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Life is all about decisions and choices. You choose who you want to be.
A strong woman. A smart woman. A boss lady or a regular babe.
There’s nothing wrong with your choice. It’s just that there are consequences attached to every choice we make.
Regular is boring. Being a boss lady is fun and adventurous.
So, what makes a boss lady different from regular babes?
A boss lady knows what she wants and goes for it.
This is what makes a boss lady different from regular babes. She’s a go-getter. She’s not confused as to what she wants. She has a clear understanding of what she wants and goes after it.
She doesn’t let the society decide for her what she should be. Whatever she wants to be is her idea and not some someone else’s.
This doesn’t mean that she cannot be inspired or challenged by another person or their results.
A boss lady takes responsibility for her life and doesn’t wait for anyone to give her the life that she desires.
A boss lady has a possibility mindset
A boss lady doesn’t see whatever she wants to achieve as ‘impossible’.
It may be difficult, but never impossible.
She sees every problem as a challenge that is to be conquered, and not a factor that should limit her.
A boss lady will never give up on her goals until she has tried every means possible. 
If she can’t accomplish it alone, she seeks help.
Women are trying to become presidents of countries.
Difficult? Yes.
Impossible? No!
Boos babes are ready to smash every glass ceiling that seeks to limit them
A boss lady naturally commands respect even in a male-dominated field
A boss lady doesn’t beg to be respected no matter how heavily male-dominated her field is.
Her character, poise, skills, and excellence make her a force that cannot be ignored.
It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where women have to prove that they are qualified before they can be respected and accepted.
So, yes, a boss lady is respected because she’s badass at what she does. She’s doesn’t do wishy-washy jobs. She’s highly recommended.
A boss lady knows her onions.
People know she gets the job done!
A boss lady doesn’t sweat the small stuff
A boss lady doesn’t spend her energy on minor issues because she has more important things to concentrate on.
In a poll I held on why people don’t like working with female bosses, some people opined that some female bosses are pretty and sentimental.
Well, a boss lady doesn’t get entangled with minor issues that can be ignored.
A boss lady isn’t in competition with anyone
The only person a boss lady is in competition with, is herself. She’s constantly trying to be better than who she was yesterday.
She’s confident in herself and who she is. She doesn’t need to compare or compete with anyone to feel accomplished.
And because she isn’t in competition with anyone, ladies especially, she supports and defends them.
They say, “women are their own enemies.”
This isn’t the case for a boss lady because she’s confident in herself and doesn’t feel threatened or intimidated by anyone. That’s why she’s able to support other boss babes.
It’s the joy of a boss babe to see other women become boss babes.
Boss ladies support each other. Regular babes pull down each other.
Boss babes network, regular babes gossip
A boss babe understands the power of networking in achieving her life goals. She knows that you’re as rich as your network.
So, she networks with other boss babes instead of gossiping about them.
A boss babe minds her business. She’s not nosy.
Regular babes gossip other babes because they’re regular. Boss babes network.
Boss babes are simple, yet classy
Boss babes don’t do much to be noticed. They don’t scream for attention, they command it.
They don’t have to wear a heavy makeup or wear a loud dress to be noticed. They are simple, yet fashionable and classy.
Simple is more attractive than loud.
Boss babes understand that less is more.
Boss babes take care of their body
Boss babes understand the power of physical attractiveness.
People see you before they hear you. Let your looks match your words. Let your looks do the talking before your mouth speaks.
Boss babes are not those who break a bank to look good. They don’t necessarily have the ‘ideal body’.
But they eat right, exercise, drink water, apply good skin care products, wear what fits them, and above all, they wear confidence.
Boss babes have integrity
Integrity is what makes a boss babe who she is.
A boss babe isn’t a perfect lady but she has strict moral standards that she won’t often compromise.
A boss babe keeps to her words. She’s honest to herself and to others. She fulfills her promises. She’s not shady. She’s trustworthy and dependable.
These nine things make a boss lady different from regular ladies.
We are all imperfect people trying to make sense out of life, so don’t feel bad if any of these qualities doesn’t describe you.
I’m also not there yet but I’m on my way to becoming a boss lady. Let’s keep supporting one another until we all become boss ladies; because that’s what boss ladies do.
Kindly share this. Let’s help others commence their journey to becoming boss babes.

Sharing is caring!

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