any wrongdoings.


4. Check her social media handles

When you finally lay your hands on her phone and find no evidence in her messages, don’t stop there.

Check her social media.

It is proven that social media is a major driver of infidelity because it makes it easier to communicate with affair partners.

Check her social media messages.

You may just be shocked at what you will find there.


5. Check her internet history

Another way to catch your wife cheating on you may be to check her browsing history.

Though the odds are that she would have cleared her history if she is cheating, you can’t say that it is not worth checking.

If her history is still intact, you can check through months’ worth of internet surfing to detect if she has been visiting any shady sites.

What sorts of shady sites, you may ask?

Well… Pornographic sites and dating sites are major shady sites for a married woman to be visiting.

If she doesn’t seem to have an internet history, it may be a sign that your wife is hiding something from you.


6. Catfish her

i suspect my wife is cheating but i have no proof


There are so many catfish social media handles and many of them are set up to scam people of their hard-earned money.

You may decide to create a catfish account too but not to carry out a con.

You are creating the account just to find out if your wife is open to cheating on you.

No one knows what your wife loves more than you do.

So, all you need to do is open a social media handle with a picture of a man you know your wife will find attractive.

Add her up and start flirting with her online to see if she will be baited into reciprocating the energy.

Once you have been talking for some time and have established a great connection, ask if she wants to meet up in person.

If she accepts the offer, you can actually say confidently that your wife cheats on you.


7. Talk to her

i suspect my wife is cheating but i have no proof

Catching your wife cheating may assuage your suspicion but I am sure you would feel better if you didn’t have to go through all the stress of trying to catch her cheating.

You may need to consider communicating with her.

Tell her about your feelings and suspicions and ask her straight out if there is any substance to what you feel.

You may be shocked at her honesty.

And if she isn’t cheating, approaching her this way shows that you still retain a level of trust in her.

Rebuilding your relationship after this may be hard but it’s not impossible.

The thought of your wife cheating on you may be a nagging feeling plaguing you.

However, you should ensure that you are not merely being unnecessarily insecure before making attempts to get proof of her infidelity.

What do you do if she is actually cheating on you?

You may decide to work on your relationship or exit it.

The choice is yours.


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