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What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man? – 8 Important Things

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man? – 8 Important Things

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I was conversing with a friend recently, and I asked him if he knew what makes a woman lose respect for a man.

He went on to let me know that a man should be respected at all times.

To say I was taken aback would have been an understatement.

I went on to have this discussion with another friend, and he made me understand that, truly, there are actions that can lead a woman to lose respect for a man, and they are valid.

It went on to buttress my point that respect is not gender specific and should be mutual in relationships.

You cannot claim to be in a relationship with someone, show gross irresponsibility, and expect that person to hold you in high esteem.

The irresponsibility I’m talking about here cuts across every sphere of life in that union.

That is what I’ll be addressing in this blog post as the core factor of what makes a woman lose respect for a man in a relationship or marriage, as the case may be.

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man? – 8 Important Things

1. Lack of Integrity:

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

I call it a lack of integrity and an act of irresponsibility because it simply means that a man like this cannot be held to his words.

Imagine your partner making promises to you unprovoked and making you sufficiently rely on those promises just to let you down at the end of the day.

I will say forgive him if it’s a one-time thing.

But where it becomes the order of the day?

I will say he is simply a man who does not keep to his words.

This act can mess with your trust in him because you will no longer know what to believe.

I’m of the opinion that it is difficult to respect someone you do not trust.

It makes it difficult to build a solid connection because you probably have to be on your toes to figure out what is true from what is not, and even think every moment you look forward to will be a disappointment.


2. Disregarding Boundaries:

I think of boundaries as personal comfort zones, and everyone has them.

There are things you find cool as a person, things you do not mind, and things that are completely off-limits for you.

Imagine being with a man who has no regard for any of these limits.

A man who believes that you should have no boundaries with him because you are in a romantic relationship is indirectly saying he is not ready to acknowledge your boundaries, let alone respect them.

And as the saying goes, that respect is reciprocal; a man who is not ready to respect you by disregarding your boundaries is bound to experience disrespect from a woman.

His constant invasion of your space and barging in without permission will keep the relationship uncomfortable and disrespectful.


3. Failure to Communicate:

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

A relationship cannot survive without communication.

That is why it is called a relationship in the first place.

You must keep relating with one another for it to make sense to both of you.

But when you are willing to communicate about everything and anything, and you have a man who constantly leaves things hanging on a thread of let’s see how it goes or time will take you off it, you might be on your own.

A man who respects you will not turn down communicating with you on either simple or complex things that could make a relationship sail on a smoother sea.

When a man begins to constantly evade communication, it means that he is not ready to listen to you, nor is he ready to talk to you or reason things out with you.

This will lead to a confusing mess that he will still not clear up because he is not open to communication.

At that point, such a woman will completely give up on the man and focus solely on herself.

When this happens, know that the woman has lost all respect for the man.


4. Lack of Ambition:

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

A man without ambition does not see beyond where he is.

This kind of man has nothing going on for him.

He doesn’t mind lounging all day and night.

He floats like the cloud in the pathless air; anywhere he is tossed, he goes.

Imagine a man without a sense of direction and purpose, clueless and vague about the present or the prospects of his future.

Such a man comes with a form of unnerving for the woman.

She sees him, and all forms of excitement die down because there is technically nothing exciting about him to talk about.

When you, as a woman, are the ambitious one in your relationship, the one with the ambition and the drive, you tend to lose respect for that man who happens to be your lover.


5. Inability to Handle Emotions:

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

I understand that we all have our downtimes and moments of vulnerability.

Still, when a man is constantly unable to handle his emotions, it can become a major issue in the relationship.

Emotional stability and maturity are important qualities in any partner.

If your man is always falling apart at the slightest inconvenience or setback, it can be exhausting for you as a woman.

You may find yourself constantly having to take on the role of caretaker and emotional support, which can lead to feelings of resentment and frustration.

A man who cannot handle his emotions well may also struggle with communication and conflict resolution, which can further complicate issues in the relationship.

Ultimately, this lack of emotional control can make it difficult for both partners to maintain a healthy and stable relationship, which is the genesis of disrespect in a relationship.

6. Selfish Behavior:

Imagine being with a man who has nothing to offer you in terms of support or compromise.

A man who only thinks about himself and his needs, without considering how it may affect you or the relationship, is selfish.

This kind of selfish behavior can manifest in various ways, such as always wanting things his way, not considering your opinions or feelings, and constantly prioritizing his needs above yours.

This really gives birth to a loss of respect because the person does not value you or your needs in the relationship.

When someone is selfish, they are only concerned about their own happiness and satisfaction, which can lead to them disrespecting and disregarding their partner’s feelings.

It creates an imbalance in the relationship where one person’s needs and wants are always put above the other’s, leading to resentment and disrespect towards each other.


7. Lack of Empathy:

What Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

Imagine being with a man who does not get you on an emotional level.

He never really listens to understand you or your perspective and instead dismisses your emotions as insignificant.

He believes you’re just being hormonal or overreacting and never takes the time to truly empathize with you.

This lack of empathy can damage your relationship as it shows a lack of understanding and compassion towards your feelings.

It can also lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation for the partner who is not being heard or understood.

Without empathy, a relationship cannot have a true emotional connection, making it difficult to build trust and intimacy.


8. Failure to Take Responsibility:

We all mess up sometimes, right?

Now, picture someone who’s never willing to take responsibility for their actions.

He will constantly shift the blame onto others.

When you call him out for his bad behavior, he will make excuses and deny wrongdoing.

This can be incredibly frustrating in a relationship as it shows a lack of accountability and maturity.

It also means that conflicts are never truly resolved because instead of finding a practical solution to the issues at hand, he is more concerned with protecting his ego and deflecting any blame.


Several factors can lead to a woman losing respect for her man, and these are just a few.

As a man reading this, you may be wondering why respect is so important to a woman.

The truth is, for many women, respect is closely tied to love and affection.

When a woman feels disrespected by her partner, it can damage their emotional connection and lead to resentment and bitterness.

If you desire to make things work between yourself and that woman, you know what to do.

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