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When A Guy Cheats On His Girlfriend With You: 7 Things It Means

When A Guy Cheats On His Girlfriend With You: 7 Things It Means

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What does it mean when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you?

This is a very important question.

However, so much of our attention has been focused on what happens to the girlfriend that was cheated on and why the guy cheated that we hardly stop to consider the other side of the equation – the person he cheated with.

If you are the girl a guy is cheating on his girlfriend with, you may be wondering why he is cheating on her with you.

If you have a conscience, you may probably be feeling guilty for being the cause of another person’s heartbreak.

Even with this feeling of guilt, you may still not be able to stop yourself from wondering if the guy has deep feelings for you…

You may even wonder if he loves you.

All these are natural…

Wondering about this doesn’t make you an evil person.

Neither does dating a guy who is in a relationship make you a good person.

I am not here to pass judgment…

I am here to help you answer those many questions you have in your heart about why that guy is cheating on his girlfriend with you.

When A Guy Cheats On His Girlfriend With You: 7 Things It Means

1. He is not happy with his girlfriend

when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you: things it means

I think we can all agree that most men who are happy with their girlfriends don’t cheat on them.

If he is cheating on his girlfriend with you, then it is safe for you to conclude that he might be unhappy with her.

However, whether it is safe for you to conclude that you will be his source of happiness even when you know he has a girlfriend is left for you and your conscience to decide.

The “not-so-funny thing” is that it doesn’t take much for you to know when a guy is unhappy with his girlfriend.

Regardless of how much men pride themselves on being enigmatic, when it comes to their girlfriends, they usually wear their emotions on their sleeves.

He probably spends long periods ranting about how she makes him mad and how he wishes he had met you before her.

In fact, he may even attempt to convince you that he will exit his relationship with her in the near future.

Well… You may not be inclined to believe him at first, but consistently listening to him may begin to convince you of his sincerity.

If you are in these shoes, ask yourself what’s stopping him from cheating on you the next time he feels unhappy with you.

2. He is bored with his girlfriend

when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you: things it means

Oftentimes, relationships tend to settle into a cool and steady phase.

When it gets into this phase, partners may sometimes feel bored with their relationship and may want to just have some fun.

If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend with you, you need to consider the fact that he is actually bored with his girlfriend and just sees you as a temporary entertainer to spice up his life.

He is cheating with you because you are the temporary solution to his boring relationship, and the moment things pick up in his relationship, he will dump you, most likely.

I know I may be sounding too blunt, but sometimes, the truth has this way of grating on ears.

You will know if you are just a break from his boring relationship life if he only calls you when he wants to have sex or do wild stuff he won’t normally do with his girlfriend.

I don’t know what happened to you to make you settle for being second fiddle, but I am sure you can do better.

3. He has commitment issues

When a guy cheats on his girlfriend, it’s probably a sign that he has commitment issues.

Guys who cheat on their girlfriends with you are obviously not ready to shoulder the responsibility of commitment to a relationship.

They figure that they ought to have a little bit of “fun on the side” every now and then.

That’s what you probably are to him; an escape from the responsibility of a relationship.

He wants to have all the benefits of a relationship without committing to anyone, hence, retaining the ability to move from one lady to another.

It may seem like an impossible case of trying to eat his cake and still have it, but if he is already cheating on his girlfriend with you, then he is doing it.

4. He is simply disloyal

when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you: things it means

This is one thing you need to consider when a guy is cheating on his girlfriend with you.

What if he is not cheating because he is unhappy with his girlfriend?

What if he has no reason for doing what he is doing?

This is not to say that there’s a reason good enough to justify cheating, but sometimes, you can hide behind those excuses to justify your actions.

Some guys are just plainly disloyal.

They really don’t understand what it means to stay loyal to one person in a romantic relationship.

This kind of guy always says things like, “Monogamy is not meant for me” and “I am a free bird, I can’t be caged.”

Perhaps, this sort of guy may end up leaving his girlfriend for you, but do you think he will also be faithful to you?

Do you think you can suddenly make him feel that monogamy is meant for him?

There is no one that’s created for monogamy.

It is a decision to stay faithful to one person regardless of how many attractive people you may meet.

5. He doesn’t get enough intimacy with his girlfriend

when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you: things it means

Well… the kind of intimacy that many guys usually look for outside their relationship is of the physical sort.

So, a guy who isn’t satisfied with his sexual life with his girlfriend may decide to cheat on her with another lady who can satisfy his wilder urges.

As a Christian, I don’t advise that people should have sex until they are married.

However, if you already do and you have wild instincts in bed, that may explain why a guy who is not sexually satisfied with his girlfriend is with you.

It doesn’t mean he loves you.

He probably just finds you a convenient way to satisfy his wilder fantasies.

Guys do this a lot even when they know they don’t want anything serious with you.

I remember a guy who was dating a girl who was a virgin.

He was already sexually active but didn’t want to have sex with his virgin girlfriend until they were married.

So, he would cheat on her from time to time to satisfy his sexual needs while tenderly nurturing his girlfriend until marriage.

They are married now.

And he is no longer with the girl he cheated on her with.

6. You are desperate for a relationship

when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you: things it means

If a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you, it’s because you are cool with being the second string to their relationship.

I know you probably feel occasional twinges in your conscience, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are comfortable with it.

You would have ended it if you weren’t.

What could make a lady cool with being the side chick in a relationship?

It could simply be desperation.

You may not have realized it but you are actually desperate for a relationship.

That’s why you are settling for being a side chick.

Your relationship status shouldn’t define you.

The earlier you learn this, the better for you and society at large.

7. He loves you

when a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you: things it means

When a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you, there is a slim chance that he is doing it because he loves you.

There are no laid down rules about how love should be found, so I won’t be saying much about your expectation of love from a cheating man.

If he actually has feelings for you or loves you, he will prioritize you in his life.

He will consistently make time for you… at the expense of his girlfriend, of course.

He may promise to make things more official and exit his current relationship.

Of course, this is not proof that he loves you.

Almost all cheaters say the same things.

You can only really judge by his actions.

If his actions truly show that he loves you, then you will still have to struggle with the fear that he will also cheat on you in the future.

Ultimately, you must decide what you want from life and love.

Whether you want to continue being second string to another person’s relationship or you want to be with a man who truly loves you and only you.

The choice is yours.

But if you ask me, I would say…

Don’t meddle with their relationship anymore.

Don’t date a guy who already has a girlfriend.

If he truly loves you, he knows the right thing to do.


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