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How To End A Long-distance Relationship With Someone You Love

How To End A Long-distance Relationship With Someone You Love

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Long-distance relationships are challenging and require more effort than other relationships.

For many people, long-distance relationships work well, and the relationship thrives.

Unfortunately for others, the reverse is the case since the relationship must end for one reason or another.

If you feel tired of your long-distance relationship, experience irreconcilable issues, and want to end it, you may not know where to begin, especially if you still love your partner.

Here, we will give you a practical and helpful guide on how to end a long-distance relationship with someone you love.

Breakups do not always signify that love has exited the relationship.

Sometimes, people break up with their partners even when they still love them.

It is because love alone is not enough to keep a relationship moving.

It takes a lot more.

And in cases like a long-distance relationship, sometimes, if the distance can not be closed, one or both parties may want to go apart and find partners they are closer to.

If you need help to end your long-distance relationship with someone you love, here is what to do. 


How To End A Long-distance Relationship With Someone You Love

1. Think About It First

How To End A Long-distance Relationship With Someone You Love

The first step is to consider your decision and be sure it is what you want.

Like any other relationship, long-distance relationships go through different challenges and ups and downs.

It is worse with a long-distance relationship because physical presence and intimacy are absent, so it is easy to misunderstand each other, misconstrue actions and misinterpret text messages.

If you still love your partner and they still love you, consider working on the existing challenges instead of quitting the relationship like that.

Also, consider when the distance will end.

Your being apart may be temporary, and there are plans to reunite physically soon.

If this is the case, you may reconsider your decision to avoid regrets later. 

However, if you still want to proceed with the breakup, continue to read the next step.



2. Have Your Reasons

There are different reasons relationships end.

Many of these reasons are valid because if allowed to continue, they will bring worse experiences, and the relationship will become unhealthy or even toxic

If your relationship has constant arguments and unresolved conflict, it may be impossible for you to have a healthy relationship with that person. 

Frequent arguments reveal that something is wrong deep down in the fibers of the relationship. 

No matter how much you try, sometimes, you can not fix these issues. 

In some cases, the love may even be one-sided. 

Here is a valid reason to want to end the relationship. 

Know your reasons for wanting to initiate the breakup and be sure they are valid.



3. Choose Kindness

Before telling your partner your thoughts, get your mind in the right place and choose the right approach.

Remember you still love this person and do not want to end the relationship on an unpleasant note as much as it depends on you. 

So you must do your best to relay your thoughts pleasantly. 

As you prepare to communicate with your partner, take out words and expressions that can come off as aggressive and mean and may hurt them.

A breakup will be hurtful no matter what, but using the right words can reduce the effect.



4. Choose A Right Time And Contact Your Partner

There is no ideal time to hear that your partner wants to dump you.

But some times are better than others. 

Not every time is convenient for every conversation.

Some conversations require a time when both parties are mentally ready.

Be observant to know when your partner is not busy with work or trying to get something done. 

Ask them about their schedule and activities. 

Remember, you have chosen to be kind.

So it will be cruel to break up with them at a time when they have important things ahead.

It can mentally stress them and disrupt what they have planned out for themselves.

Pick a time when they are free and relaxed, then make the call. 

Do not break up over a text message or social media DM. 

That would be insensitive. 

Place a phone call or a video call to them. 



5. Be Honest And Vulnerable But Firm

You must open up to your partner and inform them exactly how you feel and why the relationship cannot continue.

Be honest with them and show your emotions and feelings.

However, you must still be firm and abide by your decision.

If your decision was well thought out, do not allow yourself to be talked or emotionally blackmailed out of it.

As much as you can, do not make the breakup a unilateral decision.

Be open to discussing with your partner and letting them be part of the decision making but regardless of what they say, stand by your decision.



6. Talk

How To End A Long-distance Relationship With Someone You Love

Here is the big part of the breakup.

Share your thoughts, feelings, fears, doubts, experiences, etc.

Talk to your long-distance partner and be open and confident enough to share your feelings and doubts.

Discuss things that bother you and listen to your partner share from his point of view.

Although you love your partner, love is not enough in this case, and you have to accept that fact.

Do your best to end the relationship on a good note.


7. Be Prepared For Different Reactions

Breakups are never easy, even for those who initiate them, let alone the person who is being dumped.

So, be prepared for a wide range of reactions from sadness to anger.

Keep in mind that everyone processes emotions differently.

So expect different reactions.


8. Allow For Time To Process

Give your partner to process and express their feelings about the end of the relationship.

After explaining your reasons for ending the relationship, you could say something like, “I understand this is difficult news to hear and I want to give you some time to process it. Can we schedule another call or video chat in a few days to talk more about how you’re feeling?”

By doing this, you’re allowing your partner to express their feelings in a healthy and constructive way, and it also shows that you care about their well-being.


9. Take care of yourself

Ending a long-distance relationship can be emotionally taxing, so be sure to take care of yourself during this time.

This is a time for self-care and self-compassion.

Yes, self-compassion because you may be overwhelmed with guilt for breaking up with your partner and breaking their heart.

The end of a relationship, no matter how much you loved the other person, is a loss, and it’s natural to grieve.

Take time to feel and process your emotions, maybe through journaling, talking to a therapist or friend, or finding healthy outlets for your emotions such as exercise or art.

Take care of your physical well-being by eating well, getting enough sleep, and engaging in activities that make you feel good.

Surround yourself with supportive people and remember to be kind to yourself.

This is a transition period and it takes time to heal and move on.


Final words

Breakups are never easy, but sometimes they become necessary for the good of one or both parties involved. 

Breaking up with a person does not mean that you have stopped loving them. 

It may mean they are not reciprocating the love or other factors make it difficult for you two to agree and have a healthy relationship. 

Your love for them is not

 enough to fix all the existing issues, so it is in your best interest to part ways. 

However, you must do your best to end the relationship in an amicable manner causing minimal hurt to your partner. 

A long-distance relationship is even more sensitive because the discussion will take place over the phone. 



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