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How To Make Your Husband Crazy About You Even After Years Of Marriage – 10 Ways

How To Make Your Husband Crazy About You Even After Years Of Marriage – 10 Ways

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After years of marriage, it’s easy to fall into a rut and lose that spark that brought you and your spouse together in the first place. 

However, it’s also possible to keep things alive through the years of marriage or reignite that spark and keep your husband crazy about you, even after all these years. 

While you were dating, your husband, then fiancé, must have effortlessly been into you more than now that you have both been married for years.

In marriage, however, at some point, due to some issues such as work, financial responsibility, parenting, stress, etc., it requires some deliberate effort.

The couple must be very intentional to remain smitten in love with each other.

For your husband to be really into you after being married for years, there are some things you both should make a habit of.

In this article, we will focus on some practical tips and strategies for you as a woman to make your husband of many years remain crazy about you. 

Are you ready to dive in?

How To Make Your Husband Crazy About You Even After Years Of Marriage – 10 Ways

1. Play your role in the relationship

It’s pretty easy to ignore your role as the wife while focusing on your husband’s.

It’s essential to fulfill the role you have in your relationship. 

This doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional gender roles – it just means understanding what you bring to the table and making the most of it.

Marriage is about teamwork, and the emphasis here is on “work.”

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – I love that saying! 

And it’s true in marriage. 

The marriage is much more likely to thrive when both partners work together.

And as such, you must not neglect your roles so you do not burden your husband.

When he feels too much pressure on him, resentment may gradually set in.

Please be humble enough to be accountable for your role in the marriage.

2. Shower him with compliments and accoladesHow to make your husband crazy about you even after years of marriage

One of the prominent love languages of most men is words of affirmation.

Affirm him and watch how he starts to value and prioritize you more.

Compliments and accolades can take many forms. 

They can be verbal or nonverbal, about anything from your husband’s appearance to character to accomplishments. 

For example, you could tell your husband, “You look so handsome in that suit,” or “I’m so proud of you for getting that promotion.” 

These comments help him feel good about himself and loved by you.

Nonverbal compliments are subtle actions that show your appreciation for your partner.

As for me, this usually comes as a smile or a knowing look at my husband.

If you make this a habit with your husband, he will advertently regard you as his number-one fan and cheerleader.

He won’t ever take you for a joke!

3. Be his friend and confidantHow To Make Your Husband Crazy About You Even After Years Of Marriage

Ladies, being a wife also entails being a friend and confidant. 

This will require you to be emotionally present for him.

It’s about having open and honest communication, supporting each other through good times and bad, and being a shoulder to cry on when needed.

If your husband is having a bad day or going through a tough phase, ask him what’s happening and lend a listening ear. 

Another instance of being a friend and confidant is being honest with your partner. 

This means sharing your thoughts and feelings, even if it’s hard.

It also means being open to hearing your husband’s honest thoughts and feelings. 

This kind of openness builds trust and intimacy.

4. Watch out for him and his well-beingHow to make your husband crazy about you even after years of marriage

In a marriage, it’s easy to get caught up in your own life and forget to pay attention to your spouse’s well-being.

But checking in with your husband and ensuring he’s doing okay can be very important. 

This could mean anything from asking him how he’s doing to noticing if he seems stressed or unhappy and offering support.

Make sure he’s eating healthy and taking care of his physical health.

You could also cook him nutritious meals, encourage him to exercise, and help him stay on top of his doctor’s appointments, if any.

Encourage him to pursue his interests and hobbies.

Bottom line, let it be evident to him that you have his best interest at heart, and he will treat you as a treasure to be jealously kept.

5. Don’t stop winning him overHow to make your husband crazy about you even after years of marriage

Certainly, when you both were dating or newly married, there must have been some things you consciously and flirtatiously did to make your man love you more.

As the years pass, you can get more relaxed and complacent, gradually ceasing to do those things.

You might consider these gestures, no matter how inconsequential they seem, not significantly impacting your relationship.

However, they might have meant much to your husband while you did them.

Make a list of these things you did previously as a girlfriend or as a new wife.

You may be surprised at the number of things you no longer do or as much as before.

If you are not sure what those things were because you might have forgotten, ask him.

Resume them and watch your husband fall head over heels in love with you all over again.

Even though you’re already married, it’s important to continue showing your husband why you’re the one he chose to be with.

6. Initiate intimacy moreHow to make your husband crazy about you even after years of marriage

By initiating intimacy, I mean taking the initiative to show your husband that you desire and appreciate him. 

This could mean anything from giving him a hug or kiss when he walks in the door to planning a romantic evening together to setting the pace for love-making.

Do not be mistaken to think you are only meant to reciprocate the intimate gestures from your husband.

I would also like to let you know that you have the duty to be the initiator while he reciprocates.

It’s about making your husband feel desired and valued and showing him that you still find him attractive and desirable, even after years of marriage. 

7. Practice self-careHow To Make Your Husband Crazy About You Even After Years Of Marriage

Self-care is vital for both you and your relationship. 

You’ll feel more confident and happy when caring for yourself, which will show in your relationship.

When you care for yourself, your husband will find you more appealing.

And it’s not just about physical appearance – it’s also about feeling good mentally and emotionally. 

Moreover, when you’re feeling your best, it shows in how you treat others, including your husband.

As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

In other words, you must ensure you’re taking care of your well-being to have the energy and capacity to care for your husband. 

8. Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is vital to keeping the spark alive in a relationship. 

It’s easy to get into a routine and take each other for granted, but being spontaneous and trying new things together can help keep things exciting and fresh.

To be spontaneous, you could do unexpected things, like planning a surprise date night or giving him a hug or kiss when he least expects it. 

The motive is to keep things exciting and fun and avoid falling into a predictable routine. 

Spontaneous gestures also show your husband that you’re thinking of him and invested in the relationship. 

Your spontaneous gestures will most likely make him feel appreciated, desired, and loved. 

And this will, in turn, make him continually enamored.

These gestures can remind him of the excitement and passion that first brought you together and can help rekindle those feelings.

9. Dress to impress himHow to make your husband crazy about you even after years of marriage

Dressing up and looking nice for your husband can be another way to keep him enchanted. 

It doesn’t have to be anything over the top – it could be as simple as wearing a nice outfit or specially doing your hair.

I’d recommend focusing on looking put-together and well-groomed. 

That doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines all the time, but paying attention to your personal grooming can go a long way. 

Things like wearing clothes that fit well, taking care of your hair and skin, and maintaining good posture can make you look and feel more attractive to him.

I also recommend finding a style that is both comfortable and flattering. 

Avoid wearing something uncomfortable or doesn’t fit well, but it’s also important to find clothes that flatter your figure.

And don’t forget about your personal style – wear things that reflect your personality and make you feel confident. 

Seeing his wife put in the time and energy to look nice can make him feel like you value him and care about his opinion. 

Of course, this is not to say that you should only dress for your husband’s approval – you should dress for yourself first and foremost. 

But it’s undeniable that taking care of your appearance can positively affect your husband.

10. Pray for himHow to make your husband crazy about you even after years of marriage

Prayer can be a powerful tool for strengthening a marriage and deepening your connection with your husband.

It can also bring you closer to God and provide a sense of peace and comfort. 

So, taking the time to pray for your husband on a regular basis can be an important part of making him fiercely devoted to you.

Taking the time to pray for your spouse can help him feel loved and appreciated deeply and spiritually.

And when you feel close to God, that can radiate into your relationship and help you feel more connected to each other.


Last Thoughts

To sum it all up, the key to making your husband crazy about you (in a good way!) is to focus on building a strong, healthy relationship

This means being kind, supportive, and respectful while also being honest and vulnerable with each other. 

And don’t forget to have fun together! 

By connecting with your husband in these ways, you can ensure that your relationship stays strong and happy for years to come.

Even though I’ve offered some tips and strategies, every relationship is unique.

So, at the end of the day, the best way to make your husband feel loved and appreciated is to be yourself and do what feels natural and authentic to you both.

Cheers to a continually blissful union!


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