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Why Do Guys Flirt When They Have A Girlfriend?-11 Common Reasons

Why Do Guys Flirt When They Have A Girlfriend?-11 Common Reasons

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If you’ve ever asked, “Why do guys flirt when they have a girlfriend?” you’ve probably seen it happen.

When someone gets into a relationship, they’re supposed to cut every emotional attachment and unnecessary relationship they have with other people of the opposite sex.

They are to reduce unnecessary emotional connection and closeness and stop sensitive communication, including flirting.

However, we don’t see that happen in all cases; some guys still maintain closeness to other ladies even when they have a girlfriend.

Others even flirt and make advances at other women.

Why does this happen?

Today, I bring you answers.

Why Do Guys Flirt When They Have A Girlfriend? 11 Common Reasons 

1. They have loose boundaries

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The concept of boundaries is the primary reason people don’t just do what they feel like doing with others.

I can’t just walk into my neighbor’s house without ringing the doorbell or walk into an organization and try to see the Managing Director without following the necessary protocol.

In the same way, if a stranger came to grab your kid from school, it would be considered bizarre.

This is what boundaries do; they ensure that everyone is kept in their place.

People who lack an understanding of boundaries don’t always know where to stop and where to start.

Guys in relationships who still flirt with other ladies fall under this category.

They do what they do because they do not have and respect boundaries.

They do not understand that certain things – such as flirting with someone else when you have a partner is unacceptable and off-limits.

With them, anything goes, and that is a wrong way to live.

2. Personality flaw

Another reason a guy in a relationship would be flirting with another woman is because he’s badly behaved.

The concept of morals, values, respect, and so on is alien to some people.

They act in irrational ways and do wrong things.

Having a girlfriend yet still making sneaky comments to another lady shows that good morals are absent and a high level of immaturity is present.

This is the explanation for their actions most of the time.

3. The relationship is not a serious oneWhy Do Guys Flirt When They Have a Girlfriend? 11 Fascinating Reasons

Sometimes, a guy in a relationship would flirt because he’s not in a serious relationship.

Perhaps he’s just in a situationship, or maybe you wrongly assumed that he’s in a relationship, or perhaps the relationship is even an open one.

Many things are possible in our world today, and just because two people are always together may not necessarily mean that they are committed to each other.

Of course, a guy in such a situation shouldn’t be completely trusted because he may be of questionable character.

However, this may just be the case; he’s not in a serious relationship, so he feels comfortable enough to flirt.

4. They’ve mentally checked out of the relationship

The normal thing to do when you’re no longer interested in a relationship is to end it.

But some people choose to remain in it and just live like they’re not in any relationship.

When people lose their emotional connection with their partners, they may develop an interest in other people.

A guy in a relationship flirting with another woman can be a sign that the connection between him and his current partner is eroding or that he has mentally detached from the relationship.

5. They have personal issuesWhy Do Guys Flirt When They Have a Girlfriend? 11 Fascinating Reasons

Flirting is sometimes a way of seeking validation.

Some guys do it to make ladies develop an interest in them so they can feel good about themselves.

Yes, guys in relationships shouldn’t be doing this, but if they have personal issues on the inside, you may find them doing it.

Guys who have issues such as insecurity and low self-esteem may try to boost their confidence by flirting with people other than their partner.

This is in an attempt to get affirmed and feel more wanted.

Many times, they may not even intend to pursue anything beyond flirting.

They are just attention-seekers looking for validation.

6. Ignorance

I once read a quote that I love very much and says, “The best mathematics you can learn as an adult is the ability to calculate the future costs of your current decisions.”

Unfortunately, not all adults can do this.

When people are unaware of the impact of their actions on their lives and the lives of people around them, they act in ignorance and do things that they shouldn’t do.

Some guys who are in relationships and still flirt may not be fully aware of the impact of their actions.

They’re just ignorant about how it affects the health of their relationship, partner, and even themselves.

7. They’re not happy or fulfilled in their relationshipWhy Do Guys Flirt When They Have a Girlfriend? 11 Fascinating Reasons

Many times, guys use this as an excuse to flirt and even cheat, but there are times when it is the case.

Some people lack happiness and fulfillment in their relationships either because their expectations are not met, there are unresolved issues between them and their partners, or they feel like they are not compatible with their partners.

These issues can lead to a high level of lack of fulfillment, and they may begin to seek excitement and happiness in other people.

They have communication issues in their relationships as well because what they should have been doing is discussing how they feel with their partner.

Instead, they resort to flirting as a copy mechanism or a way to find fulfillment.

8. They’re trying their luck

It is often said that just because you haven’t done something before does not mean you’re incapable of doing it.

Sometimes, it’s just because the opportunity has not presented itself.

Sometimes, when guys in a relationship flirts with other women, it is just an opportunistic behavior.

They probably wouldn’t do that on a normal day, but the opportunity presented itself, and they jumped on it without thinking.

Perhaps they were bored or just curious and decided to do it for entertainment.

The ladies they’re flirting with would be making a big mistake to think that they are onto anything serious.

9. Desire for varietyWhy Do Guys Flirt When They Have a Girlfriend? 11 Fascinating Reasons

Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

The desire for variety is natural in every animal and human being, but what makes humans superior is the ability to exercise discretion and control their desires.

Unfortunately, not everyone exercises that power.

Some guys allow their desire for novelty to rule them.

Although they’re already dating, they desire more attention and get it by flirting with other ladies.

10. Peer influence

Being around guys who flirt habitually can make guys who are already dating flirt, too.

Peer influence can be very strong, making people do things they didn’t think they could do.

Guys whose social circles are full of people who engage in flirtatious behavior are likely to follow suit.

They may just join the train without fully considering the impact on their relationship.

11. Friendliness-flirting line Why Do Guys Flirt When They Have a Girlfriend? 11 Fascinating Reasons

Are they flirting, or are they just being friendly?

This is one question you must always ask yourself whenever you think someone is flirting with you.

Sometimes, it may just be a misinterpretation of friendliness.

They may not be consciously flirting, but their actions may come off as such.

You need to be more careful to be able to tell the difference.

The truth is that although many guys disregard their relationships and flirt with other women, many others do not.

And for the ones who do, their motives and reasons differ.

The reasons mentioned above are not exhaustive, but they capture the most common reasons for most guys who flirt while they’re in committed relationships.

However, whatever the motive or reasons, it doesn’t justify their actions because they are inappropriate.

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