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8 Stupid Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Miss You

8 Stupid Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Miss You

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How do you make your husband miss you like crazy?

You probably stay in the same house already.

You see each other every day after work and spend the entire weekend together…

So, how do you make someone who is so familiar with you miss you?

The problem with many marriages is not an absence of love.

It is the fact that both partners are so comfortable with each other that they no longer put much effort into marriage.

I am guessing that you have read this article to this point because I am describing your marriage, and you desperately need to change things.

You want your husband to desire and cherish you as much as you desire and cherish him.

You want him to miss you

And thankfully, you have found your way to the right place.

I have curated a list of some of the most failproof ways to make your husband miss you.

Come along; let’s learn how to stir up desire in your husband’s heart!

8 Stupid Simple Ways To Make Your Husband Miss You

1. Reduce communication

how to make your husband miss you

Now, you must think that I am contradicting myself.

If you have been following my writing, you will realize that I love to say that effective communication is a necessary ingredient for any successful relationship.

Why am I asking you to reduce communication, then?

The frequency of communication doesn’t make it effective.

In fact, you may call someone ten times every day and your communication is still not effective.

Effective communication is simply the ability to express how you feel in a way that your partner can understand.

It’s normal to feel the urge to talk to your husband whenever you get the chance.

If you felt otherwise, I would have doubted the fact that you truly love him.

We all have experienced this need to talk to someone every chance we get, and I know it can be overwhelming.

However, if you want to make him miss you, you must learn to control that impulse to always talk to him.

It’s alright to feel it, but fight against it sometimes.

Don’t take it to the extreme and start acting cold around him.

I am not asking you to stop talking to your husband entirely.

Just find a way to control the impulse to always talk to him when you miss him.

He will miss you that way.

Sometimes, when you love someone, you just want to talk to him all the time, but you need to ensure that your need to talk to him does not constitute a nuisance to him.

A female friend would always call me because she was bored.

At first, her calls were welcome until they started becoming unwelcome, and I had to tell her to get something to do with her time if she knew she couldn’t deal with a little bit of loneliness.

I love my space.

Most men do, and if you constantly infringe on his private moments, even when you are his wife and he loves you, he will start to get tired of your company.

2. Don’t reply to his texts so fast

how to make your husband miss you

Now, I don’t really like this, but I believe it could be effective, depending on how you do it and to whom you do it to.

A female friend tried this with me once, and I only ended up doubling the time I waited for her response to respond to her.

I know I am petty; you don’t need to say it.

Most men want to be the ones chasing after you, not the other way around.

I am like an exception to this rule.

I like being chased but not so much that you do irrational things like call me five times a day.

If you reply to your husband’s texts so fast, he may begin to take it for granted.

He may get the impression that you are readily available to him at any time he wants.

Create an impression of being busy by delaying your response to his texts.

However, you can check to certify the importance of the message before making him wait.

3. Have a life of your own

This is the mistake that most women make when they marry.

It’s almost like they swap identities and are now the same as their husbands.

They don’t have friends, and the ones who do don’t hang out with their friends.

Your whole life revolves around your husband or being a married woman

That’s a problem if you want your husband to miss you.

It is important to have a life of your own, complete with your own friends.

If you have a life outside your marriage, you won’t really cling to your husband.

One thing most men dislike is a clingy wife.

He may not realize how much he dislikes it in the early stages of the marriage, but after some time, it will take all his strength not to scream, “Get a life!” at you.

Have friends you can trust.

Have a passion or hobby that you enjoy, and make time for it.

This will not only give you a sense of fulfillment and purpose outside of your marriage but also make you more interesting to your husband.

He will see that you have a life beyond him and will appreciate the fact that you are not entirely dependent on him for your happiness.

In fact, having friends and hobbies can alleviate any feelings of loneliness or boredom in a marriage.

When couples spend all their time together, they often run out of things to talk about or do together.

Having separate interests allows each person to bring new experiences and topics into the relationship, keeping things fresh and exciting.

So, try to maintain a balance between your marriage and personal life.

Yeah, prioritize your relationship, but neglecting your own needs and interests can lead to resentment and unhappiness.

Then you can always…

4. Hangout with friends sometimes

how to make your husband miss you

You didn’t think I was asking you to have friends just to talk to them on the phone, did you?

Occasionally, y’all could arrange to go out and have some fun.

Remember how you used to do it as kids before adulthood took that away from you?

You can hang out with friends occasionally, even while the world seems to be putting its whole weight on the shoulders of adults.

Don’t just hang out with them; you need to take pictures for memory’s sake and also “pepper” your husband.

“Pepper” is Nigerian slang for making someone see what they missed.

Send the pictures to him and let them remind him how much fun you are to hang out with.

Marriage doesn’t need to revolve around the routine of going to work and coming back to watch the news and sports channels.

Your husband needs motivation to break that routine, and pictures of you hanging out with your friends could be the right motivation.

5. Never stop being intriguing

When he met you, you used to be interesting.

Now, it seems like there is nothing interesting about you, and he may have been making it all up.

He didn’t make it all up.

The problem is that you have gotten so predictable.

He knows what your response to any situation will be.

You should be unpredictable sometimes.

Surprise him.

A life with a predictable partner can be incredibly boring.

Your husband has nothing to look forward to, so even though he loves you, he really doesn’t miss you when you are not around.

Occasionally, let him come and meet you all dolled up in lingerie, waiting for him in bed.

Or you could initiate spontaneous dates.

Go to the park and ride a rollercoaster.

Do something crazy with your husband from time to time if you want him to miss you like crazy.

I know married life, especially with kids, can be exhausting.

But don’t let that stop you from keeping the spark alive in your marriage.

6. Be the type of woman he can miss

Everyone wants their partners to miss them, but the question should be…

Are you the kind of person that should be missed?

Are you a peaceful wife?

Do you encourage him to confide in you without being judgemental?

Do you support him in his endeavors?

Are you his greatest cheerleader?

If the answer to these questions is in the affirmation, you are the kind of woman who deserves to be missed by her husband.

In fact, you don’t need to do anything to be missed by him.

He just naturally misses you.

However, if you always nag him or cause trouble for him, it is no surprise that he doesn’t miss you.

No one misses trouble.

You need to change those toxic traits because they are harmful to any relationship.

7. Be independent

how to make your husband miss you

In this age, there is nothing more attractive than an independent woman.

Gone are the days when men looked for women who would depend on them all their lives.

Marriage requires a healthy level of interdependency among couples.

This is quite important to have a great relationship.

However, it is important that you realize that a woman who doesn’t totally rely on her husband for everything is so attractive to men.

When you are an independent woman, you will be so attractive to your husband, and because you have things to do in your life, there will always be space to miss you.

An independent woman is never clingy and has a life of her own.

The summary of it all is that a woman who would be missed by her husband must have a degree of independence.

8. Don’t overdo it

I know you want him to miss you badly.

However, don’t be so desperate about it that you overdo it.

If you try too hard to do any of the things mentioned above, you could end up having the opposite effect of distancing yourself from your husband.

Just get a life of your own.

Spend some time away from him.

You don’t know what to do?

Get a hobby.


Get some sort of fulfillment from helping other people.

There’s more to life than your marriage, and you will not be doing yourself any favors by remaining insulated from it.


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