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What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl? – 8 Things

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl? – 8 Things

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I recently read “A Journal for Jordan” by Dana Canedy, which revolves around military romance and the challenges of being in love with a military man.

Basically, it is a memoir the author compiled for their son so he could have a deeper understanding of the father he lost before he could form lasting memories.

The book helped me understand what it takes to be a military man’s woman and what a military guy could look for in his potential woman.

The life of military romance is filled with love and unique challenges in its own way.

It looks like it gets easy, but suddenly, a surprise springs up, and the narrative changes.

Being with a military man can be admirable in pictures, but a lot goes into the relationship for it to work out.

These uniformed men understand the nature of their work and the demand it places on their lives.

This is why they are careful in choosing their partners and seek out some qualities when choosing their partners.


What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl? – 8 Things

1. Understanding of Commitment

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

In the military world, commitment is more than just a word.

It is what sums up the life of a military man.

It is that commitment to the course that drove him into it in the first place, and he will appreciate a woman who sees his job in this light.

He knows when he is committing to a woman; he needs to be with someone who understands the commitment he has to his service.

A woman who understands this commitment will hold things down when duty calls.

She will be the anchor that ensures they do not drift into oblivion while he is away.

She provides unwavering support during his deployment, knowing that their physical connection will not be a determinant of their love.

Saying she understands his commitment goes beyond words, but she embraces the challenges and uncertainties with an open heart.

She is actively taking part in the journey, which makes her a natural support system for the man.

He knows the service will test their love, and it takes a woman who understands his commitment to stick with him.



2. Independence

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

In active military service, deployments are constant and can happen anytime.

Duty rotations come up, and it is a must to obey that clarion call.

As a woman in a military guy’s life, you should know that you’d ride solo most of the time.

You will have many cold nights and possibly raise the kids with little assistance from your husband.

You won’t only have to survive a partner who is likely miles away from you; you’d also have to thrive in this period.

A military man knows he needs a woman who will not just have independence as a trait but can use it as a superpower to keep the relationship together.

He’d be on the lookout for a woman who can take the lead when the need arises and handles situations independently and successfully when he is away.

A woman who can make decisions in the face of challenges and uncertainties that life can keep weaving and throwing her way while he is away.

A woman who has a life outside of him and does not seek relevance just with him being around her.

The man knows that his absence will not redefine her in any way, but it will make her embrace the responsibilities that are thrown her way.

A man who knows he will be out of sight even when he cannot determine it will definitely seek out an independent woman to be with.



3. Flexibility

I think military service is one that embraces changes so swiftly and does not compromise on them.

Life in the military is so unpredictable that it takes a flexible woman who can adapt to these sudden changes to be with a man like this.

Being flexible is being able to adjust to the realities that can spring up at any time.

A flexible woman in the life of a military man embraces the unexpected call of duty with grace even when she wishes it would be the other way around.

She realizes it is not about her wishes but what the demands of the life her man has committed to.

Through changing schedules, deployments, and relocations, she is adaptable.

As much as the situations and circumstances might be unexpected, she fits into the phase like a right-fitting glove.

Her adaptable nature is what the man will be on the lookout for because he knows what lies ahead of him.

He knows her nature will be a bond that will keep the relationship strong.


4. Communication Skills

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship, but it takes on extra significance in military life.

An adept communicator in the military context is one who is skilled in the subject of love and understanding the reality before them.

A military guy knows that he needs a woman who can validly and clearly express her feelings, whether during deployment or not.

She can communicate with clarity, irrespective of the distance between them.

This will be the bridge that links the gap between them and will help them during their separation.

Imagine the life of a man confronted with career uncertainties while in a relationship with a woman who struggles with communication.

That will be double jeopardy.

A military man who seeks to commit to a woman who is not overly emotional or one who’d nag him out. 

This communication skill is not about saying so many words or being unnecessarily verbose.

It is about speaking with clarity and purpose, whether you’re having a serious conversation, just plain bantering, or even expressions of love.

This trait will build their deep connection, and he will not be willing to compromise on it.


5. Sense of Humor

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

A woman with a Sense of Humor in the life of a military man is the perfect mix for him.

She constantly provides laughter that helps her man get through the seriousness of duty.

The service is already intense, with a lot of challenges and uncertainties.

Being a woman who provides humor and possesses a great sense of humor or, better still, a matching sense of humor with her man will help him get through life easily.

She turns ordinary moments into shared jokes, transforming the mundane into memories that are not just endured but enjoyed.

At every point he returns from a deployment, she weaves a joke out of their last moments together.

Her lighthearted spirit helps her defuse serious moments.

He will always look forward to returning home to her because he knows he has a natural joy giver at home.

6. Loyalty

A loyal woman is the best ally for a military guy in active service.

Realistically, it takes a loyal partner to stay with this kind of man.

She is not just faithful, but she is the unwavering support that builds trust in terms of the relationship.

I saw a video recently about a military man who has been away for two years on a mission but got back to find his wife six months pregnant.

That woman has definitely breached any form of loyalty that exists between them because there is nothing that could possibly justify her husband as the father of the unborn child.

What about the possibility of him returning scarred, wounded, or even dead from an assignment?

It frankly takes a lot to be with a military man.

A loyal woman in this context stands by her husband through deployments, challenges, and triumphs.

One thing about being loyal is that it isn’t just about commitment.

It is the understanding and realization that they have a bond that cannot be broken.

A man in a complex world like the military terrain will definitely be on the lookout for a loyal woman to do life with.


7. Fitness and Health

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

Physical fitness is often a focus in the military, and a healthy lifestyle is encouraged.

It is difficult to find an unfit military man in active service.

Imagine how productive you get when you have an active workout buddy who also doubles as your accountability partner.

The progress and the enthusiasm are more.

Now, having a woman who is a fitness enthusiast means you have an automatic workout buddy who shares your views on staying fit and healthy.

It means the man won’t have to bother about your natural cheerleader because you’d have it in your woman.

Because of this, she’d place emphasis on a good diet, too, as she is dedicated to well-being.

Such a man won’t have to worry about this part of his life because it is on lockdown.

Being a woman like this will get a military man to look at you twice and even consider committing to you.

8. Adventurous Spirit

What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

Active military service is often characterized by deployments and rehabilitations that often involve travel, new experiences, and a sense of adventure.

A military guy will seek out a girl with an adventurous spirit and won’t be scared to move with him when they need to.

The kind of woman who embraces the journey wholeheartedly.

One who sees each deployment as a chance to explore, and she makes it an eventful phase in the journey of their love. 

Because she is daring and looks forward to each move as an exploration rather than an unsettlement or disruption of her rather organized life, she looks forward to it with positivity.

She embraces it as a move to discover uncharted territories, with each day birthing a new story of how they are evolving.

She is an enthusiastic companion who sees their life as a never-ending thrill on the wings of the unknown.

Her sense of adventure will infuse ease into the tension that may accompany a command, and it will make it easy for herself and her man.

Military romance is not all glamour and glitz like the media makes it look, but it can be beautiful if you are open-minded.

A military guy will want to be with a woman who understands, accepts, and grows with him through the years as they commit to each other.

Some men may require more than these traits regarding personal preference and aesthetics, but I believe this will suffice when it comes to core values.

Do you have a military man you like or one that has started showing interest in you?

It may be because you already manifest some of these signs subtly, and you might want to add some to the mix.


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