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12 Things a Bad Relationship Will Cost You

12 Things a Bad Relationship Will Cost You

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No relationship leaves you the same. A relationship will either make you happier or sadder, make or mar you, add to you or take away from you.

So, just as a good relationship can add a lot of positive things to your life, a bad relationship will cost you some positive things.

What will an unhappy relationship cost you?

An unhappy relationship will cost you the following :

    1. Your Self-Esteem

No relationship will leave your self-esteem the same. 

No matter how healthy your self-esteem is, if you are in a relationship where you’re treated lesser than you deserve, your self-esteem will be negatively affected.

Imagine being constantly ignored, neglected, unloved, unappreciated, cheated on, taken for granted, abused physically or emotionally? 

You’ll start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you or what you’ve done wrong to deserve being treated like that. 

Imagine being constantly told horrible things like, ‘you’re dumb’, ‘you’re ugly’, ‘I don’t love you anymore’, ‘you’re unlovable’, ‘I’m not attracted to you’ etc. 

It’s good to have healthy self-esteem, but even the healthiest self-esteem will take a nosedive if not salvaged from a relationship characterised by abuse and unhappiness. 


2. Your happiness 

While I agree that happiness is a choice, being in a relationship creates some kind of expectations from a partner. 

I mean, we get into relationships in order to have someone to share our pains and joys with. 

Imagine if the person becomes the reason why you cry and never smile. 

How will you happy in such a situation? 

If you’re single and not emotionally entangled with anyone, you have no expectations and you are spared of the unhappiness that unfulfilled expectations create. 

It’s tough to be happy in an unhappy relationship, thus, a bad relationship will cost you your happiness.


3. Your Beauty

True beauty comes from within. A toxic relationship will make you age faster. 

Have you noticed how beautiful some women look after quitting a toxic relationship? 

This is because the happiness they feel inside of them reflects on the outside. Their faces radiate with the happiness they feel from within. 

You can’t mask your unhappiness with the most expensive makeup because true happiness comes from within and it shows on your face. 


4. Your Trust 

It’s hard to trust in another partner when you’ve been emotionally battered in a past relationship. 

Even though you know people are different, you’ll still exercise caution on trusting a partner. 


5. Your Vulnerability 

It takes vulnerability to love. To fall in love with someone requires you to bare yourself to them.

A bad relationship will make you not to let your guards down because you’re afraid of being hurt again.

While this is a wise thing to do, overdoing it can prevent you from enjoying deep emotional intimacy with a partner.


6. Your Peace

How can you have peace when you’re unhappy? How can enjoy peace when there is an avalanche of unfulfilled expectations in your heart? 

How can you have peace when you’re always misunderstood, unloved, ignored, unappreciated or abused? 

How can you have peace when you’re hurt? 

A bad relationship will steal your peace! 


7. Your Happiness for Others

When you’re unhappy in your relationship, it’s easy to stay envying others who are enjoying their relationship.

Except your heart is full of love, you’re likely not to be happy for others who are happy in their relationship.

It’s easy to be jealous of those who have what you desire but do not have.


8. Your Motivation

When you’re unhappy in a relationship, you are likely to lose interest in some other things such as work, hobbies, passion etc.


9. Your Productivity 

People in unhappy relationships tend to lose focus and concentration thereby leading to unproductivity.

You can’t give your best if you’re constantly distracted.


10. Your Sanity

A bad relationship can cost you your sanity.

People, women especially, usually end up in mental institutions due to relationships gone bad.

Matters of the heart are very delicate, that’s why I protected myself from being heartbroken when I was dating.

A bad relationship can set you on the path of depression.


11. Your Relationship with Others

You’re likely to transfer your aggression to others when you’re in a bad relationship thereby ruining your relationship with others.


12. Yourself

A bad relationship will cost you YOURSELF!

You’ll lose yourself, your identity. It can make you start questioning yourself and who you really are.

No matter your reason for staying in a bad relationship, ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

I pray you receive the courage you need to take the right decision. 

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