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14 Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

14 Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

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Emotional connection is one of the most important aspects of a relationship.

It’s what makes you feel happy, loved and cherished.

When you have an emotional connection with someone, it can make your relationship more stable, fulfilling and long lasting. 

But how do you know if he’s emotionally connected to you?

Here are some signs that will help you determine whether or not he’s feeling an emotional bond with you:


14 Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You 


1. He tells you everything and anything

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

If you have a man who is emotionally connected to you, he will be able to tell you everything and anything. 


He will be able to share his deepest insecurities and fears with you.


He will be able to tell you about his hopes and dreams.


He will open up to you and share his thoughts with you.


Because he knows there’s no shame in doing that. 


And he will allow you to share yours with him too.


He will also be able to talk about the past without feeling emotional pain or anger towards an ex. 


Men who are emotionally connected to their partners may still feel hurt by previous relationships but not enough so that they cannot move on with their lives happily.



2. He remembers the little things about you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

A good relationship is built on familiarity and trust, and both of these things are built by remembering what your partner likes and dislikes.


A man who’s emotionally connected to you will remember the little things about you—the way you dress, where you were born, what you like to eat, even how you like your coffee.


3. He listens to you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

A man who’s interested in getting to know you will make an effort to listen to what you have to say instead of just waiting for his turn to speak up. 


This shows that he’s interested in your life and wants to know more about it—which is essential when building a strong connection with someone. 


A who is not emotionally connected to you will not care to listen to you. 


He will be impatient and distracted when you’re speaking with him and will struggle to maintain eye contact with you. 



4. He’s not afraid to cry with you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

Emotionally connected men don’t shy away from showing their emotions in front of their partners. 


They’re not afraid to cry with them, even if that means crying together over something sad.


When a man is emotionally connected to you, he doesn’t have to prove macho or show strength when it feels like his strength is failing him. 


He doesn’t have to put up a show because he can be vulnerable with you. 


5. He’s willing to try new things with you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

When you’re emotionally connected with someone, you’d want to explore with them and build new memories with them, even if you’re not an adventurous person. 


So, an emotionally connected man isn’t afraid to branch out into new experiences with you. 


Whether it’s trying a new restaurant or watching a foreign film together at home.


Even if he doesn’t want to go along with whatever idea you have, he’ll offer up another suggestion instead of saying no right away.


6. He respects your boundaries

If a guy respects your boundaries, he cares about what you think and feel, and wants to make sure you are happy before he acts on his own desires. 


He shows this through his actions by respecting your decisions even if they differ from his own.


A guy who shares no emotional connection with you will not respect your boundaries because he doesn’t care about your feelings. 


Emotional connection is what makes you sensitive to someone’s feelings, but when it’s lacking, you don’t care how your actions and inactions affect them. 


6. He enjoys spending time with you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

If he’s eager to see you and wants to spend as much time as possible with you, then he’s emotionally connected to you.


When he’s around you, he has a smile on his face and tells you how much fun he’s having.


He doesn’t seem to mind if the conversation starts out light and easy, but then it turns serious or emotional as well. 


I love spending time with my best friends because I’m emotionally connected with them.


Especially as an introvert, it’s important that I establish emotional connection with someone before I spend too much time with them because I get easily drained by having company. 


So, if you’re dating someone who doesn’t love being with you, they’re probably not emotionally connected to you. 



7. He treats you like a priority

He makes time for dates and doesn’t cancel or postpone them at the last minute because something came up. 


He also makes sure that when you’re together, it’s quality time and not just sitting in front of the TV or computer screen.


In short, he treats you like you matter and the best thing that has ever happened to you. 



8. You feel like you can be yourself around him

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

You’re not afraid of what he thinks of you or what he’ll think about something you say or do.


You don’t have to pretend to be someone else or put on a show for him. 


He accepts you for who you are, which is the definition of emotional connection.


A connection is a two-way street, and you need to feel emotionally connected to him, too. 


So if you feel vulnerable with him as he is with you, you guys share an emotional connection. 


9. He shows a strong physical attraction to you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

While it’s possible for a man to be physically attracted to you but not emotionally connected, it’s much rarer for him to be emotionally connected with you if he doesn’t also find you physically attractive.


A man who’s emotionally connected will be physically attracted to you. 


He’ll show this attraction by making eye contact, smiling, and touching you when he can. 


In an emotionally connected relationship, the two people are comfortable being physical with each other. 


They might not even be getting busy between the sheets but they enjoy holding hands or sitting close together while watching a movie or reading a book. 


The key is that they feel comfortable getting close and intimate without feeling like they are crossing any personal boundaries or pushing things too far too fast.



10. He gives compliments about your personality and looks

If a man is emotionally connected to you, he will compliment your personality and looks. 


He may tell you that he likes how smart or funny you are, or how beautiful he thinks your eyes are.


He might even compliment things that don’t seem like something that would be complimented, such as the way you smile or how hardworking you are.  


If a man doesn’t compliment anything about your personality and looks, then it’s likely that he isn’t emotionally connected to you yet.



11. He’s interested in what interests you

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

He wants to know what makes you happy and sad, so he can make sure to do what makes you happy and avoid doing what makes you sad. 


This means he cares about your happiness, and it takes someone who is emotionally connected to you to care. 



12. He’s completely honest with you


A man who is emotionally connected to a woman doesn’t lie to her. 


He doesn’t play games or manipulate her feelings because he respects her too much to do so. 


He might not always be able to tell her what she wants to hear but he will always be honest with her and this is the most important thing. 



13. He invites you to hang out with his friends and family

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You

If you’re not already part of his social circle, he’ll introduce you to them. 


He’ll want to show off this wonderful woman that he’s dating and if he’s proud of you, then he’ll definitely want to share you with his group of people.



14. He doesn’t want to lose you

When a man is emotionally connected to you, it means his feelings run deep — so deep, so he will be terrified of losing her. 


He knows they have something special or could have something special in the future if they continue down this path together. 


It’s a huge sign that he’s emotionally connected to you. 


If he didn’t care about your relationship, why would it matter if you left?


But because he’s emotionally connected to you, he’ll try everything in his power to keep a relationship with you going strong.


If you’re experiencing all of these with your guy, you’ve got a good thing going. 


I hope you keep it that way! 

Signs a Man is Emotionally Connected To You





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