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When A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

When A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

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“Opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams … that is being naked.” ~ Rob Bell

Baring your soul to other people is hard, regardless of your gender.

However, it is even more difficult for males.

Society has constructed a stereotype of the ideal man- quiet, strong, and stoic with an air of mystery.

This image is what most guys aspire to pattern themselves after the true epitome of masculinity.

So, what could make a guy start telling you personal things about himself?

You may know already that it’s a big deal because it doesn’t happen regularly, but you are confused about what it means.

I hope that at the end of this blog post, you will have gained enough insights into his motives for telling you personal things about himself.

When A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

1. He is comfortable with you

When A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

Whenever you meet a person for the first time, you don’t just go about sharing secrets with them or pouring out your soul to them.

The reason for this is not farfetched.

We only open up to people we feel comfortable with.

So, if he isn’t just telling you secrets about himself but he is also sharing embarrassing moments and private thoughts with you, it may be because he feels so comfortable with you.

He knows that you won’t judge him or share the details of the conversation with anyone else.

The fact that he is sure that you will keep his secret exactly as it is – a secret- influences his decision to share personal things with you.

Also, the fact that you are non-judgmental encourages him to keep sharing his personal life with you.

I remember when I was younger… I found it hard to talk to my dad because he always seemed to turn every conversation into a lecture and an admonition.

Those lectures were always long and tedious, and I would spend the whole time regretting ever deciding to tell him anything.

Now, he has overcome that particular tendency, and conversations with him are easier.

I know I am using my dad as an example, but it also applies to relationships between males and females.

If you are non-judgmental, guys will naturally want to confide in you.

2. He wants to connect with youWhen A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

I remember learning that in public speaking, you would have many occasions when you need to connect with the audience.

The best way to foster such a connection is to allow them to see a part of you they can readily connect with.

Share something personal and see how their interest perks up.

When a guy shares intimate details about his life, he may do so to strengthen his connection to you.

He is sharing these intimate details with you because he wants you to have a glimpse of what he is really like.

He wants you to know his strengths and weaknesses.

The fact that he is willing to be this transparent with you may be a sign that he wants a deeper emotional connection with you.

3. He values your opinions

Sometimes, when a guy tells you personal things, he is not just telling you because he wants a deeper connection.

Guys may tell you personal things about themselves if they value your opinions.

He is not just telling you important details about himself because he wants to tell you; he also requires your honest feedback.

This is especially true if he explicitly tells you about his plans for the future and then asks for your perspective on what he has told you.

Sharing such details with you is a sign of intimacy.

Sharing his plans and aspirations with you while asking for your honest opinion displays that he also respects you.

He believes you are intelligent and, hence, trusts your sense of judgment.

4. He wants to know more about you

When a guy begins to share personal details about himself with you, he may be doing it because he wants to know more about you as well.

When a person shares deep things about themselves, it inspires you to reciprocate by sharing more of yourself with them.

The fact that he is honest with you would inspire mutually honest conversations between you.

Doing this will help build a foundation of intimacy and transparency in your friendship.

Only time will tell whether his endgame is being just friends with you or more.

Such mutually honest communications are usually just a step away from a full-blown romantic relationship.

5. He needs comfort and support

When A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

When you probably saw this topic, you must have thought that most of the reasons guys tell a lady personal things about themselves is due to wanting a romantic relationship.

However, this is not so at all times.

Sometimes, when a guy tells you about painful events or his worries for the future, he may be doing it just to get support and comfort.

The fact is that guys have grown up trying to live up to the stereotype of masculinity that males must never be vulnerable.

They try their best to avoid allowing other people to see their tears.

However, this doesn’t mean that guys don’t go through painful circumstances.

Neither does it mean that guys don’t want to be comforted.

When that guy confides his struggles and pains with you, he does it because he wants your support.

Telling you about the issue may make him feel less alone even as he goes through some of the most dire situations in his life.

6. He has feelings for you

When A Guy Tells You Personal Things About Himself – 7 Important Things It Means

I think saying “he loves you” may be going a little far, but when a guy tells you personal things about himself, he probably has developed strong feelings for you.

Most guys are usually enigmatic and closed up when it comes to discussing personal matters, especially with ladies.

However, when a guy has strong feelings for someone, he opens up to them.

He begins to share his private thoughts, goals, aspirations, problems, and even his private sentiments with you.

Revealing this soft side of himself to you may leave him feeling exposed because it is against his instincts as a male, but he does this because he likes/loves you.

Telling you personal things about himself may be his way of helping you understand how much he cares for you.

7. He sees you in his future

It is one thing for a guy to like you; it’s another for him to see you in his future.

When a guy sees a future with you, it becomes natural to share more about himself with you.

He is ready to talk about the past, present, and future.

He would share his goals and aspirations with you while making plans for the future that definitely involve you.

His readiness to share these personal details with you and his propensity to make plans for the future with you should signify how much he wants to spend his future with you.

I remember when my friend met a particular guy who kept talking to her intimately.

He shared so much about himself, and she listened and made herself available to him, thinking he was just after friendship until the day he started making plans for the number of children they would have in the future and what they would name them.

That was when she realized what she thought of as just a close friendship had developed into something else in his mind.

The fact is that a guy can confide in you without wanting something romantic with you.

Don’t go around thinking that every guy who shares personal details with you wants a romantic relationship with you.

If you feel that he is coming too close, it is well in your right to ask for the definition of your relationship.

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