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12 Romantic and Creative Ways to Say Sorry to Your Partner

12 Romantic and Creative Ways to Say Sorry to Your Partner

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Sometimes, we get really stuck on how to say sorry when we wrong our partner, and we always want to make it real, different from the usual “sorry” just to let our partners know we’re truly sorry and to make them know they are special.

If you need ideas on other ways to say sorry to your loved one, here are 12 ideas to try:


1.Send a text

Send a text telling him/her how much they mean to you and how you do not mean to hurt him/her.

Also, tell them you love them so much and that whatever happened will not happen again.

Make sure you mean whatever you say. Don’t make empty promises.

2. Leave a note

Leave sticky notes where they are likely to see them.

For example, writing “I’m sorry” on a sticky note  and pasting it on the wall, on a table, on the wardrobe, the closet, shoe rack, or even on their car, anywhere they’re likely to see it, could earn you an instant forgiveness.

3. Food

There is more to food than just the eating. There is an emotional side to food.

Remember the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction you experience when you eat your favourite food?

Some months ago, Hubbie bought me my favourite dish when I was angry with him.
Honestly, it worked; because I found myself beaming with smiles. ?

So, you could prepare their favourite dish, order it or take them to a restaurant they love.

5. Buy their favorite candies or chocolates

Create a “I’m sorry” using chocolate bars on a tray, a table, on the bed or anywhere they can see it.

6. Cakes

Order customized surprise cupcakes with “I love you” or “I’m sorry” messages on it. Serve it to him/her in bed?.

You can also have it delivered to them at work or at home.

7. Gifts

Buy them something they have always wanted for a long time. It shows how thoughtful you are.

8. Voice notes

Send voice notes to them, apologize sincerely for your wrongs.

9. Music

Music helps us to express ourselves when we can’t find words.

If there is any song that expresses your feelings and your words, send it to them.

Music is also a form of communication.

10. Wear your feelings

Get a “I’m sorry” blouse or T-shirt and wear it whenever you are with them all day long.

11. Accept your fault

Acknowledge the fact that you’re at fault and that you’re willing to change. This is probably one of the most important ways to apologize for your wrongs.

12. Write a letter

Who writes letters nowadays when we have a phone?

Oh well, YOU!

Write a letter saying you’re sorry, express your feelings and don’t hold back.

Why go through all these stress, you might say.

I think nothing is too much to do for someone you love or to make them feel special, especially if you’ve really hurt them.

If you don’t make them feel special, who will?

romantic ways to say sorry to your partner


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