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What Turns a Guy Off While Texting? These 11 Things!

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting? These 11 Things!

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Ladies often ask, ”What turns a guy off while texting?”

Texting is one of the most common forms of communication for singles today.

Whether you’re getting to know a guy you just met or going out on a date with an old flame, it pays to know what your texting behavior says about you.

Some habits can be incredibly off-putting and, even worse, make it hard to find someone who wants to date you.

Here are eleven texting habits that will turn off guys and what you can do instead.

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting?

1. Writing too much

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting?

While writing multiple paragraphs in response to his text may seem like a good idea, it often sends the wrong message.

Unless he is also sending long messages back, chances are he will feel overwhelmed by your replies and won’t respond as often as he should.

Instead of writing too much, try keeping your messages short and sweet while giving him enough content to keep the conversation going.

It can be tempting to give more detail in your messages, especially if you like him and are naturally talkative.

But if you want to avoid turning him off, keep it short and simple!


2. Texting too often

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting?

Texting too often is another huge turnoff.

It can be tempting to bombard him with messages if you like him and want to stay connected, but remember that he has a life outside of texting you.

Instead of sending multiple texts throughout the day, try spacing them out more.

This way, you won’t overwhelm him and can give him time to respond.


3. Being Too Directive or Demanding

Nobody likes being told what to do or when they have to do something; this goes double for men.

If you are frustrated because he isn’t responding fast enough or didn’t follow through with plans, resist the urge to be overly directive in your texts— it will only push him away faster.

Instead of demanding answers, try asking open-ended questions that give him some wiggle room in how he responds without feeling like he’s been backed into a corner.


4. Not Being Responsive Enough

While you don’t want to appear desperate, it’s also important to be responsive when he texts you.

Ignoring him or taking too long to respond is a surefire way to turn him off and make it seem like you’re not interested.

Instead of leaving him hanging, try responding within a few hours of receiving his text message— this shows that you care enough.

Or you can alternate between responding immediately and waiting for a few hours to give him some space.


5. Being Too Flirtatious/Sexual

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting?

It can be tempting to flirt with a guy via text, especially if you’re attracted to him and feel like you have a connection.

However, too much flirtation or sexual innuendo too early on can come off as tacky or desperate.

Texting should be used as a tool to get to know someone better, not just as an opportunity to express your sexual desires.

The best way to go about this is by being friendly and flirty without being overtly sexual.

You can still be playful with your texts and use them as an opportunity to flirt, but try not to overdo it with sexual innuendos.

Instead, try flirting subtly or being more suggestive in your conversations.

This way, you won’t turn him off and might even draw him closer, especially if he is also attracted to you.


6. Grammar/Spelling Mistakes

If you are still asking yourself, “What turns a guy off while texting?”

Poor grammar and spelling!

It’s a fact that most guys are not as concerned with perfect grammar and spelling as women are.

However, they do notice mistakes, and they don’t like them.


Because it shows that you don’t care enough about what you say to take the time to make sure it’s right.

This is a big turn-off for guys, especially if you’re trying to show off your smarts.

So make sure to proofread any texts before sending them out.

You can use an app or website like Grammarly to check your work before sending texts to him.


7. Overusing Emojis & Abbreviations

It’s ok (and sometimes encouraged) to use emojis occasionally, but overusing them during conversations can come off as juvenile and immature – especially depending on which ones you choose.

The same goes for abbreviations; while it can be convenient to type out your messages quickly, too many of them can make you look lazy and uninterested.

Try to keep your use of emojis and abbreviations to a minimum if you want to avoid turning him off.


8. Following Up Too Much

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting?

If a guy isn’t responding to your messages or seems like he’s losing interest, resist the urge to follow up too much.

The more you text him, the more desperate and clingy you will seem – which is a huge turnoff for most guys.

Instead of sending multiple messages, take a break and wait for him to reach out.

This way, you won’t seem too clingy and might even draw him closer if he is also interested.


9. Being Negative or Complaining Too Much

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting?

Complaining about every little thing is not only annoying but also unattractive.

Men want to be with a woman who has her shit together, someone who can handle life on her own without constantly looking for a man to save her from whatever problem she may have on that particular day.

If you’re feeling down or having a bad day, try not to vent it all in your text messages.

Instead, focus on positive topics of conversation that will make him smile and leave both of you feeling good.

A guy wants to be with a girl who makes him feel good.


10. Asking Too Many Questions

It’s ok to ask questions to get to know him better, but asking too many can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Try spacing out your questions, so he has time to answer without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

Also, try to ask thoughtful questions that require more than a yes or no answer so that he has something interesting to respond to.

Finally, avoid questions about his past relationships or other sensitive topics until you build a stronger rapport.

This way, he won’t feel overwhelmed or defensive.


11. Texting in ALL CAPS

Just because you’re texting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to use punctuation or capitalization.

When you text someone in all caps, it makes them think you are yelling at them through their phone and makes them want to scream back at you in all caps, too.

So please avoid any shouting by not texting in all  caps.


Texting is a great way to communicate with the person you are dating.

It’s quick, convenient, and can be done anytime and anywhere.

However, you should avoid the above mistakes while texting to keep the guy interested in you.

Good texting etiquette is an important part of connecting with potential partners online and starting relationships off on the right foot – especially in today’s world, where we rely so heavily on digital communication.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to texting habits, avoiding these eleven behaviors will help ensure that your conversations remain engaging and enjoyable for both of you – leading him closer to wanting something more serious with you.

Good luck out there, ladies!  ​

What Turns a Guy Off While Texting

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