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Love knows no bounds.

People meet the love of their lives both offline and online.

However, with online dating, it’s easier to fall into the hands of people with no genuine intentions.

You do not see them in person, so you are left to believe what they say and portray about themselves. 

On top dating apps for millennials and young adults, where many profiles are competing for attention, being able to tell if someone is genuinely sincere or just putting on a charming act requires being careful and trusting your instincts.

Guys who are players are often smooth and nearly irresistible.

However, as a lady, what are some of the signs you should look out for in a guy you meet online to ensure he isn’t playing you and many other ladies at the same time?

In an age where living a fake and double life has become rampant, one cannot be too careful.

These signs could sell him out as a player if he is one.

10 Signs the guy you met online is a player.

1. He uses pet names on you too early

Signs the guy you met online is a player


Imagine being addressed as sweetheart, baby, love, etc., by a guy chatting you up for the first time.

This is a sign that he is unserious.

He does not try to get to know you, yet showers you with unprovoked, flattering compliments.

Any lady who constantly seeks validation from the opposite sex may easily fall into the hands of such guys because they are often generous with generic compliments and pet names.

Therefore, it is important to look past this superficial outlook and restrain yourself from giving much thought to all the unsolicited compliments.

If you observe that all he has to offer is pet names and flatteries, nothing substantial, no matter how much you try to engage him, then it’s clear that you are dealing with a player.

This will require a healthy dose of self-esteem and confidence.

2. He ghosts you

Signs the guy you met online is a player


Ghosting is a common trait among players.

They go on and off at will.

If the guy you met online has the habit of suddenly disappearing into thin air for a long while, with no prior notification to you, and returns as if nothing happened.

In that case, you should consider this a sign of unseriousness and possible inability to commit.

That is probably when he gives attention to numerous other ladies he is also playing. 

A  guy who values the time you spend together online would not see going off on you with no justifiable reason as a good idea.

You may even see him online, yet he suddenly stops responding to your chats, only to return days or weeks later like he never left you hanging.

As for me, if you care about the friendship we are building and you go off on me without giving me a heads up, it had better be an emergency that you can prove.


3. He asks you to send him sexy pictures of yourself 

Signs the guy you met online is a player



If the guy you met online constantly asks, begs, or boldly demands that you send him your sexy or nude pictures, you should be worried that he might be a player.

And more often than not, a guy like this is likely to pick offense when you refuse to.

He doesn’t respect your choice and won’t take no for an answer.

4. He always uploads pictures of ladies alone

Signs the guy you met online is a player

I know this may not be a big deal to some, but it’s something to be considered.

If the guy you met online is fond of uploading pictures of many ladies every time, he could be a ladies’ man.

It could also be pictures of himself with different ladies clinging to him every time.

This could be a sign that you should be wary of him.

I think the first step is to find out if he is an only son in the midst of many sisters and why his sisters like to cling to him so much.

I hope you caught my sarcasm up there.

Frankly, with online dating, you cannot afford to be unassuming.

5. He has no pictures on his profile

This is an undisputable sign that something is off about him.

 If not, what else would warrant him hiding his identity from a lady he is chatting up?

 He has no pictures of himself or any friends on his profile.

Guys like these often upload impersonal images in place of their pictures.

In my opinion, no sensible lady should even accord this kind of guy any form of attention.

He is clearly up to no good.

6. He has multiple accounts on a platform

This right here is a warning sign that should raise doubts in your mind

It’s okay if he is present on every social media platform, as is the norm for many people.

However, if the guy you met online operates more than one account on the same platform, you should wonder for what purposes the other accounts are.

It’s a common trait amongst online fraudsters and players.

The other accounts are probably for his escapades with many other girls.

7. He only texts at night

Signs the guy you met online is a player



Of a truth, this could be a harmless sign in some cases.

Especially if you are certain about his schedule being busy during the daytime, probably because of the nature of his work.

If the guy you met online is mostly always available to chat at night.

It could be a sign that he simply wants a lady with whom he can engage himself while he relaxes, or he needs someone to invite over for the night if the chance presents itself.

You can also study the trend of the chats on those nights.

If they always tend towards dirty talks or sexting, this should confirm your fear about him.

8. You know next to nothing about him after a long while

Signs the guy you met online is a player

If you observe that your discussions never go deeper beyond the surface such that you realize that you do not have a handful of information about the guy after a long while.

He is definitely not allowing you to get to know him because he is only out to play you.

Players are known to be evasive and dismissive about details about themselves.

He would rather shift attention to you and love-bomb you such that you get carried away and pay him less attention.

If you observe this trait in him, it’s a clear sign that you should tread with caution.

9. He has mostly women on his friend list

A player is likely to keep many ladies as his friends.

He has his eyes on every lady he comes across on social media.

Therefore, if his friend list comprises primarily of women and very few men, that’s a sign that his focus on social media is ladies.

This discovery should have you wondering why.

Does he render a service that requires women as his target audience?

As ladies, if we shy away from asking ourselves ‘why?’ about some signs we observe in our love prospects, we will likely march headlong into a heart-breaking affair.

10. He is always online

Signs the guy you met online is a player

So many people run their businesses on social media these days, so it’s not unexpected for them to be readily available online to attend to clients and other business-related matters.

If the guy you met online is always online, even though he does not run an online-based business,  you should raise questions about why he spends so much time online night and day.

Doesn’t he have a life offline?

His business might just be playing on the emotions of unsuspecting ladies online.

Is he always available online?



Final Thoughts

Some of these signs are not unquestionably harmful, but you wouldn’t know if you don’t consider them.

Some heartbreaks we experience could have been avoided if only we paid attention to some telltale signs exhibited by our heartbreakers.

If, after reading about these signs, you see them in a guy you are dating or considering dating online and find them unsettling, I think it is high time you hit the block button.

 Take him off your path so he won’t block your chances of noticing well-meaning guys online.

Online dating is fun and rewarding, provided that you are well-informed. 

As a bonus, I recommend that you exercise caution about the kind of people you let into your online social space to start with.

This way, your chances of encountering unserious guys are reduced. Be safe!

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