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10 Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

10 Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

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Marriage is an institution that comes with different seasons.

No doubt, marriage is beautiful, but it takes a lot of work and intentionality to build.

Some marriages start off with the honeymoon and enjoyment stage where everything is about butterflies in the belly and feelings.

As they journey, they face challenges and try to adapt to each other.

z, but when handled maturely, it can lead to a deeper understanding between the couple.

It is said that it takes two to tango.

What happens when one person tries to tango alone?

What if one person wants to tango while the other wants to dance “bata”?

Premium frustration!

Many women are loyal to a fault, but what happens when a woman gets tired of trying?

For context, this could happen to any gender.

Yes, even men could get fed up in their marriages too.

But today, we will look at the signs that a woman is fed up in a marriage.

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10 Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

1. She stops trying

Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

Even strong women have their breaking points.

Have you ever tried to do something and wasted so much money, energy and effort on it to no avail?

If you have, then you’ll know how painful that must feel.

Personally, “when water pass garri” and the thing I am working on is making me tear out my hair, I may just stop trying altogether for my peace of mind.

One sign that a woman is fed up in a marriage is that she stops trying.

The woman who used to try to make peace and ensure her husband was fine, even at her own expense, would suddenly stop.

Even when he initiates resolution of conflict, she may not put much effort into resolving the issues because she has given up.

This is a dire state because it is like someone losing hope or faith in a thing.

I have met people who have lost hope in certain things; they don’t even bother trying again. 


2. She stops caring

When a woman is fed up in a marriage, she just stops caring.

She starts acting out of character.

If she sacrificed everything for her family, she may suddenly become more self-centered.

I used to have a roommate who was so motherly that she always made sure everyone was fine.

At night, she’d ensure you were well covered from the cold of the night or mosquitoes.

If this describes how caring your wife is, a sign that she has given up is that she stops doing those things altogether.

She may no longer care that you spend the night outside the house.

She may not give a hoot about whether or not you’ve eaten or care to know how your day went.

All of the care she used to lavish on you will fade away… She is fed up!


3. She stops talking to you

Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

While it would be a hasty generalization to say that women like to talk, I’d say that they love to talk to people they like and are comfortable with.

Want to know if she’s fed up in a marriage?

Check how much she shares with you.

This is easy to determine especially if she is the chatty type.

She stops telling you things about herself or asking about your day.

It may feel like silent treatment in a different way because this isn’t her trying to keep malice with you.

Best believe that if she is not talking to you, you are insignificant, and she’ll be talking to other people (doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s cheating).


4. She stops fighting or nagging

Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

If she used to complain about things that didn’t please her before, she’d stop complaining.

While you may be feeling that all is at peace, don’t be deceived.

That false peace is the sign of an incoming storm.

The reason she has stopped nagging or fighting is because she is fed up with the marriage.

In her mind, there’s no point complaining about what won’t change anyway.


5. She invests in her kids and herself

Most women who have kids, when they get fed up in a marriage make their children the object of their sole affection.

She may also begin to go out more, focus on self-care, hang out with friends, and do the things that make her happy.

This is because she is tired!


6. She starts to fight back

Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

Not all personality types are very expressive, and some women are quiet and try to persevere.

However, when push comes to shove and they get fed up of taking sh*t, they will start fighting back.

While you may be shocked at this out-of-character response, it is only a sign that they have had enough!

I know a lady who was constantly emotionally manipulated by her husband.

She’d cry bitterly while the man said very hurtful words at her. 

One day, she snapped and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

He was so shocked that he slapped her.

But what was even more shocking was that she slapped him back!

Now, we don’t support violence here, but this is just an instance of what happens when a woman is fed up in her marriage.

The once docile woman may suddenly metamorphose into a fighter!


7. She shuts down ‘bedroom operations’


When she is fed up in a marriage, bedroom activities will no longer excite or please her.

Instead of subjecting herself to the torment of mindless sex, she’ll decline.

She may also shut down access to sexual suggestions.

Think of a lockdown situation… that’s it!

In fact, some women move out of the room to avoid awkward situations.


8. She cheats on you

Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage


Cheating is never a good option but sometimes when a woman is fed up in her marriage, she resorts to finding love in the arms of another.

It is said, “that affection goes where attention goes.”

So, if the woman is no longer in love with her husband and she meets an old flame who gives her what she wants she may choose to cheat for the momentary pleasure.


9. She moves out

When a woman is fed up in her marriage, she may leave the home.

For some, it starts out as a temporary separation and her needing her space.

Then, it may eventually lead to her moving out of the house totally.


10. She initiates divorce

Signs That A Woman Is Fed Up In A Marriage

When a woman is fed up in a marriage, she may initiate divorce.

In the past, women were known to endure and persevere through marital issues however, that is fast changing.

These days, it is not so strange to see a woman initiating divorce.

In fact, most divorce cases are usually on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.”

This is what happens when a woman is fed up in her marriage, she gives up and lets go of it totally.

This point is what I call a DEAD END.

She is done, and her mind is made up.


Being fed up is a feeling that comes with frustration and sometimes the painful realization of how hopeless a situation is.

It is particularly painful if you have invested so much in making things work to no avail.


Anyway, I daresay that even the signs of a woman being fed up in a marriage can be turned around if hope is infused in her heart again by real-time change.

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